Is this how your chain employer wants the pts to view you ?


We are hearing – nearly daily – about another Senior RPH that is being “shown the door”… just this week… a 20 yr veteran at a major chain/PBM… was told “… remember that pharmacy intern you trained last year ?… well… we no longer need your services because that intern is taking your job …”

I guess the more they churn the face & bodies… they figure that they can turn pts into “customers”.. because the people will not have a clue who the RPH is behind the counter.. and at some point.. they will no longer care… the Rx dept staff will be nothing but FACELESS CLERKS !

We are starting to hear about young PharmD’s with one or two residencies and can’t find a position…  we hear about PharmD graduates that can’t find a place to get “their hours” in order to take their boards… can’t even get licensed… let alone find a job once licensed…

Our “surplus” is really a non-issue when compared to the surplus of attorneys…

The Lawyer Bubble: A Profession in Crisis

From the book:

In 2012 we had a record number of law school graduates – over 46,000, chasing only 20,000 legal jobs – most of which don’t pay enough to service their six-figure law-school debt.

Thus, nine months after graduation, only half of 2011’s class had long-term, full-time work requiring a law degree. We now have one lawyer for every 265 Americans, more than double the per-capita 1970 rate. This is an extraordinarily long way from equilibrium between supply and demand.

CareerBliss recently rated ‘Associate Attorney’ as the ‘unhappiest job in America,’ behind customer service associate, and clerk. (Real estate

agents came out on top.)

Law schools have been operating on the basis of a nonsensical economic model, requiring most students to borrow more money than it makes sense for them to do, given their career prospects

You know the number of errors that are being covered up and/or settled with gift cards and/or checks… all of these attorneys are “hungry”…  you are perceived as “well off” … “deep pockets” along with your employer.. with the rest of the sour economy for so long… a med error may seem like the chance to win the “pharmacy lottery”..

You know how your employer “pinches pennies” to increase the bottom line… if someone gets sued over a med error – which is a violation of your practice act and the company’s P&P – and you think that they will physically and financially stand behind YOUR MISTAKE ?



If they will show a Senior RPH the door, because of their higher wage package.. as opposed to a new hire…  if you make a mistake… whose settlement could cost multiple years of  a RPH wage package.. and you think that they will stand behind you and defend your actions/in actions?

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