DEA BS: Prescription Drug Take Back Helps Curb Opioid Addiction

DEA Prescription Drug Take Back Helps Curb Opioid Addiction

In the garage at Kenmore Mercy Hospital, volunteers are sifting through and cataloging thousands of prescription pills. They’re pills collected as part the Drug Enforcement Administration’s Prescription Drug Take Back Day .

National Drug Take Back Day

DEA began hosting National Prescription Drug Take-Back events in 2010. At the previous 12 Take-Back Day events, millions pounds of unwanted, unneeded or expired medications were surrendered for safe and proper disposal. At the Take-Back Day in May 2016 over 5,400 sites spread across the nation collected unwanted medications.

So if the DEA has had 12 take back events over the last 7-8 yrs and it is to help curb opiate addiction…  Someone must have forgotten to tell all those people who are ODing… in dramatically increasing numbers !

Maybe part of the problem is that typically about 90% of the meds turned in for disposal are NOT CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES...

Since 2012, the number of opiate prescriptions written/filled has been decreasing EVERY YEAR… and the DEA has even reduced the production quotas for pharmaceutical manufacturers (brand and generic) has been recently reduced up to 35% .

Does the typical media outlet just mindlessly print whatever the DEA pushes out as press releases about the numbers involved in abuse/addiction to opiates ?  Here is the website  where the DEA has archived all the press releases that the HQ and 25 regional offices have sent out since 2002.

Like we have seen with the CDC, when is the media going to WAKE UP and realize that the statically data coming from the various Federal/State bureaucracies …. may or may not have anything to do with reality. Are all of these FACTOIDS being disseminated intentionally to serve a certain agenda of the particular bureaucratic entity ?



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  1. What a joke..maybe they need to give back the bottles of alcohol they have maybe that will help clear their heads.

  2. I got it from a very truthful reliable source,,,THE GOVERNMENT LIES,,,,THEY NEVER EVER TELL THE PUBLIC THE TRUTH,,,,,EVER,,,, again this is 1 big lie,,,but many idiots who have been programmed not to think for themselves will believe it..Some will go w./that blind obedience crap,,,they government loves soo much,,,for me,,,,there lieing,,,,THEY ALWAYS LIE!!!!!!!maryw

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