Below is the response to the pt that had originally contacted Morgan and Morgan abt two weeks ago..  Apparently that there are MORE PROFITABLE and DEEPER POCKETS …. lawsuits that they can devote their resources to…. Morgan & Morgan -

Thank you for allowing Morgan & Morgan to review your potential class action claim. After review, we have decided to decline representation on your behalf in this particular matter.

Our decision does not mean you do not have a viable claim. Rather, it simply means that we have made a decision not to represent you. We strongly suggest that you contact another attorney immediately for assistance, as law firms evaluate cases differently and another attorney may believe a claim can and should be pursued.

If you choose to contact another attorney, you should do so immediately as all legal claims are subject to a statute of limitations. In other words, if your claim is not filed against the responsible parties before the statute of limitations expires, then you will be forever barred from bringing a claim. Because we have not investigated your case, we are not making any determination as to the statute of limitations applicable to your claim. The statute of limitations in your case may have expired before you ever contacted our law firm, or the statute of limitations may expire in the very near future. As such, you should act quickly to avoid jeopardizing your potential claim.

Although we are declining to represent you at this time and will not be filing any lawsuit on your behalf, we wish you the best and again thank you for allowing us to review your potential case. Please consider calling us in the future if the firm may be of service to you.

Finally, please be advised that if you have a separate claim being investigated or handled by another Morgan & Morgan attorney or department (such as a medical malpractice or personal injury claim), this letter does not impact that other matter. This only relates to the potential class action you brought to our attention.

OKay folks, I just hung up with the law firm Morgan & Morgan and they are forwarding my case to the appropriate attorneys for a class action within their firm. They ask that the rest of you call as well to give your story and please refer to a chronic pain patient class action. The number is 1-888-670-2630 PLEASE call immediately as it will take 3 weeks to review our case and respond to us. Hope your all having as pain free day as possible!

need to ask for the medical malpractice dept when they call. It would be a medical malpractice class action based on the harm caused to us by the cdc guidelines and the doctors

A possible way to get results is to tell a representative, “hey, look up this case #7751565. 

Tell them. “hey, I want to do that. A class action law suit based on the harm caused to me by the CDC Guideline  and the doctors.”   

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  1. I would love to get in the class action I have Lupus fibromyalgia at problems neck problems with my back And I’m being cut-off my meds that I have been on for 15 years I don’t know how I’m going to survive the doctor don’t give ashit

  2. Thee only time I had FULL RELIEF,, was when a tunnel catheter was put in,,and I was literally sent home w/a bag full of screw in syringes full of liquid medicine,,what it was,, no idea,,,but it worked,,I function for the last time,,16 year ago,,,at my normal level,,,like before I had physical pain,,Soo much soo,,I popped my catheter out a couple of times unloading a hay wagon into the barn MYSELF,,,MY THORACIC muscles were soo swolen,,but i didn’t feel it,,I LOVED IT ,,, to be able to function again like a normal person,,,but,,,even at that time,,,some Doc jump in and stated because I did not have cancer,,i could no longer have it,,,,but it worked,,,now isn’t that assinine,,,they have the means to stop my physical pain,,,but NO,, let em suffer,,,wth kind of inhumane standard is that???!!!m

  3. People don’t realize how bad thoracic physical pain is,,,U breath,,u use your thoracic spine,,u laugh,,u use your thoracic spine,,u type,,u use your thoracic spine,,u cough,,u use your thoracic spine,,,Your heart beats,,u use your thoracic spine,,u eat,,u use your thoracic spine,u use your arms,,u use your thoracic spine,,,,,,these are physical actions we have no choice to do or not do,,,we have to breath,,our hearts have to pump,,,,,there is no PT for a injured thorcic spine,,,nothing,,,We don’t have the option of ,”putting up,” our thoracic spine,,,Once your thoracic spine is injured,,,it is permanent,,and sadly,,our only option is medicine that will EFFECTIVELY lessen that physical pain,,i DON’T LIKE HAVING TO TAKE MEDICINE EVERYDAY,,BUT IF I WANT TO DO any FUNCTIONING,,IT IS WHAT I HAVE TO DO,,,,and the amount that I have me on now,,,is not enough,,,,,it is essentially denial of access to effective medical care,,,maryw

    • Mary , you are so right. Most of my spinal problems are in my thoracic spine . The doctors won’t touch me with a ten foot poll. I was told the surgery needed in that area only has a 45% success rate . They’d have to cut though my sternum , move all my organs and do the Sugery that way with a ten inch rode and screws . I’ve been to ten very highly rated and recommended specialists and not one of them would even attempt the surgery . So I get to live with this horrible pain for the rest of my life . Being in this severe pain every second of every day is no life at all .

  4. Did you know the AMA have been “convicted” On September 25, 1987, Getzendanner issued her opinion that the AMA had violated Section 1, but not 2, of the Sherman Act, and that it had engaged in an unlawful conspiracy in restraint of trade “to contain and eliminate the chiropractic profession.” (Wilk v. American Medical Ass’n, 671 F. Supp. 1465, N.D. Ill. 1987). She further stated that the “AMA had entered into a long history of illegal behavior”. And, she then issued a permanent injunction against the AMA under Section 16 of the Clayton Act to prevent such future behavior. However, she exonerated the two other remaining defendants, the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals and the American College of Physicians, and dismissed them from the case.

    In my 34 years and have witnessed a lot of good tiny bit of bad and even tinier amount of ugly. In the past five years, I have witnessed a lot of gruesome clinical outcomes. Yes, sickening and nauseating especially when you know better.

    Humanity has alway knew how to eradicate invisible pain syndromes. Hidden from MDs views with MRI evidence! The allopathic AMA standard of care negates any PT curative benefits of any option – whatsoever! They are all negated to keep you imprisoned and enslaved in miseducation – for profits.

