GENOCIDE IN AMERICA ? update 02/04/2016

This page is going to contain posts made on other places on the web by those in chronic pain and how the war on drugs has turned into a war on pts. The number of people who are abusing some substance is not going down, but the number of chronic pain pts not being able to get their chronic pain adequately treated is rapidly increasing… as is the use/abuse of Heroin.

History shows us other countries that have had a OVERT genocide… It would appear that our society has chosen to have a COVERT genocide. The rules/guidelines in place is like playing cards with a stacked deck  Just label it as a accident ?

And the whole process’ genesis was based on racism and bigotry War on Drugs GENESIS… BIGOTRY ?

As more and more chronic painers lose or have their therapy cut or they are more and more home bound and more and more INVISIBLE to our society.. They are emotionally, physically, mentally exhausted… many are losing or have lost the will and ability to “FIGHT” and having to deal with increased depression.

I am not encouraging or endorsing suicide.. I am trying to make those with chronic pain MORE VISIBLE to those in our society that are CLUELESS !

For 16 yrs I used pain meds with very little problems. I took higher doses then most. Some people think if u weight 100 lbs u shouldn’t need the same dose as a 200 lb man. I sometimes vacation from one med to another for a month or two then go back . This helped to keep doses from getting higher and higher. Worked for me. I took my meds every 4 hours. i lived a pretty good life. Could work clean house and care for the kids. Do my community service. Felt pretty good about myself. Then last yr around this time it all went down hill. Only allowed to use meds every 6 hrs and at half the dose. Then no one would fill my scripts because my drs office was 40 miles from my home. For one yr I got my meds by mail or fed ex. That really sucked waiting and waiting for my meds to come. Then Aug 21 2014 I got that letter from my dr. Dropping me as a patient after 16 yrs. now I have nothing. I suffer everyday every hour every min. I can’t sleep I can’t function. I wake up everyday wishing I hadnt. Why didn’t I just die? I never thought this would happen to me never never but it did. I almost did kill myself two weeks ago but I don’t want to do that to my son. The pain it would cause him. What is my future don’t know? I did get lucky a couple days ago and found an old pain patch from 2008. Worked great. Don’t want to hear anything about it being expired nor do I suggest this to anyone else. What did I have to lose? I got to be a person again for a few some stuff done. Made me feel better about myself. I smiled and got some sleep. I know that my life has to have some kind of pain management or I will kill myself. I would like to have my old meds back but those days r gone now. Medical marijuana is now my only hope because the pill problem keeps getting worse. I need that hope. I don’t want to die but I can’t live with this nerve pain. At the city hall meeting for mmj those people against talked about pain meds and pot as one and the people that used them r just the scum of the earth.the looks I got. I am sick not an addict or a bad person. I am a good caring person and didnt deserve the looks I got. I hope this doesn’t happen to anyone else in this group. But I don’t see things getting better only worse in this state of FL. This group keeps growing more groups r popping up. Sorry to say but we r at war. I know how the Jews felt when Hitler came to town. People,here in FL Pam Bondi is way ahead in polls. Why she is a monster. I have new found hope from younger people voting and or getting involved in their government. But this too might take some time. Got to vote. Talked to over 50 kids yesterday at the mall about voting this coming election.they can make things better for us so u better treat these kids with respect. They r our future


A husband and wife were found dead at their trailer Monday at the Groves RV Resort on John Morris Road, apparently the victims of a murder-suicide.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office responded to unit #100 in the resort at 16175 John Morris Road at 8:30 a.m. Monday.

The sheriff’s office report said the response was in reference to a male caller advising the LCSO that he and his wife “could no longer stand the pain and that they were leaving.”

 We SHOULD BE spending our time trying to take care of our pain !!!  I don’t think heroin addict’s spend that much time running around looking for it on the streets !!!
I ALMOST HAD TO go that route … Because of WAY Too much pain …  With absolutely no pain relieving medication  Better off …going to the streets eh ???
No judgements or rationing on the streets !!!  No wonder we turn to the streets for our necessary/life saving medication !!! Is that their agenda ???
Or just wait till we kill our selves because the pain is too bad ???  Kinda like genocide by suicide ?!?! It’s just unacceptable !!!

Just can’t do this anymore

I am done. Fed up of pain. Fed up of drs and people screwing my life up. Making me live in agony for no reason when they have the power to help. I only ever go to hospital when there is no other choice, when I am in a full blown life threatening crisis. I only ever cry out for support when I am at the end of my rope. But now that rope has snapped. Can’t keep asking for help and support and being rejected by everyone again and again. It is in humane to be in this much pain, it is cruel. I don’t know how much everyone expects me to deal with all the time but I am DONE. I am not living like this anymore.

