Below is the response to the pt that had originally contacted Morgan and Morgan abt two weeks ago..  Apparently that there are MORE PROFITABLE and DEEPER POCKETS …. lawsuits that they can devote their resources to…. Morgan & Morgan -

Thank you for allowing Morgan & Morgan to review your potential class action claim. After review, we have decided to decline representation on your behalf in this particular matter.

Our decision does not mean you do not have a viable claim. Rather, it simply means that we have made a decision not to represent you. We strongly suggest that you contact another attorney immediately for assistance, as law firms evaluate cases differently and another attorney may believe a claim can and should be pursued.

If you choose to contact another attorney, you should do so immediately as all legal claims are subject to a statute of limitations. In other words, if your claim is not filed against the responsible parties before the statute of limitations expires, then you will be forever barred from bringing a claim. Because we have not investigated your case, we are not making any determination as to the statute of limitations applicable to your claim. The statute of limitations in your case may have expired before you ever contacted our law firm, or the statute of limitations may expire in the very near future. As such, you should act quickly to avoid jeopardizing your potential claim.

Although we are declining to represent you at this time and will not be filing any lawsuit on your behalf, we wish you the best and again thank you for allowing us to review your potential case. Please consider calling us in the future if the firm may be of service to you.

Finally, please be advised that if you have a separate claim being investigated or handled by another Morgan & Morgan attorney or department (such as a medical malpractice or personal injury claim), this letter does not impact that other matter. This only relates to the potential class action you brought to our attention.

OKay folks, I just hung up with the law firm Morgan & Morgan and they are forwarding my case to the appropriate attorneys for a class action within their firm. They ask that the rest of you call as well to give your story and please refer to a chronic pain patient class action. The number is 1-888-670-2630 PLEASE call immediately as it will take 3 weeks to review our case and respond to us. Hope your all having as pain free day as possible!

need to ask for the medical malpractice dept when they call. It would be a medical malpractice class action based on the harm caused to us by the cdc guidelines and the doctors

A possible way to get results is to tell a representative, “hey, look up this case #7751565. 

Tell them. “hey, I want to do that. A class action law suit based on the harm caused to me by the CDC Guideline  and the doctors.”   

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  1. I filed a lawsuit last Friday in Seattle for #OperationStarburst Pro Se. We still need people to volunteer to file for states across the country. Several states have filed already and others are jumping on board as we speak. It’s imperative that’s we add our names to this via the motion to join that has already been prepared you only need a stamp to join this lawsuit but filing is another matter. If you are interested please contact me for more information. The complaint has already been written we just really need to get every state behind this to file! I can be reached at my email we don’t need some unethical lawyer who don’t dont have any cajones now. You know if we can get this going after we win is when they’ll be chasing us down and offering us their services. Let’s make this happen.

  2. I have been on Methadone for 30+ years, and from what I have found in my search, it looks like no lawyers are interested in the class action suit. I Fear the lawyers are in cahoots with the CDC and DEA FDA and whoever else is in on this causing of horrible suffering. Seems all Trump can do is fight with the Demorcrats over the Wall. We are screwed folks if something is not done soon. Thank you. Thomas Kidd.

    • I see no end game either, Thomas. This nation is becoming more facist right in front of us. My father was a GP (general practioner) for 40 years. He could care less. Maybe it’s because he’s 91 but still.
      I’ve have/had taken opiate analgesics for over 12 years.due to a aevere MVA in 1998.
      Now due to uninformed psychiatric treatment, I’m stick on SUBOXONE. I hate that drug. It does everything an opiate does EXCEPT MODERATE PAIN. The withdraw is totally horrid and see-saws up and down.
      Because of the PDMP databases, I’m now boxed into the “addict” slot. My psychiatrist, who had been tx’ing me Xanax now prescibes suboxone. I had to choose between staying on Xanax (.50 mgs/day) or suboxone. SMH.
      PS. I’VE had 3 opiate analgesic prescribers and I was rotated on and off methadone/Oxycontin. That lasted 2.5 years and was, IMO, the most helpful in pain moderation. We are being exterminated, one by one. It’s tyrannical.

