watch this man I loved die a bit everyday until nothing of the man I loved was left to a shell of pain

Yesterday at 3:18 am the man I spent the last 20 years with dies.So unexpectedly I’m blindsided.Our 10 year old daughter called 911 cause daddy stopped snoring and she couldn’t wake him up.I ran downstairs I knew the minute I saw his face. The paramedics were wonderful they worked for 45 min to get a […]

Smartphones are not only addictive themselves; but exacerbate the problems of other substance/process addictions

Most people drying to “financially get by” on Medicare disability run out of “money” before they reach the end of the month. Bureaucrats want every worked to get $15/hr that is abt $30,000/yr and they are typically at that level below the poverty level. yet most people on Medicare disability are LUCKY if their Medicare […]

Political Pharmacist PODCAST: A Paragon WINNER Leaves CVS The Paragon Award at CVS recognizes it’s highest performing and best in class pharmacists. So why have a fair number of them left the company? An anonymous pharmacist, that goes by Arthur, joins me to discuss some of the major issues he has seen with CVS and the chronic backlog of work that really […]

Presidential debate – a take away ..

Both Pres Trump & candidate Biden seemed to state that PRE-EXISTING HEALTH ISSUES WOULD BE COVERED… by whatever health insurance system that either one will bring to the market place. For the chronic pain community.. this pay provide a path for some law firms to find a way to take various parts of our healthcare […]

Walmart sues government in pre-emptive move ahead of expected opioid lawsuit

Walmart sues government in pre-emptive move ahead of expected opioid lawsuit Retail giant says U.S. government is trying to use it as a scapegoat Walmart Inc.  sued the federal government in an attempt to strike a pre-emptive blow against what it said is an impending opioid-related civil lawsuit from the Justice Department. The retail giant said […]

Prescription Drugs From Canada? Not So Fast

Prescription Drugs From Canada? Not So Fast Almost a month after President Donald Trump announced that states could begin importing drugs from Canada, pharmacists on both sides of the border don’t like what he’s prescribing. Importing medications from Canada is part of the president’s America First Healthcare Plan to lower drug costs for Americans, […]

The Feds are getting into the pharma business – what could go wrong ?

OxyContin maker to plead guilty to federal criminal charges, pay $8 billion, and will close the company Purdue Pharma, the maker of OxyContin, has agreed to plead guilty to three federal criminal charges for its role in creating the nation’s opioid crisis and will pay more than $8 billion and close down the company. […]

Why it takes TOO DAMN LONG to get your Rx filled

Medicare open enrollment now thru Dec 7th Everyone needs to look at the Part D plan… many will not have to change their plan but others may be forced to change. What I found was that some of the Part D policies is that they are currently not listing prices of individual medications. When comparing prgms for us… I was offered […]

Court tosses $7M judgment awarded to patient paralyzed after spine injection at ASC

Court tosses $7M judgment awarded to patient paralyzed after spine injection at ASC The Colorado Court of Appeals reversed a $7 million judgment against Surgery Center at Lone Tree (Colo.) on Oct. 15, saying the ASC should not have been held vicariously liable for a spine surgeon’s alleged malpractice. Plaintiff Robbin Smith lost all […]

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