Medication should only be taken as prescribed by your doctor !

This is a current CVS Health TV commercial.. about their “programs that encourage people to take their medication… ”

About half way thru the 30 second commercial there is a line across the bottom of the screen that says MEDICATION SHOULD ONLY BE TAKEN AS PRESCRIBED BY YOUR DOCTOR

So where does those CVS Health Pharmacists come up with refusing to fill those legit/on time/medically necessary Rxs…  Questioning the amount/numbers of meds.. prescribed by your prescriber… is too much/too high…

According to their commercial HEALTH IS EVERYTHING !

They even changed their name to include the work “HEALTH” that it is so important to them and their mission statement…


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  1. Out of curiosity, I need to know EXACTLY WHAT ” PRN ” means. As needed. Pain meds I understand can’t be labeled as such unless , say it is: take every 8h as needed? , Your take please?

  2. Most commercials are bullshit.This one is no different.

  3. I agree cVS is the worst pharmacy Walgreens is the best my mother was treated like a drug addict for taking Jesus at the lowest dose in to CVS when she was currently taking Butrans and Norco she took the prescription to Walgreens it was immediately immediately filled his now and so much more real oldies having the Duragesic. Where does CVS getting off saying to her we are not going to fill this she goes to another pharmacy in the immediately fill the medication because they see based on her history that it’s needed the right to say no that’s not fair CVS should be ashamed of themselves the Walgreens pharmacist said bring me the prescription every month on I’ll fill them for you. even called CVS and got her other prescriptions transferred the rest of our family members will never use CVS and we will never recommend it we recommend Walgreens they are friendly polite and treat opiate patients with the utmost respect just as if they are filling an antibiotic I hope this helps be well God bless have a pain free day!

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