I’m about done with living. This isn’t living and I hate the quality of so called life I have. This whole thing has thrown me into a fibro flare on top of my back pain. I hurt so bad now I want to die.

 This is a debate question. Not a plan of action !!!!   When is it okay to give up?  When is it okay to want to stop this constant pain?  My wife says it’s selfish for anyone to contemplate taking their life but I think it’s selfish to make someone live like this Every day … after day after day.  Today is not a horrible day. Today is an okay day. This is a debate question. Not a plan of action !!!!

 Maybe I shouldn’t ask this, but I’m absolutely at my end. Feel free to message me if you don’t feel comfortable here. I need pain meds, BADLY. I can’t go on much longer this way. I contemplate suicide daily. I’m not a good mother. Or wife. Or friend (which I’ve lost most because the pain makes it unbearable to go out and be social). I can’t work much anymore, which is putting a huge financial and mental/emotional strain on my poor husband. I can barely keep up with my housework either. I feel like a 30 year old failure. My doctor took me off of the one thing that helped me, tramadol. Since then I’ve rapidly gone down hill.

 I bet no one would care if I died, so why not get it over and done with, I mean no one wants to help me. So why bother with life. I’m in agonizing pain daily. Im a looser now and always will be and I drive people away so dont bother being my friend because ill probably make u hate me like I do with everyone else.

 My wife has really been struggling in the last few months. This month has especially been difficult. She has stated many times that her fibro is getting worse. She has ran out of her pain meds and became very depressed. Yesterday she tried to kill herself. I found her face down on her bedroom floor. She had overdosed on other medications and was barely conscience. Ambulance took her to er, after 5 hours a private room. She finally became alert at 11pm enough to answer questions. She was transferred to an ICU last night and today at 5pm transferred to another hospital to deal with the depression.

 I know it is heartbreaking to miss these things and see the disappointment on their faces and people and family want to judge me because I have decided to end my pain on my dad’s bday and are making preparations to do so then I do not have to face begging doctors for enough ends that don’t even touch my pain and be treated like a criminal because I have multiple health issues. I give up

This is what brought me to my actual final mission. Not suicide, but a mercy killing. I know how to kill, and I know how to do it so that there is no pain whatsoever. It was quick, and I did not suffer. And above all, now I am free. I feel no more pain. I have no more nightmares or flashbacks or hallucinations. I am no longer constantly depressed or afraid or worried

I am free. I ask that you be happy for me for that. It is perhaps the best break I could have hoped for. Please accept this and be glad for me.

 I have a family member who has been in excruciating pain for years, surgeries and injections made it worse. The only thing that gave him the slightest relief was methadone. Well, insurance changed their rules and would not pay anymore, so they have been paying out of pocket. Sunday night he snapped, couldn’t take it anymore and took his life. Why am I telling you? His family is falling apart.

 Hey everyone, I am xxxxxx, 33 years old RSD both legs from thigh to toes, spreading to my hands and calves. I am the most depressed I have ever been, I lost my job, Im a nurse, nothing bad, they were just ridding themselves of Per Diem nurses so I took that hit. I am a single mother of two beautiful girls, 4 years old and 19 months old. My car is about to die, my pain is incredible and nothing seems to work,my hair is falling out root to tip in clumps, I cant stop crying, all I need is a hug. It is so hard to wake up every day and be in this horrific pain. Im out of options, I don’t have any fight left in me,im done with this.

 i am seriously considering participating in Doctor assisted end of life ..reason i can’t take this pain anymore.. It’s not fair for my wife to see suffer on a daily basis.. we don’t have children.. I understand such bill is directed to terminally ill..I will find a mental health provider who will support my decision.. No body cares!.. I reach out to the medical community they use me for $$$ i am referring to surgeons and the legal community could care less.. I guess my ethnicity as a latino in spite of my american heritage is not worth the effort.. It’s not just the arch problem i have a torn theal sac and my orthopaedic surgeon has abandoned me completey.. Sure my wife’s insurance has made him rich along with my medicare due to Permanent disablity.. let’s face it.. the medical and legal community would see me as a total loser..If i hit the lottery or had resources life would be totally different in spite of my pain..I am sick and tired of the bullshit and pain that i endure each and every day…

 Last night a 19 year old friend from Key West died. Pain medication overdose how sad.

 This weekend has been awful. I lost 2 good friends. One died of a heart attack and the other committed suicide pain level is out of the roof

 I just want to die, then I will be in peace no more pain!

