2018 in review … what killed us

who will not be here tomorrow

2016 in review … what killed us

2017 in review … what killed us


6775 Americans will die EVERY DAY – from various reasons


140 will be SUCCESSFUL – including 20 veterans

270 will die from hospital acquired antibiotic resistant “bug” because staff won’t properly wash hands and/or proper infection control.

350 will die from their use/abuse of the drug ALCOHOL

1200 will die from their use/abuse of the drug NICOTINE

1400 will contract C-DIF from Hospital or Nursing home because staff doesn’t properly wash their hands are adhere to infection control  

80 WILL DIE mostly elderly.

850 will die from OBESITY

700 will die from medical errors

150 will die from Flu/Pneumonia

80 will die from Homicide

80 will die in car accidents



Here is the list from the end of 2016 if interested in comparing
United States of America
from Jan 1, 2018 – Dec 31, 2018 (6:27:30 PM)

Someone just died by: Death Box

Just the Data … Raw and Undigested

Abortion *: 1091318
Heart Disease: 613959
Cancer: 591325
Tobacco: 349779
Obesity: 306806
Medical Errors: 251295
Stroke: 133019
Lower Respiratory Disease: 142853
Accident (unintentional): 135967
Hospital Associated Infection: 98937
Alcohol *: 99937
Diabetes: 76440
Alzheimer’s Disease: 93482
Influenza/Pneumonia: 55192
Kidney Failure: 42735
Blood Infection: 33443
Suicide: 42746
Drunk Driving: 33787
Unintentional Poisoning: 31738
All Drug Abuse: 24989
Homicide: 16788
Prescription Drug Overdose: 14991
Murder by gun: 11486
Texting while Driving: 5985
Pedestrian: 4997
Drowning: 3913
Fire Related: 3498
Malnutrition: 2770
Domestic Violence: 1459
Smoking in Bed: 780
Falling out of Bed: 598
Killed by Falling Tree: 149
Lawnmower: 68
Spontaneous Combustion: 0
Your chance of death is 100%. Are you ready?

Totals of all categories are based upon past trends documented below.




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  1. […] 2018 in review … what killed us […]

  2. This sounds a lot like the argument that I’ve been making for quite sometime now.

  3. Thank you, we should be more aware and keep safe from that situations.

  4. Why didn’t they put this list in descending order so it was clear how low prescription drug death is? And how high others are. And why no commas in the numbers? It doesn’t do what it needs to do as all the numbers look…. just big. Also, deaths from ibuprofen should be right next to deaths from prescription drugs, 15,000, for comparison. Imho.

  5. I keep reading anti-opioid stories that show that the previous (wrong) numbers were apparently not fear-mongering enough: the new trend is to scream that “200,000 people have died from opioids since 1999!!”
    Even if this # is true, which I vehemently doubt, the combined deaths from heart disease, obesity, tobacco, cancer, & medical errors killed ONE HUNDRED TIMES as many LAST YEAR. How in the bloody HELL are opioids a “crisis” or an “epidemic,” outside of pathologically lying propagandists’ PR releases?

  6. This is heartbreaking, and needs to stop, but thank you so much for doing this, excellent job, I appreciate being able to access so much info all in one place like this. I’m not very tech literate, so this makes it much easier for me to not only access, but share as well,

  7. I hope they really found a peace that they deserve.

  8. WHY are we not holding these physicians legally responsible? Seems to me but for the fact that the physician decided to place regulations before patients care the physician might as well pulled the trigger isn’t that involuntary manslaughter or at best wrongful death? Maybe it would make the next physician think twice about ignoring a pain patient if a few were held accountable.

  9. I’m now afraid of lawnmowers; thanks for including that.

  10. Oh, & I love the fact that you stuck “spontaneous combustion” at the end of the list!

  11. Thank you, Steve. I really wish facts were more important than hysteria these days, but clearly that’s not the case.

  12. I hope that they all have found a peace that they were unable to find here.

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