  3. This is a waste of time even coming here. Morgan and Morgan aren’t concerned and aren’t going to do anything. We need to find REAL lawyers that don’t have their tail between their legs

  4. keep trying to get the suit filed , fl now is joing the suit agains the drug companies looking for the next cash cow like the tobacco deal. which they diverted most of the money away from medical and smoking succession and little spending on very dumb commercials. only recently using real patients / but john morgan who has had several dwis only in interested in pot he paid for the last 2 campaigns. and now owns congressman charlie crist

  5. I have not checked in here for awhile and was glad to see that action may still work for us. I know first hand how anyone is now subject to not be treated properly for both chronic pain and pain from injury and or accidents these days. And perhaps the government is pushing doctors to no longer address patients that have pain even I think it is an oath for them to properly treat patients pain levels. But instead they are telling us to take two aspirin and that about it. I feel it is their obligation to also properly treat their patients for pain and all other ailments. However I have seen the pain part is no longer being addressed. And all this new push to control pain meds is going way to far. I hope we find a good law firm that will accept a class action suit for those of us that are chronic pain patients. I also know that the New Mexico State Surgeon General has contacted or sent reps to contact every doctor in our state and go thru questions on pain meds they are or have prescribed. Also now I think the doctors here need a permit from the state to even prescribe main meds. So for the most part no doctors are now prescribing pain meds in this area now. I will try to check back in on this and see what everyone comes up with and also post some more info I have on the issue. Take Care Everyone Larry in New Mexico

    • This is a genocide. Unbelievable how money grows and grows. First DO NO HARM. Hippocratic oath for doctors. It’s all BS. Ready to jump off this ride. Just isn’t enough to try and try when responses are ‘NO, I DO NOT PRESCRIBE OPIATES”. Sick of it.

  6. well how about getting as many people together for a rally or demonstration somewhere important that will get all the media there too. everyone can tell their story and what horrible inhumane tragedies have resulted from the words and acts of atrocity caused by all those responsible .

  7. His ,,,”given,” lawyer on OUR dime probably advised him not too,,,,and he is ALWAYS in the tuck position,,,If we ever met,,and he got a scratch,,,he’d would be cryen like a f—infant,,,,,,or the coward who panicks at 1 shot of a gun,,or get nose bleeds visiting the john hancock building,,He is the snakey little wimpy rat that hids in the gutters,,,and throws rocks,,Boy if we ever met,,,,,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x25,000 for every murder he has committed to any chronic physical pain human being,,and their family,,,,but I wouldn’t kill-em,,I think every one here,,,, knows,,,torture would be reciprocated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!maryw

  8. After dozens and dozens of poss, not a WORD you of Killer Klondike up here! Told ya he’s too much of a coward o stand up and converse with us! I’m willing to bet he hasn’t even read any of these since his one and only comment days ago. Whoosie!

  9. Agree,,,he is the head of the snake,,,,`1000000%%%%%,,,,,MARYW

  10. Them winning would suggest that there was an opportunity to fight but with all the info i have seen with regards to the reports and statistics being offered up to the powers that make these decisions which has misinformation and bias not to mention the data that supports the necessity of pain relief for us. This information that is profiling us all as drug seekers no different than a heroin addict scoring dope from a window at an abandon house. For those that have lost their battle by suicide because of being cutoff out denied relief because the pain drove them to it those deaths are not even being talked about they are listed under persons who died due to the opioid epidemic. Not suicide caused by untreated pain for issues that are record of fact. We can’t even fight i can’t physically hardly drive my car anymore every step i take is excruciating for me, there are people even worse off than me. The only way we will ever be heard is if we gather and protest i would do that even if it kills me. We need to do it in every city on the same day at a certain time and hold a vigil for those that have passed and for us that are left that are being affected. But how who would be in charge and get the word out everywhere make up flyers leave them in medical offices and street posts and billboards that’s are only hope.

    • If I can get back into my computer,, I have 100’s of documents,”for,” pain management,,Many out of the University of Wisconsin,,,,,,..As for as our list of names,,,,now a days??but it use to be lawyer /client privacy,,,,maryw

  11. I don’t feel completely comfortable knowing this firm has compiled a long list of all our names, addresses, phone numbers, and specific case information.