    The answers are under our noses and at our hands, palms, elbows, finger-tips, and needle-tips. Muscle System! NOT the skeleton or nerve.

    Re-Think – the perfect analogy or simile would be watching football players collide, bounce off, get up, do a dance, go back to the huddle and do it over and over and over and over and over again. They are only possible because of the perfection of the muscle systems, and they all get recovery rejuvenated ad restored with professional grade, customized personalized and lavished with hands-on manipulation of their entire body full of muscles.

    Muscle and myofascial deadly pain and dysfunctions is 100% treatable – without drugs!!!

    Why? Most all natural problems have a natural, logical solution so does this one. To witness the solution you have to throw out almost everything that you learned and rethink pain within the mind, body, mental, spiritual, and emotional which is 100% invisible – yet 100% reality.

    Read up on the work of C Chan Gunn M.D. gave us the precise scientific cause-effect and problem-solution answer:
    Intramuscular wounds and scars derived pain and dysfunction + intramuscular stimulation = resolution of the wounds and scars => elimination of the painfulness and dysfunction.

    Epiphany: All problems have to have to follow the natural to unnatural to extreme remedies or 123, 1. hands-on physical therapy with various master level protocols. 2. Drugs. 3. Surgery only for extreme deadly circumstances.

    OMG: Allopathic AMA standard of care changed the fundamental from 123 to the deadly 2-3, 3-3 and no 1.
    It is a mandatory requirement that everyone engages in the prevention of intramuscular microscopic scars by stretching so that there is no – do nothing for this pathology.

    Doing nothing in chronic muscle scar pain is deadly!! Something needs to be done by nature will result in human suffering or deadly outcomes. So the concept of 0 or zero treatment is deadly. These are deadly action plans: 0-2-3, 2-3-0, 3-2-0, etc. for that matter 2-3-1 is also a deadly action plan.

    A. It is humanly IMPOSSIBLE to treat, heal and cure chronic pain with medication combinations, opioid and cocaine derivatives, epidural steroid injections, nerve blocks, any surgical procedure, and waiting.
    B. It is humanly POSSIBLE to treat physical pain with physical therapy because they both match and counteract the other thus allowing nature to thoroughly and completely heal from the inside.

    I would suggest reading Travell, Simons, Gunn, and Rachlin. There are other myofascial pain and dysfunctions textbooks related to trigger points they are full of incompleteness is which will lead you to the wrong treatments.

    Today “0 option” is common, normalized, standardized, and legalized yet doing nothing will only lead to your demise.

    HELP yourselves – here is the entire spectrum of most all of the common vetted valued muscle tissue wound and scar healing options – weaker to powerful (Surgery are contraindications – NEVER NEVER USED– a knife will not fully help.):
    B. Massage
    C. Deep Tissue Massage
    D. Myofascial Release
    E. Spray and Stretch
    F. Chiropractic Services
    G. Osteopathic Services
    H. Acupuncture, all of the various
    I. Myofascial Acupuncture
    J. Intramuscular Stimulation with acupuncture needles
    K. Dry Needling with thin or hypodermic needles
    L. Wet Needling with hypodermic needles w lidocaine/Saline
    M. Prolotherapy with saline, sugar, b12 or other.

    • Thank u for the info on sueing the ama,,,perfect,The rest of your info,,jmo,,,when I can’t even sit on a grass cutter because the vibration of the machine causes my entire thoracic spine to swell/ie muscles,,,who knows what my cord looks like,,,NO-ONE IS STICKEN ANY NEEDLES IN MY SPINE EVER AGAIN,,THE REST OF YOUR INFO,,, sorry,,,complete crap,,,,most have tried PT,,and all it does is make it physically hurt more,,but thanks for that info on the ama,,,another avenue to persue,,,maryw

    • I agree with you that those options work for SOME!! Most definitely not all . I also agree with Mary that the rest for most of us is, well crap I have been a chronic pain patient for just over 12 years now. I went the first three years trying everything you just mentioned and then some with a new baby and then a toddler. I was hospitalized both times I received epidural injections , they found I am allergic and there’s a big red flag in my chart ( NO INJECTIONS) … the physical therapist tried pushing my spine back into alignment and almost broke my back because the doctors weren’t aware of my spinal fractures and severe thoracic kyphosis yet. The ONLY thing that has ever worked ronrelove my pain is opioids . I don’t want to have to take these medications . I’d inch rather not take anything at all and live free!!!! But that is not an option for me and so so many others. Though the other things don’t work and opioids do , why then should I be made to be the so called bad guy , why should I be made to suffer. The list of very serious painful conditions I have are not things I would opt to have or live with if I had any other choice. I’m thirty five and will be going back in for a new disk fusion Sugery. I have multiple serious health issues but now my health issues are so much worse and new health issues have arisen that impact my safety. Anyway my point is most if us fighting are not new to this . We’re not new to the steps you listed to ” help “, we’ve all already been through it for years even . Our only choice to be able to fight through such horrible pain are opioids because nothing else has worked.

    • I beg to differ, I went to a chiropractor for years and it never got any better. Don’t get me wrong hot water bottle on my back felt good and said at the massage but I was still very bad pain. You are also forgetting about patient who have massive Burns over a large portion of their body and Chiropractic Care is not going to help if anything it would make it worse. I’m not saying that chiropractic care doesn’t help some people but it’s not the cure-all into say that people should try that and they will never need another drug for pain, well you’re just like the AMA you are excluding something that for a lot of people is the only thing that works for their pain. I’m sure your chiropractor and you are just drumming up business for yourself but it isn’t all about you it is about each individual and how their pain makes them suffer and only day can tell you what works for them, only they can make that decision. I’m always amazed how judgmental people are about other people’s pain. When it’s someone else’s pain it’s fake pain, they are exaggerating , they are just a baby and a whiner and a drug seeker, and your simple solution would get rid of their pain….but when it’s your own pain…WELL THAT’S REAL PAIN, it’s different from theirs, it hurts more, it’s special pain and because of your special circumstances you require unique and special treatment…. it’s not the same as their pain.