Have anyone of you got to the end of the rope and want to let go. No more pain, i wouldn’t in my wildest dreams wish the amount of pain im in on my worse enemy. There is days i pray for god to end it. in sick and tired of being sick and tired. all the meds im on even meds for depression are not helping.i cant sleep, sit, stand, walk w/o being in major pain. i need help i cry myself to sleep the nights i do sleep. im at my max by the DEA law idk what else to do

 Sxxxxx  hung herself Christmas morning. She could no longer take the pain. She tried for a year and a half. She lost her job and had to move in with her son. She spent her last months home bound. She was very scared and alone. The pain was bad enough where she needed help getting into the bath…
Everyone please think of her today. This could be any one of us….
How much can you take? It’s not like she could put the pain away in a drawer for a while. She couldn’t just take a vacation from it. It caused her daily severe panic and fear of leaving the house…Or thinking of the future. She left no note …  12/28/2014

My late wife Karen lost her battle to Chronic Pain via suicide. I’d like to find out more about the (Cake) movie?

At around 330 am my cell phone rang and when your phone rings at that time it’s not going to be good, a very good and close personal friend of mine had been found unresponsive in her bathroom by her hubby, one of my best friends and how I met her actually, he thought maybe she had a heart attack and called 911. They get there and get her to the hospital had to shock her 5 times before they called it. Not knowing the reason they had to run to screens and do an autopsy. She was a chronic pain patient who her new PCP told her she was to young to be experiencing that kind of pain and sent her to a Psychiatrist early this week who was very nice and respectful to her and gave her phych meds and a sleeping pill. Her new Dr being a yutz that she is cut her off of her pain meds accept topomax and a muscle relaxer, this down from oxycodone and other meds. She committed suicide early this morning. Her daughter found the note along with all her personal papers including a living will that was DNR, hospital ER staff is not to blame nor the EMT’S because it has not been notorized as of yet. But this Doctor, boy this Doctor she is going to be meeting my lawyer friend I went to High School and some College with and if he can win a case before the supreme court he can kick this Doctors ass. I will also be calling the Bishop Cupich and a very old friend Cardinal Timothy Dolan who started out as a Priest and the Bishop in Milwaukee to get her a dispensation to be buried in consecrated ground and to be able to have her mass and funeral at her Church. So after typing all of this it was to say we have lost another one unable to bear the pain anymore. No she wasn’t in this group she is from Chicago area.



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  2. anonymous,unfortunately,The only place I have gotten my ‘controlled’meds[morphine-too many injuries to mention]without an attitude or prejudice is optumrx.Their service is often an outright nightmare of confusion.They need to be ridden hard,reminded,constantly checked on-but they do deliver.However,this is June 2018 and laws are gonna get extra psycho beginning July.According to them,you can get your regular 3,but it will be alloted in one only.Of course,by doing it that way,they will avoid overdoses.Certainly no one can kill hemself w/1 mo.amount only,right?You try to figure out the logic on that one-I cant.Whateverthat just triples the rush fee I must pay.Dont even mind that as long as I can get it! so, in Fuckida,oops,I mean Florida,that is how it is.I am praying desperately that this country will put an end to this malpractice before I have to end my existence.Get on the phone and/or write Florida SIN-atorsMark rubio and Bill Nelson.Governor Prick Scott aint about nothin but genocide,so forget him-dirtbag….Office Mark Rubio 802 224 3041 and Bill Nelson 202 224 5274Make their lives hell like they’ve done ours!!If we dont all unite,then we’ll be getting bar codes in our hand or our foreheads!!!Power is trusting GOD,uniting and fighting en masse!Pay Attention!!!Thank you!!!

  3. This is what the gov wants all of us dead, genocide by suicide, at least Hitler had the balls to do it in the open, Obama, CDC and dealing are pussies hiding behind guidelines and laws. I have recurring shingles and was in a head on collision my Dr told me to take gabapentin even though it makes me suicidal and that is documented, she said it looks like your suicidal anyway so go ahead and take it, I guess I’m not committing suicide fast enough for dr hatched with the everett clinic in everett was!

  4. This is so true…chroinc pain patient..ready to leave my life.

    • Me too, all hope I got when my doctor found the right treatment, is gone. I am nothing anyway so I guess lights out.

