Another profession being homogenized and standardized !

If you are a RPH and can’t relate to this video and its content… then you are just what the corporations want “behind the counter”… good luck with your career !

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  1. unfortunately since chain retail hasnt grown a pair, this is what it has become. and that is why I have no desire to go back. I will gladly work in other areas. I have grown a pair but I know that I would never have the backing/support to fight upper management in a chain store because apparently no one else would care…IMHO

  2. And the corporate testing is designed so the kids fail the tests frequently so they have to re take the tests and make more money. Teaching has become teach the test and kids have lost critical thinking skiles. My 2 youngest kids when they went to college were supposedly prepared and according to the college their ‘college English and Math classes had not prepared them. They eneded up have to re take remedial classes their freshman years to ‘catch up’ Apparently this is very common now. I grateful my state has chucked Common Core out the window, but the rest of it needs to go to. Cookie cutter education is NOT the way. Get the Feds out of education at all costs!!! Return it to local control or homeschool

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