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  1. Not only Trump, but he and a vast majority of Americans don’t get it — and no amount of information will change their minds. They have no knowledge base from which to construct critical arguments or informed reasoning, thus they default to political loyalties to form their opinions. Opium was removed from the public domain over one hundred years ago, and turned into a sort of professional trade secret among doctors. Now, three to five generations have been essentially kept ignorant about the plant. Information about opioids has been removed from public literature and replaced with drug war propaganda. The products have been “scientized,” so that the only legitimate conversations about them are restricted to “shop talk” among health professionals. We do not understand opioids the way we understand — say — orange juice or gasoline. Even the mention of them in a medical situations is a “red flag” for physicians, because Americans are no longer expected to know what opioids are and how and why they are used, hence even awareness of them is suspicious. When we consider this history, it is no surprise most Americans, including Trump, don’t “get it.” And it will require so much money and power to change this state of affairs that we shouldn’t hold our breath!

  2. What a legacy! President with most Suicides in History?! How about record weather disasters?
    Record homeless! Those are real records.
    I don’t buy he doesn’t know about the people suffering with Pain. I say BS.
    I watched him the other night and half the crap he said stating records he’s Set in 50 years or more are false! There’s not many high paying jobs and the rest is fake news from his and hannity’s mouth. Asia doesnt even want our oil they said it’s contaminated! Just high stats to make him look and feel good. It’s more Propaganda. He says he wants clean air and water too but never has said a word about GEO-ENGINEERING, it’s dropping Aluminum, Barium and Strantium in our water and soils!! He’s an elite himself. President 45 going down with the Worst healthcare and deaths Ever.

    • We must have gotten in his ear once or twice by now and that should have been enough to take all the starch out of his voice when gushing about the “devastating opioid (opiate) crisis”.

    • …that tells me he is “all in” with the false narrative with malice of fore and after-thought. What a shame or he would have made me feel better about many things. A business man in the WH. That’s why (from a distance) I hoped Ross Perot won.

      • Funny u mention Ross Perot,,,,was he not the one that stated,”If we sign N.A.F.T.A. ,, INTO law,,,we are going to hear this giant sucking sound of American business’s leaving this country,,!!!””and he was right,,,
        Does anyone else see the connection between the Kolodny , the Sacklers,,and the Kennedys’
        are all out of the same area,,hell the same state!!maryw

  3. I hardly dare to comment.

    Have you ever wondered why our President is trying to help Addicts and stop Addiction?

    He’s stopping the importation of drugs across our Southern border.
    He doesn’t want victims – addicts – to suffer. Nice, regular people are victims, they won’t be able to get the drugs they are addicted to.

    Nobody knows how many drugs are imported over the borders illegally. We know that we only catch a portion of them. There is no way to accurately count the number of illegal drug users, we find them dead and dying after they swallow or inject a dose that has turned out to be too strong or filled with something toxic.

    Trump and his cabinet are working very hard to stop the stigma of addiction so that addicts can openly ask for medicine instead of buying dangerous illegal drugs, ultimately prostituting themselves, dealing drugs and stealing, clogging our courts and prison system.

    He’s been told, as doctors are being told all over, that Opioid Pain Medications only work for pain for two months, a few weeks at best, and then people can’t stop taking them and they CRAVE more and more, like ‘Reefer Madness’. This is an Ultimate LIE.

    As we know, people have used pain medications for thousands of years, made from poppies, cocoa plants, hemp and other things. A hammer over the head is better than agony! Why would healers have used them to relieve pain and help people rest, for thousands of years, if they didn’t work?

    Andrew Kolodny and PROP are saying that nobody provided any pain relief to people with long-term pain before 1990. They are creating new ‘facts’ to support this falsehood.

    Extended, longer than 90 day, long-term double-blind studies haven’t been done on patients with horrible long lasting pain. The longest studies being used to prove their point are consistently under 90 days, on opioid naive people who have never previously experienced pain relief.

    Recently pharmaceutical companies are agreeing to run more extensive studies, torturing people with terrible pain, in the name of ‘Science’.

    Real people living with real pain need relief now, there IS CURRENTLY NO OTHER EFFECTIVE NON-NARCOTIC PAIN RELIEF. Tylenol and Ibuprofen are being prescribed as the only drugs available. These are toxic to your liver and kidneys and are rarely adequate for severe pain.

    Pain Patients are afraid of street drugs, we are dying from strokes and heart attacks, organ failures, and killing themselves because they can’t get pain medicine from doctors, insurance companies and pharmacies, anymore.

    President Trump has a lot on his hands. Somehow we need to tell him the second part, the True Opioid Crisis, and get him to believe it. The other side has surely gotten to him first and with the worst!