  5. These posts are over a year old but i will comment any way. I am a chronic pain patient. I have taken fairly high doses of opiate medications for years in order to get to a level of pain at which i can minimally function. The medications do not take all the pain away, nor even close to all, but they do allow me to live with some quality of life. Where i live doctors are few and far between, doctors who will treat pain even rarer! I have been given a 30 day prescription then i must cold turkey off them because of a change in caregivers (a constant problem in Fairbanks, Alaska!) I can soon look forward to not being able to get out of bed by myself even to go to the bathroom (hubby is gone to work 15 hours a day), not being able to fix my hubby his coffee or breakfast or take with meals, I will also be unable to eat because the nausea from pain will be constant. The last time i was taken off medication for pain (for the same reason) i lost 60 pounds in 2 months and not being overweight its not something that i need to do. I will no longer be able to look forward to the rare, warm day, when my pain level is low enough, to riding my therapy horse for the 5 or 10 minutes as i have been able to. I will no longer be able to make love to my husband of 39 years because the pain will have taken over to the paint of agony at the thought. I am not an addict, I am a person in pain!! I am so tired of being told that because i don’t have cancer i don’t need pain medication! Cancer is not the only thing that causes terrible pain!! I have multiple pain issues, what they are doesn’t really matter. Pain is PAIN no matter what the cause. I am tired of being told to exercise, take supplements, use herbs, change my diet, do yoga etc, etc, etc since i have tried those and, for me, they didn’t work, Believe me i would rather not have to rely on doctors who treat me like scum, or worse yet, leave the practice and leave me with no medication! If they worked for you, or your loved one or neighbor or your cousins-sisters-boyfriends-aunts-mother then i am happy for them, those things didn’t work for me. I have had years of dealing with terrible pain to try most everything going! Pain patients desperately need a voice but sadly most of us are spending what little energy we have just trying to hang on. A PAIN DOCTOR i was sent to gave me a 45 minute lecture on how my primary doctor had no right to send me to him and he ended up slamming out of the room screaming at me. I have been referred to several other doctors who have refused to see me. At least those doctors didn’t make me spend the time, money, and energy to come into the office! I also find it interesting that these “terrible drugs” are so bad that they must be severely restricted yet can be sent thru the mail! No way i would trust the postal service with something that i need so badly!! Those of you who have said that this is a form of genocide are, sadly, right 🙁 Thankfully i have a husband who loves me, supports me, and believes in the fact that i am truly in pain and will do anything in his power to help me have a life, too many aren’t as lucky in that as i am.

  6. Anonymous, you just contradicted yourself. Apparently there is a way because you just explained the way. Moron.

  7. People shouldn’t have to suffer and die just because someone else decides to abuse the type of med this person needs for legitimate pain. An addict will just switch to something else if they can’t get what they really want. Can’t see how these regulations are going to save lives.

    • Agreed Alta, people don’t understand that untreated pain can kill people. I’ve never seen such hatred of people like I have with those with chronic pain on or not on pain medications. And suddenly, we have a world full of people who know more about someone’s illness just from a post one time on the internet than the patient or the doctor does. People have been indoctrinated and are encouraged to bully the disabled and chronically ill. Never thought things would ever be this way.

      • I had a Pain Specialist inform me that when a pain patient takes their own life its a psychiatric problem not a medical one! Thie during a 45 minute screaming lecture about how I wasn’t his patient and my dr had no business sending me to him!!

    • They are not supposed to save lives, the point is were not dying fast enough, we cost money that the 1% want in their pockets, they want us dead, were useless eaters, they have no use for us so they are committing genocide by suicide, there is a report in the Seattle times on Denny a guy that committed suicide, left a note and his family spoke out, over 2,000 a month in Washington are committing suicide because they have been denied pain meds, but as reported this is the first one since they shut down the only clinic that was state wide and handled 30,000 people state wide alot of them or 22,000 were on Medicaid so they have no use for them, there is a ” black out” on reporting by ME, coroner and news against reporting about it, so the Seattle times reported it was the 1st case reported. They started the denial of meds on the vets and when they saw that it worked and 22 a day continue to commit suicide, they brought it to the rest of us, they report the deaths as suicide with no mention of the fact that they could no longer take the pain, just research it WA state has the highest rate of suicide since the new law and this year will be very high since they are informing the NO MEDS law, they don’t even want acute pain to be treated with pain meds so if your on the fence or don’t care because you are not a chronic pain patient, it will effect you if you have an accident or have surgery, the law states 3-7 days after surgery or accident, NO after what! You may think we’re all a bunch of babies just sitting at home getting high off our pain meds, which by the way is so ignorant, but some time in your life you will need surgery or will be in an accident and it will affect you!

  8. Watched my 80 year old neighbor in congestive heart failure be forced to change pharmacies after 20 years because his insurance no longer would cover his old grocery store pharmacy. He hand delivered new scripts to the CVS across the street where we live. They filled everything but his pain meds and said they didn’t have them. This was a Friday. By Sunday night he was forced to call an ambulance. He was in so much pain, his body so swollen his blood pressure was well over 200/100. He was treated at the ER for BP and pain and released. The next day, Monday he talked with his docs office who promptly called the local CVS and sure enough, his pain meds were filled that day.
    I felt awful for this man being forced to suffer even more than normal. The cost of the ambulance and ER visit and additional stress almost killed him.
    As a chronic pain patient with RSD and pulmonary sarcoidosis, I can’t even begin to tell of the horror stories in support groups about being cut off from meds, blacklisted because not enough med was in their system. It’s not unusual to not take a dose if not needed in chronic pain as flare ups come and go. Now we are forced to take it if we need it or not?? The suicides I have seen in each of these support groups is heartbreaking. You will never find a true chronic pain patient taking any med they don’t need. We don’t enjoy taking meds or giving up our lives to pain. We don’t enjoy being discriminated against in our communities. We don’t enjoy the countless side effects of medication. We don’t enjoy being alienated by friends and family. This cruelty is beyond words and is a crime against humanity.
    Leslie Kay
    Dallas, TX

