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  1. All tobacco should be Banned along with drinking, the most among death and cancer causing agents, along with drunk driving should be Life in Prison. This all need to go.

  2. Guy from Boston is one of those peeps that cannot talk without obscenities. I have to question his complaints.

  3. If true, this doesn’t surprise me the tiniest bit. The people in power are so convinced of their complete superiority & (deserved) power that they believe they can do anything & simply must be allowed to get away with it. They’re big powerful people; why shouldn’t they be able to do anything they want, legal or otherwise? Rules are for the miserable, pathetic little people.

    The language didn’t bother me, having been around potty moths before. But…”taking away my [bleeping] cigars….”?? Huh? Since when is congress trying to ban tobacco for adults? Clearly the dude is over 21.

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