$7 million awarded to family of man who killed himself after pain medication denied

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$7 million awarded to family of man who killed himself after pain medication denied

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — A lawsuit blamed a man’s suicide on a St. Matthews pain clinic, and a jury agreed.

On Sept. 18, 2017, Brent Slone texted this message to his wife: “they denied script im done love you”. Thirty minutes later, he killed himself.

According to the lawsuit filed against Commonwealth Pain and Spine in Jefferson Circuit Court, Slone’s suicide could have been prevented.

Excerpt from pain management clinic lawsuit
Pictured: a quotation from a text mentioned in a lawsuit filed against Commonwealth Pain and Spine in St. Matthews, Ky., by the family of a man who took his own life after he was denied pain medication. 

The jury’s verdict awards Slone’s family $6,925,000, including $3,000,000 specifically for his daughter. The lawsuit, filed in 2018, said Slone was involved in a car crash in 2011 that left him with significant injuries. After surgery, he entered an inpatient recovery center in San Diego, California, where he was prescribed oxycodone and oxycontin.

While visiting Louisville, Slone went to the emergency room at Baptist Health for a dislocated hip and ulcer. He was prescribed a small amount of pain medication, as he had run out of the prescription from the San Diego clinic, and was advised to follow up with Commonwealth Pain and Spine. According to the suit, after he was discharged, he called Commonwealth Pain and Spine and requested a “bridge prescription.”

The suit claims that Commonwealth Pain and Spine cut Slone’s prescription by 55% from what he was receiving from the San Diego clinic. The suit says that notes from the clinic indicated that Dr. Stephen Young said he “needed to see the records from this facility in California.” Later that day, the suit says Slone faxed the documentation to Commonwealth Pain and Spine. To learn more, you can get valuable information from an experienced lawyer. To dig deeper into this topic, feel free to read her explanation.

However, Young still refused to fill the prescription, because, according to call log notes, the documentation was from July, and there had been no communication since that time. Slone was advised that he would need to wait for six days for his appointment.

Slone killed himself a few hours later.

In a social media post, attorney Hans Poppe said the verdict is to “punish and deter them and others from similar conduct in the future.” 


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  2. […] 7 million awarded to family of man who killed himself after pain medication denied […]

  3. All ‘fears’ from Anti-Opiate Zealots comes from what a drug abuser would do, NOT an incurable, severe pain sufferer…

  4. I am sorry for this man’s anguish and pain. How his widow and children must grieve!
    Loss of Consortium is a huge disaster; the wife is now a widow and his family also bears loss. For the KY clinic’s physician to capriciously “cut” this man’s dosage without a phone call to verify patient health records and diagnosed conditions. Plus his treatment plan with goals….it is irresponsible.

    This is a landmark court decision for patients suffering intractable pain.

  5. Well, hot damn!! How in the world did they get someone to represent them…or are attorneys only available after we commit suicide, when there’s possible money to be made. Some say it’s awful, that the doctors are getting it from both sides. I say, if they’d stood up for what they claim to believe in & be doing –actual patient care– they wouldn’t be in that situation to begin with.

    I feel dreadfully sorry for this man & his family, but this is happening all over the place & nothing has changed.

    • Yes, the majority of doctors of medicine are ultimately to blame for the entire collapse, politicization and monetization of the practice of medicine, medications and health care having placed themselves intentionally in a ‘perfumed world’ where the benefit of the patient has ceased to be even close to the motivation.
      There is no love left among Mankind for many things except money pleasure.

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