Pres Obama admits war on drug is a failure

In watching this video.. about half way.. there is a sound bite  of Pres Obama stating that the war on drugs is a FAILURE and that he is not going to change anything.  A 51 billion dollar a year FAILURE… I guess just another SOCIAL WAR that we are not able to win or even make an progress in.. so we just continue funding it… You know what Einstein said about INSANITY !

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  1. The social wars, whether it be the war on poverty or the war on drugs, has been a miserable failure. But, just look at all the government jobs these wars have created. When the politicians get up on the ‘stump’ and make a speech, they want to make the audience feel good. They can say things about how the government is fighting drugs and fighting poverty. Makes you think the government is really doing something good for us. The US war on drugs has left Mexico and the Central American countries in a mess and has done nothing to curb drug use in the US. You would think that politicians would ‘get a clue’ but I suppose they are just ‘insane’.

  2. How well we know this. How well Washington knows. Being on the border with the billionaires in narcotrafficing is the prime reason we can understand why the profits outweigh the risks. The Border patrol and Federal officials go though the motions of course. When Mexican Generals and Presidents are on the take, it will thrive. Cannabis now has been reduced in cost by 50 %. Vicodin probably is now 5.00 dollars PER PILL instead of 2.00. Thanks to the DEA.

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