    • Every disease can’t be fixed.and everyone is different no one should have the control to tell someone because u have pain management u have no quality of life.we all have a right to determine our quality of life.not everyone is the same and chronic pain is not just in someone’s head.i have been a caregiver all my life i have worked with people with mental and physical disabilities and elderly. Never in my lifetime have i seen people with disability treated so inhumane.

  5. I called Morgan & Morgan, gave them my information, then they told me they’re not going to pursue these cases. Then gave me the number for the Oregon State Bar Association, said they may be able to help me. So I don’t know who Steve talk to their butt they’re not talking to me about suing the CDC or any Dr.’s.
    So just looks like chronic pain patients are just going to have to die or live out their lives in horrible pain. Good luck everybody

    • David Cole i called 3 times and this morning finally got to the right person. They told me what they told you the second time i called wait till in the morning call again and tell them you want to speak to whose handling the opioid lawsuit regarding chronic pain patients. Explain that you called before and wasn’t transferred to the right department.

      • Ms.Marguerite,,that will help definitely,,,medical malpractice,chronic pain lawsuit,,that will definitely help,,,u know,,just thinken out loud here,,,If anyone ever look up that ,”trust” klondyn claims is funding all his work and propaganda,,,a supposedid,,”non-profit,”trust,,it states their yearly income is ONLY 250,000.00 A YEAR,, with all those shrinks,doc etc,,250,000 a year,,,really,,,,?????for thee entirte organization???any who,,,god I hope they help us!!!!!!!for future generation will not have to suffer like we have!!! if they do,,,,,maryw

  6. JMO,,, this is what i think their doing folk,,Seeing as though it is a ,”CLASS ACTION,” lawyer firm,,,,their waiting to see HOW MANY CALL IN,,,THUS,,,THE MORE THAT CALL IN,,,,,THE MORE LIKELY THEY WILL TAKE OUR CASE,,,, that is what a class action means,,,,,a large group of people who are harmed,,,WE NEED TO MAKE IT LARGE!!!!! its kinda like talking to someone at Walmart,,one guy has no idea wth your talken about,,,go to another Walmart,,the guy knows exactly what u mean,,type deal,,,,,,their all human u know,,,and human beings error,,,,alot,,,,,,maryw

    • While we wait for the class action suit to start up and run on for lord knows how many years, a big bunch of poor suffering people will die. This commenting will help no one. Lord God Almighty have mercy on us.

  7. I can tell u what I know,,,some people who called got a case number,,others were told they will be reviewed in 3 weeks,, a letter or a phone or a email will be sent w/ a acceptance of the case….or not..Now the U.N….sent a ;letter,,,the aclu also used snail mail for acceptance or denial,,,maryw

    • Hey y’all if you’ve been told that there isn’t a class action suit going on lime i was. Call back. i decided to call Morgan and Morgan for a third time and was just now finally able to talk to the right person. My info was taken down and will be sent over to the attorneys handling this suit. The case number that’s been provided in the post is an individual’s case number and i was provided with my own to be added with the others. I will be hearing back in a few weeks time. Be prepared to to provide them with a good alternative phone number/ emergency contact.

  8. ok,,,3 is 1 more the 2,,,,,yikes,,,,,,but it is strange,,,i agree,,,but I know for fact,,,for I have called literally over 75 lawyers,,,they never ever,,just take a case,,,,ever,,,they have a review of the case,,then do the yes/or no,,Morgan and morgans is 3 weeks for a review,,,maryw

    • Would you mind asking when they call you back if they are only taking select cases or if you could get them to provide you with another phone number or email you could get for us to submit our cases for review i would be so grateful. Thank you

  9. It is pretty obvious by now that there is no chronic pain patient lawsuit being handled by “Morgan and Morgan.” I really do not know how all this got started but it seems crystal clear that no lawsuit exists. I posted before on this. None of the lawyers are willing to undertake suing the federal government. The ACLU will not get involved. It is just unbelievable what we are going through with our severe pain. Apparently, they only care about the drug addicts. In my opinion, this started initially due to loss of jobs and loss of hope which happened throughout the United States. Then people turned to drugs to “make themselves feel better.” Here comes the government blaming the prescription pain medication. The people who run “addiction centers” see a gravy train and they add on to the “opioid lie” so they can make huge profits — never mind the fact they have an approximately 5 percent success rate. WHY IS THAT STAT NEVER SHOWN on the news? Where are the associations which are supposed to represent us? Where are our leaders? Why do we not have lobbyists? The Kratom Association seems to be organized and yet we have the greater numbers. I do not know the answer. Our story is simply not being told at the current time. It appears it has been suppressed. It just seems it is going to take years and many deaths before anybody is going to wake up and see what has been done to the chronic pain community. It is going to be too late for many in the pain community. Can you all envision a time, maybe twenty years down the road when humans look back on this travesty. It will probably remind them of the Salem witch trials. None of this helps us now. All I know to do is to keep trying to get our story out and to vote against any politician who does not represent us in our chronic pain battle. Any famous person with chronic pain (George Clooney comes to mind) could be our voice to the world. Where are they??

    Why is cannabis not legal?? Apparently, this helps with pain and yet the federal government keeps on year after year denying us this medicine. Vote out any politician who does not support legalization for medical cannabis.

    Sorry for the rant.

