The LEAST VISIBLE healthcare “MIDDLEMAN” – makes the most PROFIT ?

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So the monthly list price of your insulin has gone from $391 in 2014 to $594 in 2018, THAT’S UNACCEPTABLE!! But who’s to blame??

It must be the drug manufacturer, right?? NO!! When you look at what the drug manufacturer keeps, it actually lowered from $147 in 2014 to $135 in $2018. They are getting less!
It must be the pharmacy jacking up the price to make a huge profit, right??? NOPE!! The pharmacies are down to making $7 for the months Rx in 2018, when they need to average $11 to stay in business. That is why Pharmacies are closing at a record pace!!
Then Who??? IT’S THE MIDDLEMEN!! You know, the ones that have no work, time, money, college education, student loans, business investment or business loans involved!! No research and development, no cost of employing brilliant scientists that develop and bring life savings drugs to market!
IT’S the THIEVING PBM MIDDLEMEN taking $432 from the middle for doing a $1 job !!

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  1. Why would they want to be visible? They know they are thieves, cowards and murderers. Unfortunately for them it won’t change the punishments for; thieves, cowards and murderers.

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