  9. I lost my pain meds in January of 2010 when a urine drug screen FAILED to show Percocet. I was asked for and submitted the urine 7.5 hours after I took my last dose and after taking a water aerobics class. I had went to the same pain doc for 9 years with no problems. My injury was work related and my settlement with workers comp included lifetime medical coverage for the injury. When I “failed” this drug screen, my doctor “fired” me and my employer was successful in closing out my workers comp because I had “failed to follow doctors orders”.

    On a side note, I have been treated for treatment resistant depression since 1992. I cannot begin to tell you what the past almost 5 years without pain management has done to me. I am 54 years old and there is not a week goes by that I don’t consider how much longer I can stand to “live”.

    I have a plan and the means in place. It is just a matter of when. My grown children and grandchildren are the only reason I have not done so already.

    • Percocet should be present for 2-4 days in the urine and be detectable within 3-5, depending on the dose. If you were taking it regularly, there’s no way it wouldn’t be in your blood because it should be at a fairly steady level. How long after the water aerobic class? Had you urnated prior to the test? If not, that could have diluted the test enough to lower the levels.

      • Apparently there is a way, in spite of you saying there is ‘no way’…since you just explained the way. Good job.

        • Love your reply. Isn’t it special when “no way” and “unless” are interchangeable?

  10. The retail chain pharmacies are not really pharmacies. They are a new version of a five and ten with a small area for a pharmacy at the back. They give flu shots and vaccinations. Many sell food, beverages, clothing, electronics, cosmetics, cheap toys, and other miscellaneous items, have photo departments and also sell stamps, cigarets and even lottery tickets.

    All they need are a couple of gas pumps and they would even put convenience stores out of business.

    I don’t know if switching to an independent pharmacy will help because they are under pressure from the chains and are also targets of DEA intimidation.

    And I’m afraid of filling a complaint because I may be blackballed and I live in a small town with few options.

    Another restriction now is that you should fill your prescription where you live. I live in a bedroom community that is part of a large metropolitan area (Greater Orlando) that has such sprawl that it encompasses four counties. So, the three lies being told when being denied a prescription are: (1) We don’t have it, (2) your insurance won’t cover it (they don’t take cash for opioids) and (3) this is from “out of town.” However the out of town requirement is only for locals since tourism is the big industry here so people from out of state get there medications without question.

    I am another chronic pain patient who is being made to do triple back flips (if only I could!) to get my medications. I regret to admit that I can’t imagine living without my fentanyl patches and some break through pain meds in order to make my life tolerable.

  11. ive filled four complaints against the pharmacy in general. The last complaint which was made because the main pharmacist in charge was on vacation so, of course there was another “temp pharmacist”. I came in 1 day before my refill was due and as the pharmacy technician like always has to ask the pharmacist “temp” at this moment and its a C2 controlled substance. I know that They have the medicine in stock but after the temp pharmacist looked at my prescription, without even looking by checking the safe where the regular full pharmacist has to go to fill it. He bluntly lied to my face and informed me that he didn’t have that prescription in stock and like the majority of pharmacist assumed I’m some drug seeking addict.. But, anyways I first informed him that sir, you do I fact have it in stock as the main pharmacist keeps it in stock as I get it filled every month. I then continued to direct him to please actually open the safe under you and actually look. Guess what…? He has it!!! Go figured right. Then, as I’m still standing there with people other customers behinde me, he looks at my prescription and looks at the bottle of medicine that he said he did t have then looked at me and loudly asked from the middle of the pharmacy area ” WHAT ARE YOU GETTING TREATED FOR??” He DID NOT ASK ME TO come to the CONSULTANT DESK and I was already embarrassed by the way he was treating me then I had to loudly answer back where everyone else in line and also picking up their rx in another line could hear and know all of my medical problems and personal health and private information. After I told him what I was getting treated for he finally filled the rx..of course I had to wait over 30 minutes as I’m sure he wanted to verify the rx whih is TOTALLY fine with me and should have either done that in the first place and or ask to see me at the consultation desk and ask me what I’m getting treated for. I’ll never forget this and nener forgive cvs for this..Tim the temp pharmacist was in the wrong, violated my
    Hippa rights, and treated me unjustly. After I left I was mortified, embarrassed, depressed that I had to go through this. I looked up if there was anything I could do and I got advice from pharmacist Steve stating to file a complaint regarding CVS ciolsting my hippa rights and also I filled s complaint with the Louisiana board of pharmacy. Well, after CVS got a call from a compliance officer and spoke to the main pharmacist Jessica … I got an email from the compliance officer stating he spoke to Jessica and asked her to cal me and try to resolve the issue. About an hour later I do get s call,but Jessica just says she no longer feels comfortable filling ANY of my prescriptions.