    • Not true,,a couple have been turned down,,,out of like 1000’s that have called,,,this never was a YES OR NO,,,, it was for Morgan and Morgan to review our cases,,it takes 3 weeks,,,,,Unless u know of more then the 3 people here who have been denied,,,Soo for,, most of us have gotten our cases in and are being reviewed,,,,If I have not already called,,and gotten my case under review,,,id call again,,,,,

      • I have seen at least 3 if not more comments on here including my own regarding my call to Morgan & Morgan. I referenced everything you said that Steve put in his post to at least 6 different people that i was transferred to at this firm and they are denying that they are handling this lawsuit. Why would they tell us it’s not happening and not you? I never even went into my story because there’s no case its not happening. That’s so strange.

      • Lawyers will do nothing for us chronic pain sufferers. Perhaps a raid on your local drug store. This would be a quick way to end our suffering. But I am not advocating this action. We will probably just all die soon so make your peace with God.

  10. I called was turned down.I called three times i dont get it.

  11. Awe I wish I would have seen this before today. I am afraid that I have missed my chances. Do you think that I can get through today?

  12. DITTO SHERRY,,,mary

  13. All need to watch America’s War on Drugs that just aired on the history channel in 4 episodes. If you missed it please google it and watch the one from History channel only.

    They didn’t ask me my state until the end so that shouldn’t matter. Mary, I may have been sick, but I am not DEAD and I REFUSE to stop fighting now.


  15. Wayne,
    I think we met at Rally Against Pain, know we’re doing all humanely possible & We’ll NOT GIVE UP! We’ve reporters, producers & a possible spot on NBC news. We can’t allow more suicides due to CDC’s genocidal policies. I’ll go to my grave fighting for what’s right & REFUSE to put Heroin in my body or have them force me to the streets. I REFUSE to go out like that, commit suicide & want THEM to see what denying medication did to ME/US! CDC can be sued it’s NOT protected by Sovereign Immunity – look it up & click links?

    Sherry Sherman, CRNP, MSN, BSN

    • Hey Sherry,,,,I agree,,,there is NO sovereign immunity for any government entity accused of torture or genocide,,,however,,,u know the United States lately,,can be very corrupt,,soo I am sure they’ll’
      try to pull something,,,
      I honest believe klondyn imagined Waverly filled back up w/.Cpps,,and himself and his cronies rich on the literal agony.death of others,the medically ill,,,,,,,man,,,that guy really needs a full psych exam,,,,mary

  16. I am beginning to wonder is Morgan and Morgan can only practice in certain states??thus,,why a couple of denials,,,but most are getting their cases reviewed,,maryw

  17. Morgan and Morgan was just called and they are taking information. Please ask for class action or medical malpractice due to possible suit against the CDC guidelines. I was only transferred once and spoke to Courtney to whom was very knowledgeable in this case of opiates. My claim number is 7756535 and I thank Steve very much, but be persistent.

  18. Wayne. I am so very sorry for the hell you and your family are enduring. I lost my husband last October after his pcp suddenly refused to write anymore opioids fir his intractable chronic pain.
    You are absolutely spot on with your examples and analogies. I am fighting tooth and nail with every pain advocacy group I can find. Sign every petition, share your story, just never stop. I realize that the amount of daily pain you endure may limit your abilities. Continue to do the best you can. We need many voices, particularly pts, families of suicide and professionals such as you.
    God bless your efforts. Your step daughter and all our lost pain warriors are cheering us on.

  19. I just called the number you provided and reached Morgan and Morgan after being transferred 6 time i talked to a representative who said that they are not handling a class action lawsuit. I provided the case number and was told that this information provided by Steve was false. I was given another number to call which happens to be for an attorney locator in my area. I have spent the past 3 years looking for a lawyer in my area to take my case and it hasn’t happened. Oddly I even called Morgan and Morgan last week to lay out my case and was told that they were very sorry but they could not help me.
    I don’t know from one day to the next how much longer i can live like this. Nobody wants to help us. The crazy thing is if we do end up having to end our own suffering wether it be by bein forced to buy illegal drugs to provide relief (a suicide in itself) to survive or just by suicide it won’t even make a difference. These deaths will be counted towards the opiod epidemic. No one cares about our quality of life or even if we live. There will be a collective sigh when we finally do end it because then we won’t be bothering the doctors to help us anymore.
    As it stands i cannot hardly tolerate the society i live in or the sad condition our world is in. Life is already bad enough. I cannot even be a productive member of society in my condition which grows worse every day.
    To any entity FDA CDC or DEA if y’all aren’t going to give me a semblance of quality of life so that i can have my constitutional right to pursue happiness, would you be so kind as to change the laws regarding the right to die with dignity also known as medically assisted suicide? Right now in the state of Washington we do have right to die but its only for terminally ill that has i believe 6 months to live. Y’all got to do something you cannot expect the people who live in a condition such as myself, to continue to live like we do without offering us an alternative.
    You have created this opioid epidemic by tying the hands of the doctors that help us. You are forcing us to risk our freedom, our health, and our lives by turning us to look for help in the street. There has been HIV and Hep C out now for several decades caused by sharing needles pipes and unprotected sex but now suddenly it’s because of the people in chronic pain? Give me a break. I am an ex heroin addict. I od’d and was brain dead on life support for a week a lil over 8 years ago so i am too high risk even tho i was shot up just that one time by someone i thought was a friend. I went out and wad left for dead. So people like me aren’t entitled to receive compassionate healthcare relief?
    You are forcing me to return like a dog to it’s own vomit. I have suffered all my life in pain because i was born with a defect in my spine. My addiction to heroin wasn’t because i was in pain looking for relief. I was given drugs by my biological mother who was also an addict when i was 14. I was born addicted to heroin. I have received a lot of in patient treatment to get where I’m at today. Treatment for my abusive childhood and molestation and physical and psychological abuse. Now when i need help desperately i cannot get it anywhere.
    I hope and pray with all my heart that one day y’all that made these so called “informed decisions ” for us will either personally experience the pain i live in or have to watch helplessly while your loved one writhes in pain without relief and begs for death and takes their life. That’s what you’ve done you’ve handed us a death sentence more inhumane than someone whose in prison sentenced to die by lethal injection. I don’t want God to have mercy on your souls because you federal government and all the doctors that by their Hippocratic Oath were suppose to fight for us and haven’t don’t deserve a damn thing, including the nice cushy pencil pushing jobs you’ve been elected to.