  12. That’s absolutely right Mary! If WE give up, what’s to become of our children and grandchildren? THEY need us to fight, if not for ourselves, then for them. KEEP searching for new doctors. I finally found one who is AWESOME! Took me 2 years, but now I’m glad I stuck i out!. What gets me is they are so worried about addiction. Why? If they are trying to save lives by beating addictions, then what about DEATH???? I thought the whole point was to SAVE lives, not force them to suicide. I also wonder why this Klondike Clown isn’t the one with class action suits against HIM for all the damage and death he has caused. I REFUSE to give in to those bastards with my life. I will NOT let them win out over me!

    • I thought about that tooo,,,can u sue a ,”trust,”,,,,,for that is were klondyn claims he gets all his money,,,,,He claims on the front pager of PROP,,, they only bring in 250,000.000 buck,,,THATS UTTERlY IMPOSSIBLE,,,,,, this guy is as crooked as a politician,,,,,I wonder if u can sue his trust?????maryw

      • Why no? You know it’s still “his” money. Do you really think it’s just sitting there collecting interest and he’s not accessing it? If only we had something proving he’s directly responsible for a death or suicide. THEN we would have some ammunition!

        • Well,,we would need the documents that state forced endurement of physical pain is torture,,got those,,,,and we would need any document of tortured victums using death to stop their torturers,,,,,maryw

  13. They were either bribed or bought. I have been calling all over this country for 3 years looking for someone to take this on. We have no rights we obviously do not matter but at least i know that their looking into giving chronic pain patients the right to die by medically assisted suicide hopefully that won’t take years to go into affect. I give up my voice will never be heard ill just be another statistic.

    • Marguerite,,if u quit,,they’ve won,,and its not about just us anymore,,,what about the next generation of CPP’S,, will they too have to choose death as their only available means to stop chronic physicalpain??what about our dead??did they die in vain?jmo,,,,we gotta fight back,,,for we are on the right side of a humane civilized society,,,”They are allowing humans to die in agony,,from a treatable condition,,thats NOT humane,,,,,,If u can,,please take the time to read that131 page ,”meeting,”’ planning our demise 12 years ago,,,u learn the players,and people behind this genocide,,thus,,,better to know who the enemy is,,beside arrogance + ignorance,,The dea,,started all this,,,but,,if u can,,,jmo,,I usually read things like this when I can concentrate,,after taking my medicine to lessen the physical pain,,
      I forward A LOT,, of articles to my medical boards in Wisconsin,,the aclu,,the U.N,,,Senators,,,,many people,,,who can change this torture and genocide ,but FOR NOW,, haven choosen not to???!!!maryw

      • Mary, please contact me. I may have discovered a way to Initiate a class action lawsuits and I know that you have a lot of information as well-and I would love it if you would contact me so that we can could exchange some information and get this thing moving in motion. Email me at
        From there I’ll return an email with my cell phone number.
        Hope to hear back from you soon.

  14. I would start looking for a new doctor NOW, and not wait to be cut off to start looking. If he has a tumor, he should be totally EXEMPT of all DEA, CDC and FDA rulings. His doctor should, and probably does, know his! Damn inhumane, barbaric, compassionless doctors are just using this whole mess up to do nothing and get paid!

  15. Thank you for doing this. We need help and fast. My boyfriend just learned they are stopping his pain med completely. They offered counseling to deal with his pain from now on! Insane! He has a brain tumor, blocked viens in his legs, neuropathy in his hands and feet, a fractured back with herniated discs in his neck and back. They will kill him. They almost did by prescribing an overdose of Lasix which depleted his potassium to nothing. I almost lost him. Now this. They are killing him. We need help fast! I will do everything you recommend. We are on board. I’m a pain patient as well. They cut me down to a barely livable dose which will knock me back into a wheel chair. This isn’t quality of life in any way.

