Stop Calling Your Drug Addiction A Disease

Stop Calling Your Drug Addiction A Disease

Stop Calling Your Drug Addiction A Disease

Let me take you into a cancer ward, then try telling me you also have a disease.

Drug addiction has increasingly become more problematic over the last few years, with the opioid epidemic tearing apart families and leaving communities vulnerable to drug dealers and violence. Addiction recovery therapy has become more widely available, and the stereotypes surrounding addicts have definitely changed.

However, one thing remains constant, and that is addicts and enablers labeling drug addiction as a disease.

Addiction changes the brain in fundamental ways. It changes the normal hierarchy in a persons’ brain and then substitutes their needs and priorities for whatever said addictive is (in this case, we’re focusing on drugs). When a person does a drug, they release dopamine, which causes the body to crave the substance more, and eventually alters the way the brain reacts to these chemicals. The reason that drug addictions are called ‘diseases’ is because since the brain has become altered from drugs, the resulting compulsive behavior overrides the ability to control impulses, therefore making it a “relapsing disease.”

You chose this.

You chose to smoke the weed.

You chose to shoot up heroin.

You chose to snort cocaine.

You chose to buy prescription pills that you did not need.

You chose this.

I can’t express how much it infuriates me when drug addicts have the audacity to play the ‘oh poor me’ role, blaming their choices on a disease that they brought on themselves. That child in the cancer ward didn’t choose to do something that brought on their cancer, that woman with cystic fibrosis didn’t do something to bring it upon herself.

Every drug addict made a choice, so don’t tell me you have a disease all because you chose to do something you knew wasn’t right. Could you really look a child, stricken with cancer, in the eyes and tell them you also have a disease, that you’re also sick, but that unlike them, you made choices that led you to where you are, while they didn’t? Take some personal responsibility and own up to it, but don’t you dare go around telling people you have this so called disease that YOU created.

I’ve seen firsthand what addiction can do, who it hurts and how it destroys. I’ve watched enablers cosset the addict, consistently making up excuses as to why that person is an addict, why they can’t quit, and best of all; why they have a disease and should be treated as such. But enablers are not the problem, it’s the manipulator — who is the drug addict. They manipulate others to believe in their lies, to believe that they are indeed diseased and therefore can not quit because it’s a sickness. Have we, as a society, become so blatantly oblivious to basic manipulation tactics that we fail to see that drug addicts have made this ‘disease’ for themselves as a means to escape personal responsibility?

The reason this bothers me so much isn’t because I watch these addicts throw away their life, while someone is sitting in a hospital bed clinging onto their last breath, wishing that just for a moment they were healthy, that they didn’t have to face the chances that they would be dead within months. It bothers me because of the label we have given to addicts, making them believe they have an actual disease that they didn’t ask for, because let’s be real, what person asks for Cancer, Cystic Fibrosis, Ulcerative Colitis, or Multiple Sclerosis?

So please, stop playing the victim role thinking you have a disease that you brought on yourself because of your choices. Stop crying the blues because you screwed up and want the world to take pity. And for the love of God, STOP acting like you are as sick as a cancer patient!*

*I’ve seen plenty of people do this.

If you do some research on the author of this “piece” .. here is her FB page and she started at Fordham University in 2016..  so she is MAYBE 20 ? But why is she seemingly SO BITTER towards people who abuse some substance… apparently those who are addicted/abusing Alcohol and Tobacco/Nicotine does not register on her “addict radar”.

What to me is really disturbing is 324,000 SHARES of this extremely biased article… might even want to refer to it as a very bigoted diatribe.


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  1. Said this before,,the shrinks wanted a piece of the pie,,sooo they lied,,,,calling it a disease,etc,,,Claiming ,”sufferring,” is a mental choice,,I guess breathing is a mental choice,,,its was ALLLLLL ABOUT MONEY,,,, for these shrinks,,psychiatrist,,they lie on peoples records,,,to get more sessions thru insurance coverage,,etc,,,I truly believe the term,,the-rapist,,,does apply,,,for many of them,,jmo,,,mary

  2. You know who started calling this a ‘disease’? The psychologists. My ex husband was an alcoholic and drug addict. He was in rehab numerous times. His counselor called it a disease. He told wouldn’t stop helping him if he had cancer would you? Same disease. WHAT? No it’s not. Cancer you can’t help having, my diabetes you can’t help having but you sure have tools to help you stop drug addiction. Every psychologist I know says this is a disease. So that’s where the media gets it from. That’s where the newspapers get it from.

  3. I am 62 years old and I agree with this article. No one forced my daughter to abuse any drugs yet she is an addict. It’s heartbreaking but I shouldn’t have to pay with my health and life for the choices she and other addicts make. The thing that government agencies who are practicing medicine without a license need to remember is that people who take opiates to improve the quality of their lives are patients while those who want to get high and will ruin their lives and the lives of anyone and everyone around them to get high!

  4. i KINDA AGREE w/ some of what she states..In my day growing up,,,I taught myself that,,I was responsible for my decisions,,,once I hit 18,,,by law.,,,,I believe at thee age of 18,,,we have free will,,,as adults and it is our jobs as an adult to be responsible w/it,..No-one put a gun to these ,”adult addicts ,” heads and tells them to abuse this drug,take this pill,,,no-one forced them,,,,It is their own decision,,their own responsibility…I have seen w/my own brother,,,,His wifes family,,,his little asian Doctors,,,MORE concerned about taking blood for some so-called addiction gene labeled by addiction shrinks/md’s,,,then giving him PROPER EFFECTIVE PHYSICAL PAIN RELIEF as he lied dieing in a hospital bed from cancer!!!This was 16 years ago,,,Knowing what I do now,,,him working in the navy,,and also on ships,,,most likely mesothelioma,,,,,but 16 years ago,,,some doctors thaught they had this rite to force physical pain onto another dieing humanbeing,,,sicko’s,,,and I watch my brother dieing in agony because of their arrogance+ignorance,,and his so-call family,,who NEVER EVER questioned his doctors,,,,,Soo,,I kinda agree w/some of what she writes,,,I seen it w/my own eyes,,,,,,maryw

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