    • Best to just forgive them. Judgement day is coming, not the big one on the last day, but soon. Hang on. God’s mercy will prevail.

  20. To whomever it concerns thank you so much. please feel free to publicly post and use this my story and grief of this horrible malady and the the Hell the now uninformed Public and some of the Media are putting us legitimate Chronic Pain Sufferers through! It is no more than local emotional Abuse ( and border line Domestic Emotional Terrorism )!on a scale with only Biblical proportions!To the Editor and Associates I have taken this opportunity to share my heartbreaking story in hopes these witch hunting Opiate ill informed skeptics will read and understand that we as Millions Of Legitimate Chronic Pain Sufferers would have no life without Medically prescribed Opiates by a physicians care and strictly monitored monthly urine and blood test. Please remember that An Opinion Before A Thorough Investigation Is The Epitome Of Ignorance! And that a little more compassion from the Medical Field and its representatives could have saved my beautiful Stepdaughters life. Let me say this! A person who has a addictive personality will abuse anything that helps them feel better. I have taken Oxycontin for 12 years , I have had 20 major surgery’s in 9 years. I have so much physical pain I can not even get out of bed with out pain meds and when I run out I run out and just lay in bed praying the Lord relieve me of this horrible condition and I pray God you pain med skeptics never go through what I go through everyday of my life when the only thing you have to do is threaten what help I get, Shame on them! There will always be drug abuse and as the so called war on drugs has failed all this will! All you do is stoke and aid the drug pushers business to knew heights in the Black Market of Heroin while trying to deprive folks as me to this horrible movement! My Stepdaughter committed suicide 4 years ago because of being treated like a drug addict by her family and doctors when all along she suffered from Lupus and Fibromyalgia which I believe was brought on by a deadly car crash at 18 , she told me between that which I was being put through and what they were putting her through she was not going to be able to live her life in such a hell brought on by people like the Biased Uniformed Skeptics that are on a witch hunt to out law Opiates and pain meds that give us some sort of a life . As a retired Police officer and worked indirectly close to the DEA, you people do not have a clue how thrilled you are making the illegal opiate trade and think of my Late Stepdaughter as you continue on with this 2017 Version of the ( 1940s Propaganda Film named REEFER MADNESS )movement to outlaw opiates! Just like the slaughter of children at Sandy Hook if there would have just been gun laws , my God they were Gun Laws , the guns that murdered all those 20 children were all registered and owned by a school teacher! You fight Drug Addiction in Elementary education by teaching all children the dangers of Booze and Tobacco which if these witch hunters want for us to know the real truth but they do not. I miss my Stepdaughter so much and some of us will continue on the fight to protect our right to feel better and function without fear of these witch hunters trying to convince us to commit suicide . And they are trying to do exactly THAT and are now being successful in this under the table practice of Human Genocide!
    The under line real truth it seems THESE witch hunters would rather us Chronic Pain sufferers commit suicide are and DRINK all the BOOZE we can drink! The Federals legalized it ( ALCOHOL) knowing its a more deadly drug than Strychnine. And just because the DEA has miserably failed with their witch hunt type movement on drugs why do they continuous fully deprive us sick people of our Constitutional Rights to be Happy in that pursuit of with Professional Physicians to take meds that give us relief of this horrible malady of Chronic Pain ! May God have mercy on their miserable souls they that seek to destroy us Chronic Pain Sufferers only and little hope of temporary relief of this horrible sickness. ******************************************************

  21. My heart to yours….Thank you!!!!!!

  22. FINALLY! I have DOZENS of people in my Pancreatitis support group who have been waiting for something like this! A courageous VOICE!!! Thanks Steve! You’re the BEST!!!!!

    • just fyi,,don’t forget to click on Steve ,”further reading,,” at the top of this page,,I plum forgot,,,it gives us a reference number and the why we are contacting morgan and morgan,,,just fyi,,I missed it toooo,,mary

  23. Great idea. Thanks !

    KEEP IT UP!!!!!!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I guess its all on who u talked to,,,I specifically ask and stated to sue the federal government!!!!!!again,,,this is not a yes or no,,,,this is they are still accepting cases for review,,,,keep calling!!!!!!!!MARYW


      • pssssss,,,WHAT I STATED ,,WAS WHAT THE U.N. TOLD ME,,,,,DENAIL OF EFFECTIVE MEDICAL; CARE THAT CAUSES SEVERE PHYSICAL PAIN,,,, ie restriction placed on the quantity of MEDICINE,, we are allowed to receive that will effectively lessen our physical pain!!!!!!maryw

        • Antichrist is waiting in the wings. Preparation for the suffering tribulation which is upon us. Make all things right with God. The UN cares nothing for us. They are all in this together.

