It is not recommended to practice medicine without a license – some pharmacists don’t seem to get that

Kroger recently denied and totally removed my rx from their system so I couldn’t transfer it. It was for Ivermectin and they said they felt it was being used for Covid-19 and its not recommended to treat it.  That is the case but they were not told that… They even called the Pharmacy (Walgreens) where I was going to have it transferred to, to let them know. So now I cannot transfer to another pharmacy anywhere. Is this legal. If not what can I do to engage the Pharmacist legally? 
One of the basics of the practice of medicine is the starting, changing, stopping a pt’s therapy.  When a pharmacist does not contact the prescriber to discuss their concern about the appropriateness of a medication for a particular pt because of a known allergy or a level one drug interaction  with the pt’s other medications or some other concern about the Rx and unilaterally decides to not only not fill a pt’s prescription, but basically shreds the pt’s Rx.  Interferes with the pt getting the Rx at another pharmacy – by telling the pharmacist at the other pharmacy that they are refusing to fill the Rx and basically refuses to transfer the Rx to the other pharmacy.  This is a classic example when a Pharmacist should have a conversation with the pt and make sure that they are aware of the pharmacist’s concerns and let them make the decision what they want to do… and the Pharmacist makes notes on the Rx in the computer system of the conversation and the pt’s decision and then if there is some sort of back lash in the future… the pharmacist has documented that the pt made an informed consent about having the Rx filled.

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  1. i got MY Ivermethecin at Rural King. Yes, it is for cows and
    i will have to do a lot of MATH, rx needed and it was purchased in Jan 2020 when I was in a panic. I already have 3 unused bottles of HCQ where it did not work well for my lupus. At the time I figured if we get covid we would be desperate enough to take cow meds

  2. Thanks for sharing. Yes, I remember sitting in my college dorm room ( a senior bio major) listening to the Vietnam draft numbers being called out – with a list of friends’ birth dates. What a terrible devolution into big government/ Big Pharma control. When Ivermectin was ‘ discovered ‘ in the 1980s, Merck actually ‘ gave it’ to 3rd world nations to treat the awful parasitic diseases these countries faced. Then it was listed on the WHOs list of essential medicines, and the Japanese scientist who ‘ discovered’ it won a Nobel Prize. Tragic what has happened.

    • I remember that time/date quite well.. it was last year of pharmacy school and Vietnam was ramping up and believe it or not… with a 5 yr pharmacy degree … pharmacists were drafted at E-5 level – a Sergeant, and if I had a 4 yr BS in Psychology or Sociology … I would have went in as a Lieutenant junior grade – A OFFICER !… luckily I drew a 360 … with 366 being the lowest number that you could draw and with the draft pool that year including everyone between 18 & 35… the pool was VERY LARGE and it would have taken WW-3 for me to be drafted. In reality, I was not all that thrilled of going to fight in that very unpopular war… where we lost some 56,000 young Americans and another war that we just walked away from… the last time that we actually WON A WAR took TWO ATOMIC BOMBS and that was abt 80 yrs ago. They claim that Afghanistan is our longest war… I guess the war on poverty since 1965 and the war on drugs since 1970 … i guess that unless there is shooting/killing and bloody bodies it is really not a REAL WAR ?

  3. I think if someone wants to fill a script for ivermectin, the pharmacist should call the prescribing physician to verify the reason for the script. If it is to treat Covid, the pharmacist should do exactly what this pharmacist did. Pharmacist would be the only intelligent one in the bunch.

    • I am just curious. Why would you think that? You seemed so sure that you knew “the only answer” so I looked it up. (to be sure, I am not a pharmacist or doctor so I really only know what I read here. Are you a pharmacist?) The FDA page I went to says ivermectin has not been approved yet for use in the battle against covid, however testing is under way.. There was really no reason listed as to why it is not a good thing. Only that it is strong (and be diluted) and works against some medicines you may already take, like anticoagulants. In the old days a pharmacist who was worth his weight in gold would counsel the patient and point out those drugs that fight with the new prescription and maybe call the doctor to find something without those side effects. I believe doctors have prescribed off label for years. For instance with the opioid “crisis” Atarax is often prescribed for stress and not being able to sleep. It is an antihistimine.

