60 minutes: edited the “facts” out of their story on McKesson and the opiate crisis ?

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In response to a recent 60 Minutes story about McKesson’s January 2017 settlement agreement with the federal government, McKesson issued the following statement:

We were disheartened to see today’s 60 Minutes story on McKesson and the opioid crisis contain sweeping and unsubstantiated accusations against our company. We provided extensive information to the news outlet by way of interviews with and statements from McKesson and its representatives – including a categorical denial of any criminal behavior or intent. Shockingly, it all ended up on the editing room floor, but nonetheless they made it seem like we refused to cooperate. Sensational journalism focused on finger-pointing and the blame-game does an enormous disservice to those who have suffered losses in this crisis and to those who are focused on finding solutions to this horrible epidemic. The public deserves the facts.

The story has too many inaccuracies and mischaracterizations to address here — one can find the real facts at www.McKesson.com/FightingOpioidAbuse.

McKesson has worked diligently to enhance our monitoring of controlled substances and to develop a more constructive dialogue with the Drug Enforcement Administration. We have invested millions of dollars in our controlled substance monitoring program, and are constantly evolving it to stay one step ahead of those who would divert prescription medications for illegitimate use. We’re developing innovative practical solutions – like a new “red flag” system for pharmacists as they’re filling prescriptions for patients who are at risk for abuse or diversion. And we are working closely with federal and state policymakers and regulators to advance common-sense proposals that can help stem diversion, while simultaneously protecting the availability of appropriate pain therapies for patients with serious illnesses and injuries.

McKesson has been a leader in the healthcare industry for over 180 years: each day helping deliver thousands of safe and effective medicines to the millions of patients who need them. We look forward to setting the record straight and taking care of what matters most: the families and patients who need our support.


Kristin Hunter Chasen, 415-983-8974


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  1. Sad the effects have hurt so many left to suffer from incurable chronic unmanaged pain and Diseases thru misinformation.

    We are a body of 10 million Americans who suffer daily because of the false narrative from the CDC GUIDELINES.

    We vote to and we are Legion.

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