Do these stories have a common theme ?

The first two articles have to deal with the major chains setting pts up with auto-refills without the pt’s knowledge nor requested to be done.

The last is a study in how a certain per-cent of Rxs are continued to be filled after the doc has discontinued the medication.

Everyone is concerned about compliance…but.. auto refills.. and/or calling a pt once a month.. asking them to pick up their refills that you have already filled  is probably not going to move the compliance bar much on the typical pt.

I read comments from a lot of RPH’s at these chain stores commenting on how many Rxs that have to be returned to stock because people did not want to be on auto refills and they are not necessarily complaint and unlikely that you are going to get them to be compliant.

I may be off base here.. but.. if your concern is about compliance… wouldn’t a lot less supplies be wasted/thrown out and wouldn’t a lot less staff be involved… if you just ran a report every day of all maintenance Rxs that are 4-5 days past due for a refill .. and contact the patient… and ask if they want their Rx refilled… if not.. encourage the pt to be compliant… find out if the doc had discontinued the medication.

Shouldn’t we be part of the solution… rather than part of compounding the problem?




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  1. Good point. Excellent point, in fact.

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