FDA citizen petition to deem the Bamboo Health (“Bamboo”) NarxCare software a misbranded device

The petition is the last hyperlink on this page. It is a 21 page PDF file and I don’t have the time to convert 21 *.pdf pages to a *.jpg pages so that they would display on my blog. When you click on that hyperlink it will show a BLANK graphic  – click on the graphic and the PDF will download.

When Narxcare first “came around” the press releases stated that they were going to use various databases to come to the pt’s potential for abuse or addiction. When I read press releases – especially in areas that I have some depth of knowledge, I not only look at what they say and especially what they DON’T SAY.

It Narxcare’s press release, they stated that they were going to gather data on the pts from various databases, they did not specify from “public databases”.  Narxcare was original owned by Appriss Health and it was sold to Bamboo Health, who sold it to Experian – one of the companies that created financial FICO scores. It has been reported that Experian has moved their healthcare databases off shore … where our HIPAA laws do not apply, so Experian can slice and dice all that pt health data and sell it too any entity that will come up with the $$$ to pay for the selective pt health data that they want – for whatever reason.

The petition pretty well “gets into the weeds” as to what Narxcare is doing with pt’s data and how they are presenting that data to prescriber via various state’s PDMP’s and how it has impacted the pain management care pts are getting.  I know in Indiana PDMP INSPECT, when I request a PDMP report… it goes directly to a Narxcare report format and data. The former format for a report from Indiana’s PDMP is GONE.   The second hyperlink below has the Narxcare report format – with pt info redacted. I believe that they have updated the format and they have expanded the 3 risk levels to 9 or 10. It is still a Zero to 999 score.

Until I pulled up a Narxcare report, I never heard of a LME ( Ativan/ benzodiazepine ) Lorazepam Milligram equivalent, but they assign a value to a pt taking one of that class of medications.

Some of the things that I suspected that Narxcare was doing or causing… the complaint confirmed my suspicions.  

Of course, the algorithm that Narxcare uses is claimed to be proprietary information, so no one knows for sure what is included to develop a pt’s risk score and/or how much weigh each category of data used affects the final score.

The “BAD AND THE UGLY – there is NO GOOD” of the PDMP’s and Narxcare and the INACCURATE CONCLUSIONS from those databases

Images from a Narxcare report – PLEASE SHARE

Center for US Policy FDA Citizen Petition


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  1. Since the first time I even heard about Narxcare I was convinced that it’s on par with China’s social credit system. This is just the beginning of the many programs/algorithms that are (or will be) tracking everything “we the people” do — and I mean EVERYTHING. Now that I look back, Alex Jones doesn’t seem to be so crazy after all. Just about everything he warned about is coming to fruition which is scary as hell!! And heaven help us if we get another 4 years of Brandon, y’all better start referring to President Xi as our “dear leader”, because China already owns us & Biden will happily drive the final nail in the USA’s coffin. Sad but true!

  2. […] FDA citizen petition to deem the Bamboo Health (“Bamboo”) NarxCare software a misbranded device […]

  3. Thank you Steve! How do you get to the petition? I’m clicking the links here, but I just keep getting a page of your blog. Any suggestions? Thank you for bringing this to people’s attention!

    • From the post When you click on that hyperlink it will show a BLANK graphic  – click on the graphic and the PDF will download.

      • Holy crap,,,connected to the fico scores,,,it really is allowing them to act out on their OWN personal prejudices about us/our meds,and putting a ##### on their prejudice level,on us,,if we take a certain medicine,,,wth?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I tried that but there’s no where to sign. It says I have limited access. & I don’t see anywhere to sign.

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