How long before pain management will consist of getting PLACEBOS ?

1. I had my 6mo checkup with PCP.  He quit Rxing my pain meds July 2015.  2.   Discussion of current meds led to him basically telling me all the CME he is getting locally is discouraging any use of opioids.  His wisdom, “yup, the momentum swings too far in one  direction when these things […]

Check your Rx price on line before using your drug insurance card…

CBS DFW, a local television station covering the Dallas-Fort Worth (Texas) metro area, has documented yet another example of PBM clawback practices that are negatively impacting community pharmacy patients. One local pharmacist says he see examples on a daily basis of customers with insurance being charged a higher price for a prescription drug than those […]

Doctors forced to abide by corporate pt care mandates or risks losing job ?

The prescriber himself is against this . He apologizes constantly but tells me because the fact that the office he works for made every doctor implement the guidelines to new and old patients , that his hands are tied because he doesn’t want to loose his job. Myself and 79 other patients all with different […]

Canada: Is denial of care to chronic pain pts now a PANDEMIC ?

Doctors ‘gun shy’ to prescribe opioids hurting those in pain, say experts A Windsor, Ont. woman who relies on prescribed narcotics to help with chronic pain believes “responsible” opioid users are being unfairly victimized in the government crackdown on drugs like Fentanyl.  Ontario overhauling the way it collects data on opioid deaths, overdoses Pain expert […]

Mitch McConnell … got some ”xplainen” to do ?

People protesting outside Mitch McConnell’s office, some in wheelchairs, removed by police   WASHINGTON (Sinclair Broadcast Group) – People upset about the Senate’s proposed health plan protested outside of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s office Thursday afternoon, prompting Capitol Police to escort them out of the building. Dozens were arrested.  Authorities were seen on […]

Please take the survey… Please take the survey Dr. Terri Lewis. Out of our conversation, we discussed the fact that Stats got us here and Stats are what will get us out. Dr. Lewis is analyzing info that will very likely be published in medical journals. We need stats from all different areas, insurance sources, Veterans, ethnic background, […]

They volunteer to protect us… they come back broken.. and we deny to care for them ?

Robert D. Rose Jr.‎ to Vets Fight Back June 15 at 10:01am Tom from CBS is very interested in our stories and reached out to me again this morning. Please contact Tom at CBS – – Subject Genocidal Policies. Here is the address to another reporter and my story. PLEASE send him your stories AND if […]

denial of care at chain pharmacies EXPANDING ?

I recently saw your website and read your views on how to file a complaint. However, Im in Louisiana and have a friend that was denied a narcotic medication refill because it was after 2 days since it was prescribed from the emergency room. She  was still in pain and wasn’t able to get it […]

Remember… healthcare is a FOR PROFIT BUSINESS… influences decision on pt care ?

Well I’ve been going to the same PM Dr for the past 8 years. Always had a good relationship. I’ve used only the same pharmacy for well over 15 years. Always took my meds as prescribed. 2 oxycodone 5/325 per day. Never had them lost or stolen. No matter how unbearable at times, I’ve never […]

Is this how the REPUBLICANS are going to get LOWER PREMIUM RATES ?

White House says diabetics don’t deserve health insurance Donald Trump’s budget chief again revealed the Republicans’ callous approach to health care, arguing that some diabetics simply do not deserve health insurance, because of how they may have developed the illness. Donald Trump’s budget director specifically called out people suffering from diabetes as a group […]

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