    • According to what this pt’s email to me, the pharmacist made a unilateral decision – without contacting the prescriber – as to his/her concerns over Invermectin being prescribed. There was no mention that this medication had a level one interaction with the pt’s other medications nor any mention that the pt was allergic to Invermectin. There is some Anecdotal evidence out there that Invermectin does work for treating COVID-19. The same thing happened with HCQ – some claimed that it did not work for treating COVID-19 until a few months later that two medical magazines and JAMA and LANCE had to RETRACT that HCQ was in fact beneficial. Dr Fauci claims that he is recommending that we all FOLLOW THE SCIENCE… except Dr Fauci has at one time told us we don’t need to wear masks… we need to wear one mask… we need to wear TWO MASKS. IMO, unless the pharmacist talked to the prescriber and/or KNOWN that this med.. would cause the pt harm.. and acted unilaterally to deny care… then he/she is attempting to practice medicine without a license. It would also appear that the Pharmacist attempted to destroy any record of what was done, by “removing the Rx from their system”… IMO, the appropriate thing to do is to document on the Rx that the Pharmacist declined to fill and the clinical reason why… and leave the Rx in their system. IMO, the pharmacist is the UNPROFESSIONAL one in the bunch.

    • What ? If you are not aware of the dozens of studies of efficacy of Ivermectin in the prophylaxis and treatment of Covid, please go to the FLCCC site. These doctors have multiple board certifications, testified before Congress, treating many Covid patients. The disinformation campaign to dismiss/ bury this critical information is a Crime Against Humanity.

  4. “We have become a risk averse society.” –
    Walter Cunningham, Apollo 7 Astronaut, on why we will never get back to the Moon or to Mars.
    Another way to say this is ‘we will cause anyone, anywhere, to suffer tomorrow if we can avoid any LIABILITY today’.
    This explains most of the reaction towards pain sufferers for “opioid crisis” and also ‘mask hysteria’, insurance hysteria, etc…

  5. YEP.
    It used to be that I could call my pharmacist for guidance. “my doc prescribed …this… Is that good for me?” No. You have high blood pressure. “It is contraindicated for use with high blood pressure.”
    AND I MISS WHEN WALGRENS MINDED THEIR OWN BUSINESS AND DIDN’T BUY AND CLOSE INDEPENDENT DRUG STORES. In 2 years I know of 6 they have bought out and just closed. I don’t hear other pharmacies doing that.

    • The chains are not really running the independent pharmacy out of business… it is the PBM’s that are finding numerous ways to “nickle & dime” independents into being unprofitable…. of course one of those PBM is owned by CVS Health… but the chains are more than happy to buy these independents out… but it is just not independents… Target sold its 1700-1800 Rx depts to CVS abt 5 yrs ago… Rite Aid sold about half (2000) of their stores to Walgreens and most of those Rite Aid stores were closed and their Rx files moved to the nearest Walgreens or the Rite Aid store was physically converted to a Walgreens… the Rite Aid closest to me… the building is now a Good Will store that moved about 1/3 of mile from their old location to the old Rite Aid Location. The old Rite Aid Rxs where moved about 1/4 mile away to an existing Walgreens. We have a serious and growing Pharmacist SURPLUS… new grads are being offered about 60%-70% of what I was being paid when I retired in 2013 and I hadn’t had raise in abt 6 yrs… and 1 out of 3 grads maybe able to find ONE OPEN JOB SLOT and that MAY NOT BE FULL TIME… and many have six figure student loans to pay off. the chains are maintaining a large pool of floaters … so these chain pharmacists know that if they don’t follow edict the corporation puts out… there are pharmacists waiting in the winds to take their job- TOMORROW. 10-15 yrs ago there was 5-6 applicants for every open slot at a pharmacy school, today those schools are reportedly accepting 90% of applicants. Back in the 60’s when I decided to go to pharmacy school they accepted most everyone who applied… but the third of 5 yrs… is when the heads really started rolling… at graduation about 1 out of 5 freshman pharmacy majors made graduation and all but one of my classmates passed the boards on first attempt… which was pretty remarkable because my class was the first time for NATIONAL BOARDS… we had no prep books, we could not ask anyone – what was on last year’s boards … that one classmate that didn’t pass .. the Nov before graduation was the first national draft lottery and this guy had a very low number and he was consumed with fighting off the draft board to let him get to take his boards… Vietnam was ramping up…that may have something to do with his not passing the boards. Butler had been know for the fact that pharmacy grads from Butler … did not fail their boards. I have come to the conclusion that retirement has been the best part of my career 🙂

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