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  1. I agree with the fact that the government is trying to get rid of ccp/ inatractable pain patients.They are also targeting the group of pain patients that have been able to work because their pain was once managed.These patients are being forced on to disability and losing everything they have fought to keep while struggling with chronic/ inatractable pain. They have selected all pain patients that need pain medication to have some life.I just can’t believe this can legally happen in America!! This is against our constitution yet no one has taken this in a court room.I can’t understand where all the attorneys are and why they are not supporting pain patients.Why they haven’t confronted the fact that CDC inflated numbers and admitted it .T.That the new numbers don’t justify having guidelines to begin with

  2. Almost 70-year-old with increasing unremitting pain. Internist refusing to treat my pain (was getting a measly 30 5/325 Norco a month) because urinalysis showed no metabolites. Yes, used 30 in 10 days and had a modicum of relief supplemented with weed and kratom. Eligible for MMJ but no supply available. Appointment next week with a new doc who will have to refer me out to PM. Have fractured sacrum and something inflammatory, never formally diagnosed. Have little quality of life and few options for relief ATM.

  3. I was in a wreck. Crushed left leg & arm. Broken right leg. Broken back, ribs, hands, feet, ankles and wrist. Concave fracture to my head, head & brain trauma. PTSD, never ending pain. I was diagnosed with Lupus in 1983. Now I’m suffering from horrible arthritis in my back, knees, hands, every bone and joint in my body hurts. I have insomnia. My life is a disaster. I can no longer babysit my grandchildren, cook, clean… I’m severely depressed. I’m sick of it all, no where to turn for help. What are people in my condition supposed to do? Both legs are titanium, a titanium plate in my head. I just was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm, I had a stroke. I almost died again because of MRSA I acquired in the hospital. Why did they bother saving me for this? I don’t have a life, this is existing, nothing more. Every night I pray I won’t wake up in the morning. I miss my life, my family, my job, my hobbies, the house I worked so hard for is going to fall down on me because I can no longer do upkeep and maintenance. I’m at the end of my rope.


  5. As someone that was born with chronic pain and trying to physicaly function in life. with the change in the medical opiod crisis not getting the meds I need is causing me to be very very upset, I do not have withdreals from the meds witch is good but the angry part is there, I am blowing up inside because to many ppl trying to make the decsions on our medical because of others bad behavior. no one wants to listen to my problems because I guess I don’t matter. we need to help the ppl that have real chronic pain not give to the ppl that shoot up and then give them Narcan.. but not help us.. thank you very much for making me feel that know one cares but if you are a drug user they matter.. WOOOW and sorry for the spealing I also SUFFER from a LEARNING DISABLITY.

  6. Hire ISIS To kill em all

  7. If you’re in Washington register a complaint with the Washington State Medical Board, register a complaint with the hospital. This guy sounds like he was just being a real ass. 30 mg of morphine ER don’t last 24 hours. Hell they don’t even last me 8 most of the time. How come your regular doctor didn’t give you a few more to get through?

  8. my husband has bad arthritis had his bladder removed he had a tumur that was cancer he has spurs and no cartlide between his joints his pain man. doctor lost her license she told my husband she was going to get it back and they were going to call him when she did my husband is 74 well i looked online and she is back giving out pain pills my husband called a few times they always told him shes not back yet they lied to him he was takeing 6 to 8 pain pills a day he was at least able to walk around now he just stays in bed or sit on the sofa and watch tv he cant do any thing else hes been on pain meds for years he got off them cold turkey when his doctor lost her license he tried but cant find another one i cant believe his doctor never called him to go see her they told him they would call hes in a lot of pain they made him suffur

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