    I will continue to tell my story regarding I was treated, labeled, and punished for filling s complaint. The point of complaints is to be able to provide feedback and the store or company to better themselves and their customer service.. But, now I have to drive about over an hour round trip to get my prescriptions now. Lawyers tell me that it would cost me more money to possibly just slap them with a fine. The compliance officer and to the companies that I have submitted s legit complaint did nothing to help the consumer.

    I hope that And know I’m not the only one out there and I pray and hope that something can get done to this pharmacist and temp pharmacist along with cvs.

    Thanks for your time in reading this

    Ronnie M

    Please support your local pharmacy sand not these big chains as they don’t give a two craps about your health or you as a human being


    Cvs store

    70550 LA-21
    Covington‎ LA‎ 70433
    United States

    +1 (985) 893-7681

    • Ronniem71,
      I think I would keep looking for a good attorney. Imo there is a cause of action (hippa, ada, etc.) and you have damages the blacklist causing you pain and suffering. It is not the normal denial case here you seem, imo, to have met the threshold for filing a lawsuit and I think you may have just found lazy attorney’s that did not want your case. I have encountered instances like this before where many attorney’s feel that the case is not an easy one and the damages were not enough for the effort required. However, there are still a few attorney’s that will take a case for principals instead of money. I am not a practicing attorney, but do have a j.d. degree and have known both types of attorneys. I think all of these chronic pain cases have greater potential than the hot coffee spills at McDonalds. Therefore, I believe that the chronic pain community should continue to pursue a course of legal action.

      • Actually, by responding loudly back, YOU were the one who revealed YOUR PHI. By asking you hat you were being treated for, he reveald nothing that is covered index HIPAA. At that point, you should have walked to a location where you could speak in a lower tone or ask him to step to the consultation window. I’m not saying the RPh handled the situation well, he didn’t, but patients have to take some responsibility as well!

        • Responsibility for a pharmacist acting like a crazed lunatic? You must be joking. I notice you said RPh in your reply…and nobody says RPh unless they are an Rph. So thanks for your input, pharmacist, it’s great of you to stick up for your kind, but the patient did NOT need to take any responsibility for the pharmacist’s ridiculous actions. I hope the patient sues and wins.

  12. Lack of adequate pain medication for the disabled is a form of genocide. I certainly will not live if my suffering is worse which it will be without pain medication. Yes, I do believe the use to be great USA has found a way to punish and force the disabled into ending the pain.

  13. There is a world of people out there in a world of pain. You don’t have to look far to see it. This country is going to have to wake up to what is happening regarding the prescribing of pain medications and how people in pain are having a difficult time getting pain meds. Is our society going to turn its back on people that are hurting? Are we going to allow the DEA to deny people in pain any pain meds?

  14. Stoppnow and their followers should spend several days with various chronic pain patients and see what life is really like.

  15. After briefly reading some of the comments, sounds a lot like “drug seeking behaviors”. And, more like withdrawal pain than chronic pain.

    • That’s a foolish statement

    • How very nice of someone who doesn’t suffer in pain to weigh in and assume he/she/it knows what the difference is

    • This is a judgmental comment, made by someone who has obviously never had the debilitating chronic pain suffered by the commentators. I have seen fibromyalgia so bad that the sufferer had to crawl to the bathroom on hands and knees when a valid pain prescription was delayed. You really should leave your political agenda at home and spend some time with these good suffering people.

    • Dear Stoppnow,
      You are heartless and ignorant regarding the misery that chronic pain patients have needlessly endured for the past two years (at least). Pain patients are turning to suicide for relief. Restricting their medications won’t stop drug addicts from getting their fix. They will get it whatever the cost, just as they have done for decades. Heroin overdoses are on the rise as pain patients’ ability to remain productive members of society and family has declined. If you are a member of Stppnow because your child, loved one, or you, became addicted to drugs, it is because that person put the drug in their mouth, chased it with an alcoholic beverage, lied to doctors, stole medication from your medicine cabinet, or did some other normal addict behaviour. Addiction is a disease and there is treatment for that disease. Chronic pain encompasses many painful diseases and there is treatment for that as well. chronic pain patients should not be left without treatment because there are drug addicts who refuse to treat their own disease.
      Placing blame on the substance, doctor, or the government won’t stop addiction. It won’t bring your loved one back. It won’t change the fact that your loved one was an addict, we all want the same thing; we want our loved ones to live, and live quality lives. Depriving adequate treatment of one disease won’t save those with the other. Both can be treated adequately and safely.
      Bless you as you look for peace after your loss. I’m sure you don’t want to see other families lose loved ones because they could no longer live in misery on a daily basis.