    • Yeah, umm you are a licensed M.D. you know with a real degree? Why lie about the time frame for addiction, it really is only a few days after regular use when you body craves more. I don’t care about any studies, I am speaking from personal experience. Addiction is real, and results of opioid use vary widely from person to person, but it really doesn’t take that long for the body to begin craving the drug once you start using it regularly

      • Well…. current and previous Surgeon General and new head of CDC has stated publicly that ALL ADDICTIONS are a mental health issues and not a moral failing. With some certainty those people who claim to have become addicted after a few doses or few days… they are suffering from un-diagnosed addictive personality and their interaction with some substance… alcohol, nicotine, opiates, benzos/sedatives… because it “calms” the demons in their heads and/or monkeys on their back that they were not aware they had them and most will state that “I liked the way that it makes me feel…” While your experience is YOUR PERSONAL EXPERIENCE … and the fact that we have some 2 million full time serious substance abusers when compared to the number of opiate or other potentially addicting substances Rxs… if these medications were FOR SURE ADDICTING… we would have a lot more full time serious substance abusers than the estimated 2 million we now have… of course it is claimed that we have 40 million alcoholics and 30 million nicotine addicts.

        • Addiction is solely based on a ,”opinion,”,,,for I have found no scientific data that shows,,this scietificlly defines the ,”organ,” addiction…..Unlike medicine,,ie,,this is a bone,and stomach,,etc,,,the word ,”addiction,” is solely based on someone whois financial vested in defining it as a psychological thing,,Soo why does anyone believe thee opinion of those who will financially gain by defining it in its ,”new,” definition??R they that stupid??,,,maryw

      • I never craved it and was cut-off and full withdrew 20 times. I am pretty much completely addicted to nicotine however. I hold with Dr. Kline and the genetic constitution of the CYP450 regarding who will addict and or hypermetabolize. It could never be ‘mental’ nor can it be dietary alone or frequently in-part. Now what some one WHO IS AFRAID OF WITHDRAWING will do when it happens can mimic many, many things.

      • I say ‘not mental’ because that sounds sometimes like atypical anatomy things, but as I said someone mentally afraid may offer any excuse in any degree.

      • “I don’t care about any studies, I am speaking form personal experience.”
        That right there is an absolutely perfect statement of willful ignorance. Newsflash, Kenneth; you’re not everybody. People react very, very differently to the same substance. If you happen to have a high propensity toward addiction, well…that’s too bad, but you are NOT representative of everyone! The only person who’s “lying” about the time frame for addiction is you; your time frame is true for you. Period.

    • Linda: Exactly right. They work magnificently for me for my many impingements, severe, moderate and mild. Well “opioid crisis” whatever it was and however it started is now supplying several valuable things to politicians and the media. All of them have to do with getting ‘moral high ground’ (we think of HEROES again since 911) for free, absolutely free, and you don’t have to mention love or gods.

    • I agree with every word you typed, very accurate on all points. I had a terrible back injury 19 years ago which left me with 6 broken or damaged vertebraes to the extent of doing a surgery that at that time had never been done, I opted not to do it. I’m glad I found a real surgeon to talk the truth to me. I started with some really mean strong time released pain pills that I took for only a few months. The side effects coming off them was awful, with God’s help and another good doctor changed to a more milder one, took it for a few years then changed again because your body does get used to what ever you take for extended times. I’ve changed two more times now and we found one that works better and I take less pills and with better management. Almost a year now with the last change and I keep dropping in count of pills. Last MRI showed a continuous decline in vertebraes, buldging disk and an increase of arthritis throughout my back.
      God has brought me through it with two good doctors assisting with the right medication.

  4. Anyone notice through the bloviation how many times the word “I” shows up? And how every single thing that has been done was (apparently) done by him alone? He’s worse than General Douglas MacArthur (if that’s possible), who, if you read his dispatches, evidently fought & won the entire war in the Pacific in WWII all by himself.

    • Oh yeah. You pay attention. That’s great 🙂 I get knots in my stomach when he fires off one too many Is.

      • F1; ouch; if you have a tv you must have stomach knots an awful lot! I haven’t had a tv in years & had to quit reading his statements in print to preserve what was left of my sanity, so I’ve dodged a whole tsunami of Is!

  5. Welll now we know why all our senators,governors’ are sending out form letter also!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!They were told to by the top on down……Expose this crap,,”,Trump can’t even read,nor has the ability to comprehend,,,for I am sure the letter sent to him had NOTHING TO DO W/THIS B.S. EPIDEMIC,,,BUT MORE ABOUT PAIN PATIENTS NOT GETTING THEIR NEEDED MEDICINES!!!,tHESE POLITICIANS CAN’T EVEN govern a entire country
    .No wonder why torture and genocide is the new prescription for the pre-existing,chronic medically ill,,,,,,,jmo,,,maryw
    pd,,thank u to whomever took the time to write the letter and try to help us all,,,,

  6. That signature …………. That aside this looks to be right in step with the standard form response letters all our other elected officials send us back, As they blow their own horns about what they are doing for addiction

  7. Ummm…at the risk of fomenting a bunch of foaming political arguments, if you just put up the headline “Apparently President Trump does not get it about [insert any concept here]” the statement would be equally true. Except perhaps if the concept has to do with racism, sexism, and other varieties of bigotry & prejudice.

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