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  1. I clicked on the highlighted “petition” of Dr. Joshi but it said it’s gone. Is there another petition to sign, to tell them to stop killing us? I’ve signed them all, I’ll sign another one. I just want back the life I had before the DEA got my PM Dr., who’s been in prison for about a year, at 85. He needs to be freed, as do ALL of the victims of the corrupt DEA. At 82, kept caring for us, even when others stopped. They got him and another one in a neighboring city about the same time. It destroyed N. Ohio for CPPS, not to mention the losers in Columbus that know NOTHING about practicing medicine but made laws when the guidelines came out. It was bad enough when I had my meds; there were still some days in bed. Now, I don’t get out of the house, except for dinner with my husband. That’s not what our country stood for, until Obama’s “Fundamental Transformation of America.” I studied Obama before the election and found much that, if not hidden, should have made people realize he WASN’T a person that loved our country but was / is out to destroy it. He hid his life history on DAY ONE, but I still have much of the info I found in ‘08. I studied his past because I was trying not to go on SSD, trying to keep my job of almost 30 years. It didn’t work out, and I was afraid of what would happen after he was elected. If people would have paid attention to that great guy that came out of nowhere, and hadn’t believed his lies, we wouldn’t be here. First time a Jr. State Senator came out of nowhere to be elected president… Look up the National Pain Strategy. This all stems from the ACA, section 4305. They knew pain meds were safe and effective. We’re “useless eaters” and aren’t worth the money. They don’t want to pay for us, no matter how many years / decades we paid taxes. I still pay taxes because my husband still works. For what?

    Did the DEA miss the SCOTUS ruling over a year ago?? Apparently nobody told them. Ms. Milgrim was a CNN contributor before Biden made her DEA administrator. Did anyone tell her to call off her cops and send them to the border? What are her qualifications? What happened to the BILLIONS in STOLEN ASSETS they’ve accumulated? They need to give it back to the medical professionals who they stole it from! I guess that’s not an issue with this resident, who’s also responsible for the ACA, the real reason this began. Many were forced off long before the CDC Guidelines. Stanford gets millions at a time, to “study” something that didn’t need to be studied! (Follow Beth Darnall on Twitter to see her brag about ANOTHER $10.2 MILLION she just got. Don’t let her know, you’ll be blocked.) They are studying us, without our knowledge or consent. That is a Nuremberg Violation, but it’s hard to find a Civil Rights lawyer to go against the DEA. I’ve tried multiple times but they don’t respond or tell me no. I’ll take money out of our home equity for one, but that’s not their main concern. It’s a powerful rogue gov’t agency they fear.

    Are we EVER going to get justice? Are people writing to the president of the AMA? I think we should all let him know, if he doesn’t already, that we’re being tortured like in a third world country. This is Cruel and Unusual Punishment, against our Eighth Amendment Right, not to mention the inability to Pursue Happiness. Not when you can’t even take care of yourself because of pain and depression. (Meds back, depression is GONE. No anxiety meds needed.)

  2. When are our “Reps” going to start standing up for us? That is their JOB! That’s why they’re voted in, to help us! Yet, all they do is ignore us.
    This “opioid crisis/epidemic”(rather hysteria) is all wrong & made up. At least for prescriptions. Yes, there are problems with illegal drugs. But by restricting Rx pain meds its just pushing more & more right to illegal drugs, suicide & death! Not to mention making millions bed/homebound with NO life worth living any more.
    More demand for illegal drugs = more & stronger supply and more dealers/cartels = more problems & more death! Duh!
    Gov’t needs to GET OUT of our medical care & STAY OUT!
    They need to quit “over-protecting” us. They have absolutely NO idea of our medical conditions, how they affect us & what doses & durations of Rx pain meds we require to be adequately treat & how they greatly help us & give us back the strength & will to live again!
    Until the sick & in pain are our “Reps” & thousands of them can live a quality life without Rx pain meds, they should have NO say or actions on restricting them.
    The people in gov’t are supposed to be our leaders & helping us! When they “make up” rules/laws that greatly kill & torture us, they should be stopped & taken down. Obviously they’ve done the wrong thing. Overdoses & deaths have NOT gotten any better since their “opioid guidelines”. They never should have been put out. But since they were & they’re making things worse, they should be taken down, IMMEDIATELY!!!!

  3. Does anyone honestly think that things are going to change for the better? I sure don’t.
    I’ve been advocating, until I couldn’t anymore, and reading articles for…going on ten years! So far, what’s changed? New regulations by our pals, The CDC. More and more deaths from illicit drugs. People shooting each other. Pain patients suffering, many (myself included) considering suicide.
    I’m tired of this. It’s been over nine years since I was force tapered off the medication that allowed me to have a somewhat normal life.
    I give up. I’ll lie down and quietly die. I’m done. It’s been over nine years that I’ve been in excruciating pain, with no relief in sight. Cannabis? That’s a joke!!! Kratom? Doesn’t work.
    What else is there? I’ve tried everything.

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