    • It is my understanding in years of dealing with this is that the only time a branch of the government can be sued is if they lied. People run around like chickens with their heads cut off wasting time contacting the ACLU, etc and get mad when I try to explain this. The DEA did act within the realms of what they can do, though it is not their purpose for being. They twisted statistics to get desired results, but did they actually lie when including terminal patients that had opioids in their system at time of death, suicides by those denied adequate care, the vast majority that obtained prescription pills illegally and mixed with other illegal drugs and or alcohol?, etc. etc. What branch of government are people attempting to sue here? I am not signing anymore petitions or any of it. In the 5 years I have been confined to bed because I cannot receive adequate help, things have only gotten worse. I have signed every last petition. I have done it all. This has always been politics and money. Public opinion is not on our side. The public has been brainwashed. Even if you find a sympathetic politician, it is likely a Libertarian that has no real political clout. A small interview in your local newspaper does nothing. I was absolutely appalled that Trump took three meetings to understand the problem he inherited. We had no representation. The reason was “We were not invited” Well, we got Christie because of this who goes on about his good friend who died from prescription drugs. True enough. An entire bottle of pills chased with a bottle of vodka. I do not blame doctors, but we are so disorganized that I still see large pain support groups blame greedy doctors and advise members to take in a copy of a letter from so and so touting the benefits of opioids and they will get their meds back. I see the asking of permission for 20 doctors to protest. If I were physically able, I would chain myself to the White House fence, bus in paid protesters to carry signs of known suicides and make sure to get arrested. Have bail money ready. Get media coverage. People not involved literally do not know or believe what has happened. Hundreds of thousands of women protested over what Trump said on Howard Stern 14~17 years ago when he was not in politics and if Planned Parenthood should be State or Federally funded. Who cares. We are dying. Families are destroyed. This is life and death for many of us, not a few aches and pains. Manufacturers mandated to reduce production. Doctors and pharmacists threatened. Insurance companies denying claims and putting us deeply in debt. ($10,00.00 year in my case and no, I don’t have any options due to ObamaCare unless I have under $2000.00 in assets. The same Blue Cross I’ve had for over 10 years that used to pay everything. I’m far from being alone in this. )Even the word “pain” has been eliminated from the AMA. Drug testing is not medically necessary either. Not unless you are on new meds or you are suspected of diverting meds, etc. What is being written in your medical files? Covering my ass per your doctor is not a reason. I have a chronic disease on par with stage 4 bladder Cancer. I am never going to get better. Everything that can be done has been done. I cannot receive the meds I need. I see plenty of Internal Cystitis patients that have it the way I do committing suicide. There is help as close as the pharmacy. My disease won’t kill me, but living in bed will. I can next expect a heart attack or stroke. If I survive that, early onset Alzheimer’s. I’m accustomed to pain. I’ve had more surgeries than I can count on two hands. I have degenerative disc disease for which I used to see a pain management doctor. All were shut down in my area. The government stole my files going back to the 90’s. I stopped seeing a pain doctor when hit with this disease. It is all I feel. I have become a disease. I have a great specialist who knows very well the dark path I might choose. I’m not suicidal. I don’t want to die. I don’t know how much longer I can live this way though. If I were an animal, my owner would be arrested for laws that I was instrumental in putting in place when there were none. Yet We still sign petitions that land in the nearest trash can. This is a war. When are we actually going to fight?! Pharmacist Steve gets it. I refer many to this site. I don’t know what more to do. I have looked into leaving the country with the clothes on my back. Not an option without proving ability to pay and net worth. We have the largest opioid epidemic this country has ever seen. Pill mill doctors were long ago sanctioned or closed. We have electronic records that every doctor, hospital and pharmacist sees. Problem over if that ever was the problem. Our opioid epidemic is 80% heroin and 20% poison Fentanyl pills from China. Prescription pain meds don’t even account for 1%. It doesn’t matter how many newscasters use prescription bottles as props. No doctors are prescribing heroin or Fentanyl pills. Fentanyl cannot be injested orally.

      • Sir I admire you for your statement. God bless you. You have hit the nail on the head. Can’t get enough people together to get nothing done. Talk is cheap, action is required or we may as well be quite.

  25. ALL being turned down for this suit are invited to join The National Cannabis Patients Wall ~ Facebook ~ Website

    We were turned down too, our 200 already vetted patients, with the potential of 10’sof 1000’s. So come join us as we are seeking representation for our own civil suit!

  26. What happened with this? I have to say, I never “thought” a law firm would sue the federal government. This is what a lawsuit of this kind involves. No one is willing to help us legally. Maybe someday when enough chronic pain suffers have committed suicide.

    • We were turned down too! Twice! We invite you to join us at The national Cannabis Patients Wall ~ and website at Where we are seeking counsel for our own civil suit!

      • Cannabis is not the answer. Mostly a bunch of folks who are out of their minds. I refuse to sit around with a stupid look on my face and my brain messed up. I will grow poppies and cook my own pain medicine before I will trade my brain off. Or I will just die, my heart belongs to Jesus Christ His blood has cleansed me. And I am waiting for His return at the LAST DAY. Are you? Yes I am in horrible pain. But my soul is not for sale.

    • I honestly think this will become the next epidemic. They will guideline the shit out of it until were all dead, on dope, or paying 10,000$ for a tramadol. AND THEN maybe someone will scratch their dumb ass and say “hmmmm…maybe we need to adjust a few things…”.

  27. Praise be!!!!its about time!

  28. Steve, the appreciation felt by so many regarding you advocating for many of us who are just not able to fight for ourselves makes you a saint to many of us.
    We are the small, many of us tired and weakend by our physical disabilities and to have you stand up for is truly a blessing and makes you a wonderful man in our educated opinions!

  29. Did as shown and was told they are ONLY seeking Pain patients who have taken drugs that caused ill effects.

    • WHAT????!!!!!!!!

