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  1. Love the “Uncle Sam” portrayal!

  2. FORCED, involuntary “detox” for patients in pain, documented as NOTHING short of an opiate medication will help ease pain enough to simply focus on what needs to be done whether it is work related, necessary duties that ONLY the patient is obligated to perform, or simply be able to participate in life is not classified as a civil rights violation? A lifetime pain management patient can NOT be “scared” into submitting to relentless out of control pain. AS far as “scaring” people into not using illicit substances or even swiping grandmas pain medication for a thrill will not work. Prohibition was tried once……it did not work so dot/gov began taxing, profiting from using alcohol even though we all know that the possibility of becoming an alcoholic is very real. I have nothing against the use of alcohol but, when NOTHING effective enough to use for lifetime, constant pain is available the next thing dot/gov “should” be using scare tactics on should be the abuse of alcohol however, that would be cutting off revenue and that will not happen. It pi$$es me off that dot/gov (especially the DEA) is criminalizing the treatment of unwanted, disabling, crippling, mind fogging pain with opiate medication with zero alternative treatment that is truly effective by blackmail toward all physicians, pharmacists, and pharmaceutical companies with insurance companies more than willing to oblige. At 60 years old I will be more than willing to drop my application for SS Disability ( which I am still waiting for years now) to “allow” my doctor to prescribe an effective dosage of medication to me as he has done for over 23 years so I can do what I could still do before the 2016 CDC “guideline” became enforced to the point of putting doctors in jail.and let me simply live my life.

  3. This wasn’t about ‘detox’, this was about hating THE Substance.
    So without saying “addiction” – Fear of Addiction is taught to the Nation. And ‘dependence’ is still used as a weapon. TRUE addiction is RARE.

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