Isn’t it illegal for a pharmacy to “operate” without a RPH on duty?


“Although, I am not a pharmacist, I experienced getting “laid off” supposedly from reduction of workforce, however 3 weeks prior after working in the hospital pharmacy for 1 and 1/2 yeas, I went to the HR rep. and told them I was having to work without a pharmacist on site. My hours were cut and finally I was laid off. They can spin it however they want, but I was let go because I blew the whistle.”

This was posted in response to one of my post  No good deed goes unpunished… 

I don’t know which state this tech worked in… and don’t know if the BOP was informed… but if this brought to the attention of the BOP and nothing was done.. it would suggest that this particular BOP is totally IMPOTENT  ! The fact that HR did nothing… would suggest that HR is functioning under the “thumb” of either management or Board of Directors.. who care less about the laws and ultimately proper patient care…

If I was an insurance auditor.. I would be running thru their books with a fine tooth comb… cause .. isn’t it  fraudulent to bill and accept payment for providing services illegally ? Wouldn’t such illegal activities put the hospital’s Joint Commission accreditation at risk?

Again… employees need to document… document.. document.. and if they are shown the door… file the documentation with the appropriate bureaucratic entities .. so that the people who require or let such things happens… get their asses kicked and their clock cleaned…

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  1. Steve—- In Illinois, you can operate a “remote or satellite” pharmacy without having a pharmacist physically on site. There must be a video camera hook up between the “mother” store and the “remote” facility for a pharmacist to be available for any questions, etc. Other states also allow for these types of “remote” pharmacies in sparsely populated areas and the like.

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