      • Actually Stoppnow has a valid point. I know many chronic pain patients on a myriad of narcotic medications that DON’T help their pain, yet they continue taking them because the pain gets worse if they don’t. THAT is withdrawal pain! There must be a reason they continue taking the meds….if it’s not for pain relief, what is it? They still can’t get out of bed on a daily basis. And heaven forbid anyone suggest they try something else…..NOTHING else works!!! “Have you tried XXXX?” “No, but it won’t work, nothing ever works!” I see it every day!

        And before anyone tells me I don’t know what it’s like, I do! I live with chronic pain every day of my life….a majority of the time without meds, or with minimal meds. I was “blessed” with an abnormally high pain tolerance, as well as an unheard of tolerance for most pain meds, which is why I don’t take them unless absolutely necessary. Even then, they don’t get rid of the pain, they just make it bearable. And therein lies the problem…most people feel like the pain medication should get rid of the pain 100%. It shouldn’t. You should take the least amount necessary to make it bearable. If the smallest amount makes it go away completely, great! But they figure, if 1 makes it go away 50%, 2 will make it go away 100%…but when 2 only makes it go away 75%, they take 3, and so on, and so on, and so on.

        And how do y’all know Stoppnow doesn’t know the difference? Would you know the difference between rebound pain/withdrawal pain/chronic pain/acute pain? I know 3/4….never been through withdrawal, but get rebound headaches after migraines all the time. Don’t use meds enoug to get rebound pain from them, but it’s possible…

        • I am happy that you are able to control your pain (most of the time) without medication. Not all of us can. I was on the same dose of medication for 10 years and never abused my medication. It gave me a quality of life that I no longer have since being taken off what worked for me. I also never had rebound pain because it was prescribed in a way that i didnt have the ups and downs of being under medicated. Let it be heavy on your conscience that there are many people suffering, to the point of suicide, because of attitudes like yours!

        • Stoppnow and Anonymous,

          So diabetics should not use insulin because their blood sugar keeps getting out of whack and they need to use more insulin. If they stop using insulin, they won’t have diabetes anymore?

          That is the stupidest thing about pain you just said. Chronic pain is far different than acute pain. Denying or withholding treatment is a violation of the Hippocratic Oath.

    • Stopnow’s comment sounds a lot like ‘paranoid doctor behavior’…because ANY comment from any patient indicating ANY level of pain, translates to drug seeking behavior to docs. #brainwashed

    • Wow, what a judgemental ignorant statement to make, you need to experience some of the pain these people are having. Shame on you!

    • It’s awesome that you’re willing to make this statement – and include the word briefly. I mean, I briefly considered giving it a measure of weight and then I decided to ask what you think of EDS instead. (Oh, I hope you are male – if you are, I so hope you will briefly respond.) You are damned right about drug seeking. Because I am 40 years old, have been suffering bored, fox news fools like since I was in 5th grade (because my knees started to dislocate randomly – I hadn’t done any drugs yet.) I’ve been in pain management for 12 years, never failed a requested drug screen and was just approved for disability. For the last year, I have not been so fortunate and find myself, as do many of us, lacking any ideas for continued care.

      But as you are clearly the authority, I do hope you will humor us and opine what you feel the best course would be considering my primary dx and subsequent bilateral carpal & ulnar tunnel compression, spondylitis, c6-7 & l5-s1 herniation, radiculopathy, sacroiliitis and many, MANY more, but in the interest of brevity, I will leave it at that. The same consideration will be appreciated of you. I expect I will be disappointed.

  16. Dont know what insurance is requiring one to bring/give their documentation to the pharmacy before having their pain meds filled, I was unable to find anything in researching sources on the internet. Also I would find this entire requirement a violation of my patient doctor privilege…as a pharmacist, I may ask a doctor to verify, maybe give me a general diagnosis, but I dont need to see an MRI, UDS screens, chart notes if I am working retail. Hospital and LTC are under different rules. I refuse to practice medicine like a physcian without a license in retail. I will use the judgement I was trained with as a pharmacist these past 28 yrs to determine filling a chronic pain patients medication.