    • I am going to call them today,,,a reem them a new assho–,,,,,,,,,with thee amount that called,,the agony i am sure they could hear in our voices,,,why the hell wont they represent us,,,and i want to know why,,,is it because they hold several GOVERNMENT contracts??,,I don’t know,,,why couldn’t they say that when we 1st called???!!!!MARYW

    • that’s what they told me the second time i called explain to them that this is a different case for chronic pain patients that are being cutoff or denied care because of the federal government pushing doctors to not prescribe opioids anymore

  30. I’ve been signing almost every petition I can find with hopes of turning these bad CDC guidelines around for the sake of Chronic Pain Patients such as myself and the millions of others that are trying to live with some kind of quality of life. So far this has not been living, We have not been existing in painful hell every 24/7. I can only hope this law firm is legitimate and will follow through with this class action. God knows we have had enough disappointing results from the petitions we have all signed. And the letters we sent to our State Congressmen and State legislators that got us absolutely nothing but dead air. Please call these people from “Morgan & Morgan” aw firm for help with plan to help the Chronic Pain Patients that are being treated inhumanly. We have the right to live, not just exist in pain without any lively hood or quality of life.

  31. To Rochelle;;;,,jmo.,perhaps,,if u knew,,the person/persons who found this law firm,,,,she has literally called well over 200 firms,as many of us have,,,,each one basically stating,,we don’t have enough lawyers to handle such a large cass,,alll kinds of reasons,,,bottom line,,,no,,,, Soo I don’t think any- one persons has gotten any-one hopes up,,,we do that as human being ALL BY OURSELVES,,, we all want this torture and genocide stop,,,,,’Its my understanding that the more the better in a class action,,soo ALLLLL KEEP CALLEN IN!!!!,,THE MORE PEOPLE THAT CALL,,THE MORE LIKELY THEY WILL ACCEPT OUR CASE,,aNYONE WHO HAS TRIED TO FIND LAWYERS TO REPRESENT US KNOWS,,THEY never AUTOMATICALLY TAKE THE CASE,,, aclu’s,,,review it literally for 10 weeks,,U.N,,,reviews it for 6 month before deciding to even respond,,No law firm will automatically take a case,,,they take all the info in,,all the numbers,,thee amount of people,,the legal or illegal activities they can prove,,and as it is mentioned in article,,,,it will take at least 3 weeks before they will review all info for a yes or as no,,,,just a fyi,,,,it will be a waiting game here,,for that yes or no,,,,no matter who or what law firm take us on,,,,.but the need for ALLLLL OF US,, to call in,,,to give them enough numbers for a class action/better defense to win our case,,,,,if,,,,they take it,,,,,,,maryw

    • I agree , this post is to help us!! No one’s trying to get hopes up, trying to fight an almost un- fightable war. Steve has done so much for our community. If anyone has questions or concerns about this Class
      action lawsuit STEVES EMAIL IS ON THE LEFT SIDE OF PAGE & HE ANSWERS BACK PRETTY QUICKLY. … I emailed him and realized this lawsuit isn’t fit for me. But if it happens it will be known and maybe people will open their eyes and we can finally get what we need done. If u have questions email Steve if not please call.. jmo good luck everyone.

  32. jmo,,I think if doctors call in,,or any whistle blowers call in,,”for our cause,” Doctors who have wrongfully been harassed,,,or lost patients due to that patient not being able to get medicine etc,,or nurses who have witness inhumane care call this Morgan,,,it will help our cause,,Also as Stacey pointed out to me,,what they are doing,thee feds,,is a complete violation of the 14th amendment also,,not to mention a violation of torture etc,,,,but,,point being maybe some medical professional calling in to Morgan,,,will also help the cause,,,,,ie Steve?? for the medical professionals have a more effective language then I,,,maryw

  33. This is fantastic news!!! I think if I read about one more suicide due to a pain patient with ineffective treatment, or worse yet no treatment at all, I will go into a depression I’ll never come back from. This madness has to stop. Thank you Steve. Thank you so much!

  34. I sent an email, even referenced the class action lawsuit. Wrote I do not talk on the phone. Did receive an immediate phone call which I almost didn’t answer and now wish I had not. My meds were all stopped in 2016, and my case is complicated. The gal who called me was polite and compassionate, but feigned ignorance as to the class action lawsuit, and then gave me another phone number of someone who could “possibly” help me. What gives? Got the distinct feeling if your case is complicated, it won’t be included in the class action. Perhaps before getting people’s hopes up, you find out what the exact criteria is and what can exclude anyone from the class action. Thanks

    • I just called and basically got the same . I was told they couldn’t help me . Even when I referenced this suit and the suit number above . The gentlemen I spoke with stated they could not help me . When I asked why he said ” he didn’t know , he just goes by what ” the lawyers” tell him” he didn’t seem to know anything about this or understand anything I was talking about!


    200 Patients (potential of literally 1000’s as we have over 20,000 members) already Vetted, with medical records in hand. If this had been in the works, why was I not told about it?

  36. Steve would you please cosider taking on the National Cannabis Patients Wall case ? Please !

  37. I wish you would consider taking on the class action suit for the National Cannabis Patients Wall. We are a group that is over 20,000 members strong. We really need your help.

    • I saw John Morgan on a news show on Sunday..He is planning on filing a suit on July 3rd, against the state I believe. He wants to make MMJ legal to smoke. The lawsuit may be against the Govt, that’s what I’m unsure of.

      • I was on the phone with them and was told emphatically that there wasn’t one. I provided all the info Steve gave us. I was transferred multiple times and i called early in the morning around 5am pst. Yesterday morning How come they are denying it to me?

        • From what I read in a support group today, they no longer want our stories, any of us, they don’t want to represent us, but instead are going to go after big pharma, if i remeber the group i saw it in ill tey and get the link to post,

  38. Would love for you to take on the case for the NCPWall over 20,000 members strong.

  39. The women who 1st called these guys,,emailed me late last night,,,,THEY WERE FLOODED W/CALLS,,,,ABSOLUTELY FLOODED,,,,,,,KEEP TRYEN,,,,M

  40. Is there any other way to contact besides phone; email, chat id, Skype, Facebook, etc. ? The phones will be impossible to get thru on, and in this day & age we should be able to reach some1 on such an important topic in alternate ways.