  16. pss,,maybe we all should call the pharmacueticals,,,WILLING TO TESTFY ,,,, FOR THEM,,,,,,,,, EH,,,,,,,rite back at ya,,,,maryrw

  17. DAMMIT!@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!maryw

  18. That would be a low down dirty thing to do to us. Like kicking a horse when it’s already down. I doubt I’ll ever get pain pills again as long as i live which might not be long. I’m living day to day waiting for the day the pain is so bad I’m pushed over the edge. Not only have i been cutoff and denied but I’ve been black listed so any provider i see for the rest of my life will expect me to be a drug seeking behavior problem. Its to true but that doesn’t matter all that matters is what’s on paper. A hefty settlement or a huge award would help me sue the provider that put that note in my record for defamation of character. I want justice for what I’ve been put thru since i moved to Spokane from San Diego.

    • *not true

      • I encourage u to look up,,”2005,Government Printing Office,Meeting Notes,cdc,fda,dea,hhs opiates/oxycotin,”””,,,,,Oh it was in the Oliver Wendal Holmes Building,,,Washington D.C,,the meeting,,u may have to type that in also,,,,,,,,they all meet,,,on how to destroy pain management and bann opiates for everyone!!!!!by changing definition,scheduling for drug catagorie,to charge doctors w/a harder felonys,,the literally definition of a drug,,,how to change it all,,,, for this and I quote,,,”Historic time in our history for full prohibtion on opiates,”” UN-QUOTE,,,, look it up,,if u want the truth!!!!!maryw

  19. I read in one of the support groups i am in that Morgan & Morgan have switched sudes and does not want to represent us but rather are going to go after big pharma, so dusappointed and i know they got tons of calls from pain pts

    • Pam,,,,if what they told is true,,,its because Of what I found in my research today,,a 2005 meeting,,between fda,cdc,dea,hhs,,,,This was ALLLLLLL PLANNED,,,,,,,klondtyn was the head of this torture,,,,Morgan and Morgan are basically acting as the federal government patsy’s,,,they hold several contract w/the federal government for legal representation,Well at least they heard our agony in r souls ,,and unless their cold hearted sob’s,,THIS torture,,this genocide,,,,,of the medically ill will bother someones soul,someonesheart over there,,,,how can any take our calls,,as a a human being,,,not be affected by anothers Forced Agony hopefully,,,,someone over there still has a soul,,a heart,,,,,,,and will decide to speak up,,as to ””THIS IS WRONG,,WHAT THE GOVERNMENT IS DOING TO THESE MEDICALLY ILL PEOPLE,,,,,

      • MaryW::good research finding the ‘meeting’ in 2005…I’m going to see if I can locate that info but if I can’t, would you be able to send a link?
        I’ll post my comments on what I read, if I find it.
        I should be able to. This war on on individuals living with c.p. is a genocide.

        • Which do u need??thee oliver wendal holmes meeting notes??the U.S.A.government . contract/contractors who work w/morgan/morgan???,”look under Historic Meeting,Oliver Wendal Holmes Building,Opiates,2005,””,,,freaken amazing,and DISGUSTING,,,,ALL ON OUR DIME,,,maryw

  20. To Rick,thank u,,,,,there are 1000’s of us fighten this fight,,maken the phone calls etc,,,,,for the access to effective medical care to all in physical pain,ie,,,opiates MEDICINE,,,,,,,its just a basic humane common sense,,,,but ,”common sense,” isn’t soo common anymore,,,,,I seriously wonder why sometimes??M

  21. I received a denial letter today from Morgan and Morgan regarding the class action lawsuit. I am very discouraged.

    • To Tammi Hale;;;;could u please tell my exactly what your denial letter stated??????The denial letters I have received from others always state the ,”why”’ they will not except our case,,,,Most of mine stated not enough lawyers,,,,,or proof of harm,,or lack the legal authority,,,,Soo what was their ,”why”,,,,please??,,,maryw

      • I tried to forward the letter with no luck. It seemed like a canned response. No specific reason. They did mention they only denied the class action, but I may want to try another attorney before the statutes of limitations runs out, etc.
        I followed up by asking them to consider a wrongful death suit.

        • THATS OK,,,I SAW 1 FROM SOMEONE ELSE,,, that really really suc’s,,but u r correct,,,we have got to keep trying,,,,,if not for us,,,our dead,,,and our future generations,,for this is torture,,when we have the medicine to lessen the agony from physical pain caused by desease,errors,,etc,,and we choose to allow agony to continue,,,its wrong,,,,,,maryw

      • It was a canned response. No specific reason

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