  17. In response to Anonymous, and being a pharmacist, I can say emphatically that I do not like(actually hate) the added restrictions on Hydrocodone. And, I personally feel the DEA is causing more problems than it is solving and it is time Congress limited what this agency can do. It will probably take a lot of people that are in pain writing their congressmen to get things changed. The American people need to stop and think about whether all these government agencies are working for their benefit or whether they are simply ‘out of control’.

    • People get out and vote and then start pestering your congressman and senator relentlessly to start defunding the DEA and demand common sense changes to healthcare. No more of ‘we need to pass the bill to see what’s in it’ I believe there are 300+ pieces of legislation in the senate Reid REFUSED to bring to a vote, time to clean him and his cronies out of the Senate.

  18. I am not sure but I believe most retail pharmacists support the added restrictions,
    Also, not a whimper from any pharmacy association.

    Per Steve: I suspect that you are correct… I guess their PHARMACIST’S OATH no longer is a consideration.
    I believe that as Pharmacists relinquish their professional responsibility to corporate mandates and as the surplus increases.. and as BOP’s and legislatures increase the RPH/Tech ratios… as what can be done via remote video increases.. The role and importance of the Rph personally being in the Rx dept will be diminished. After 6 yrs+ and 100 K+ cost for your eduction… how does $20/hr sound ?

  19. I cant believe this crap, never in a million years did I think things would come to this. I’ve seen things go downhill slowly then real fast to the crapper. No one can get their pain meds. filled. I dropped off my script at my pharmacy last Thursday , September 25th at noon and just got it filled last Friday October 3rd at noon. I didn’t say anything , I just wanted to see how long it would take to fill less than half of what I use to take just last May. I cant complain as I read this ,I feel bad for all of you that cant get anything for your chronic pain. Sad this is ,sickening to the core it has come to be for all that truly suffer.
    Don’t know what else to write, please don’t harm yourself ,something will give soon. I’ll keep you all in my prayers.

  20. I just found out that my hip is broken from a fall back in early September. They should have done a CT scan of my entire body in the ER when I went the first time. My legs and knees and right ankle hurt so bad and I was bruised from head to toe. The ER Doctor said there were no broken bones. But I continued to hurt worse and tried to make an appt with my Orthopaedic doctor. They never returned my call so I returned to the ER and CT scan was done. The Doctor said nothing was wrong. I was about to die in so much pain. Finally got in touch with Ortho dr office which I had have been a patient for more than 30 years. Was told I had been banned and I had said by whom? The office manager got on the phone and said banned by the youngest son! I told her that the daddy was my doctor. I could hear the son say that he was the one who made all of the decisions NOW! I told her I had been seeing his daddy before he was born. I am a friend of the family. I asked if I could discuss this with him. The son yelled into the phone and said no absolutely not! I asked if I could write him a letter and she told me that he would never see it. His son would make sure of that!

    • What a horror story! The ONE thing in your blog that makes me want to respond is “I need #GIVE PAINAVOICE! Sweetiepie YOU have a voice. Pick up a pen (it IS mightier than a sword.) You’ll have to do some research, but if you want to be heard, you have to get your voice to the right person/people. Who is the highest person to “talk” to about your ER experience? I would think it’s probably the CEO of the hospital, next, who is over them? Probably a group that is responsible for monitoring them, send them a copy, then go higher- like ……the Medical Licensing Board. Make sure you have the date, time, etc. A great resource is the dismissal copy that is always given. Okay, you have just shouted from a mountain top your experience. Heck, they treat my dogs better than that. Don’t expect a response, but trust me – your voice will be heard! If enough people did that, changes will be made. SOMEONE will be held accountable. And who knows, maybe there will be a change that will help the next person in line at the ER…..maybe even you~ Remember…the squeaky wheel always gets the grease! Hope your recovery went well….Peace Out~

  21. The fact that so many pain pts are losing their treatment, it would appear that the DEA has an agenda, to turn us all into street junkies. I went through so much crap two months ago. My doctor was going thru a very ugly divorce, and his ex was trying to put him out of practice (I live in a small town, so word gets around). Kinda funny, she lost her job at the local pharmacy for stealing pain meds! Anyway, she had Fedzilla all over him, so he finally surrendered his controlled substance license, leaving me ( and all of his pain patients) to have to find another doctor. My pharmacy would not let me have my refills (5 months worth), so I was without my meds for over a month. I understand and I truly feel for chronic pain sufferers, I am one – I have SLE, RA, degenerative disc disease, and fibromyalgia, and I know while I was without, I turned to the streets for relief. This is the agenda. If you read the healthcare bill, we (chronic pain sufferers) are considered non productive members of society, so we are expendable. I do see it as a genocide. I am far more productive when I have my medication, I want someone to shoot me when I am without so I can understand others who are suffering. I hope something will be done. The war on pts needs to stop.

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