Is this intentional or unintentional ?

This was posted on a pharmacy Facebook page this past week..

We caught one last week. She had 2 more scripts in her car with matching IDs and insurance cards. Oh and about $700 cash

From the article:

John Tropea, 59, pleaded guilty Wednesday in Suffolk Superior Court to 76 charges of identity fraud, 76 charges of obtaining drugs by fraud, 40 counts of making false health care claims, and conspiracy.

I recently posted how easy it is to get a faked driver’s license

and how a large large hospital complex had patient medical records hacked

Then there is Pres Obama admitting that the war on drugs is a failure

If you were in law enforcement… fighting the war on drugs… wouldn’t you be concerned about all of these incidents showing up.. that is.. if you were in law enforcement and you were actually fighting the war on drugs… or just making sure that there was legal drugs are getting diverted to the street.. to insure that there is a reason to continue fighting the war ?

There is some 12 K people that work for the DEA at the federal level.. not to mention all those dedicated to fighting this war at the state/county/city level..  Who believes that all of those people are so friggin stupid.. they can’t see this pattern ?



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  1. can I find it awful that someone can get someones medical history along with their insurance get false ID walk in doctor for free and get prescriptions and everything else and its not even the correct personal insurance gets billed what fraud and what type of people think that they’re actually going to get away with something like that they should all go to jail where they belong that’s really going to read diculous that we have to put up with something like that system currently have to put up with all the things that we already have to put up with Obamacare pain medicine this that if it’s not one thing it’s another.

  2. You could add to this that the IRS is bleeding money. Anyone with a computer and can access to the internet and can get hold of soc sec numbers can fill out online tax forms and have the IRS send them money. There was one guy making $35,000 per day doing this. When the person with real soc sec number files their taxes, they find they are in a mess. Takes months to prove they are who they say they are and actually get their tax return.


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