  41. Thanks. I just called Morgan and Morgan. It took many rounds of being transferred. No one seemed to know about this lawsuit. Finally a woman named Tina took my info , gave me an intake number and said it would be 2-3 weeks for the attorneys to review this request.
    I’m crossing my fingers.
    I urge everyone to call.
    Thanks for your continuing input

  42. I want in on this law suit. I can’t believe ther are lawers who are brace enough to stand up for what is right

  43. Words of wisdom here guys,,,,DO NOT OUT OF ANGER,,,,,,,,TELL YOUR DOCTORS,,,,,,IF U STILL HAVE THEM,,,,,,,,,,JMO,,,maryw


    I would like to join this class action lawsuit. I am looking for advice and direction. Am in the process of gathering up medical records. Please advise.
    Thank you. I am willing to fight tooth and nail for this cause. My husband wanted to live.

    Thank you
    Tammi Hale

    • Ms.Hale,,,jmo,,I just call the number Steve gave,,,and told them my story and how bad the new rules,regs,dea,doctors dropping us/medicine,,,,causeing CPP’s to be forced to use death as their only means of stopping their physicsal pain,,,partly from that person responsible ,for those cdc guidelines,,,,and the PROP-AGANDA,,,maryw

    • Tammi have you ever considered a civil liability for suicide suit? I read once it’s similar to a wrongful death suit.

      • Thank you. I’ve never heard of it. I’ve spoken to 2 attorneys thus far. It has not been mentioned I approached Morgan and Morgan and am waiting to hear back. I will mention that to them. I’m attorney searching. I’ve been advised I need a big gun. Any suggestions ? Thanks !

        • Don’t know of any specific attorney but there has got to be someone out there that will take the case. Wrongful deaths suits are filed all the time. I would think that it wouldn’t be much different than wrongful death since your husband’s suicide (death) was the result of someone else’s actions.

          • Honestly, I think both attorneys knew the problem was the CDC and didn’t want to tangle with the federal govt.

        • I couldn’t reply to your last post regarding the CDC. The ‘post’ button was hidden.
          Maybe they can go after lower hanging fruit like PROP or Kolodny since that’s where this is all coming from.

    • I don’t think that the CDC would have ever posted the guidelines had it not been for the relation between Andrew Kolodny and Tom Frieden (former CDC director). Years ago they both worked for the NYC Health Dept when Kolodny started his mission to get everyone on Suboxone. I read an article where Kolodny stated that himself and some other guy while going door to door pushing Suboxone, that they were a 2 man marketing firm for the makers of Suboxone.

  45. ok,,,,,called,,a women namedJo-annA pic-up,,,,took down info about discrimination ON MY/OUR MEDS,,, took down the lessening of medicine,,,took down what happen to me,,,and I explained it is happening to ALL chronic pain human beings,,,callllllllll,,,CALLLLLLLLLL,,,,,,, PLEASE,,, this might be OUR shot people!!!!!it will save another 27,000 from using death maybe in the year 2019,,,and give hope that this madness will stop!!!!!callllll them!!!!MARYW

  46. Omg thank you!!!

  47. callen right now,,,THANK U THANK U THANK U ,,,,,,,,,,,,maryw

  48. Wow what a miracle Steve! Thanks so much for all you do!!

    • I am calling Morgan and Morgan for the 2nd time. They are not receiving enough calls. Where is this information being sent to. I am not going to make it (meaning live long enough) to see this thru. Please get the word out, I am now missing two very important medications for my real physical diseases. Surely, there is something else we can do, or should I just to move to a better place, is it just Florida. I have since lost my ability to walk and am having horrible chest pains over this. When is enough enough. How many more people like me have to lose everything including their life. This info needs to going onto every support board on line or this law firm will not take us seriously. Thank you!!

      • so sorry you are suffering so much, I too am in the same boat, my dr abandoned me in April, only dr i found took me off all my meds except one very low dose one that does not help and i am in terrible pain. It is happening nationwide. im in NJ obe of the worst states to be in. My dr dropped me because of our states POS Gov Christie and his tighter restrictions on opiods. Im at my last rope here. This fictious opiod epidemic is a full blown attack on legitimate pain pts. I also read about out in Seattle I think, that these corrupt nutjob lawmakers are wanting to open safe place heroin injection sites!!! Addicts will be given clean needles, a safe place to go shoot their heroin up, and even provided heroin ( im pretty sure ). They feel it would cut costs on overdoses and reviving the od. There will be naltrexone or naloxone at each station just in case they overdo it. The addicts will be allowed to go to the injection site several times a day, aint that special. Wtf is wrong with this picture here!?!? Last I knew heroin is ILLEGAL, no consequences will the addict suffer from, once again lets coddle them and allow them to continue ahooting up heroin, while innocent law abiding chronically ill citizens are being tortured at the hands of the government!!

  49. OMG Steve, you are a miracle worker. I have already called!!
    It is essential that anyone who calls this law firm clearly states that the call is about ” A CHRONIC PAIN PATIENT CLASS ACTION.” I would recommend restating that to each rep you may be transferred to.

    Thank you, Steve. I am grateful for all you do.

    • DITTO,, 4 when I called that class action thingy on t.v.,,,they said they do not ,”AT THIS TIME”,, sue the federal governmet,”,yet,”,sooo u ALLL know WHO’S name I dropped,,in regards to us all being treated soo poorly and denied access to proper medicine,,I ,mentioned those lovely guidelines also,,,and,,censorship out of washinton,,,oh and U.N letter,I think thats all I am gonna say onlne,,,call em,,,,,PLEASE!!!!!!!!!maryw

  50. Steve, thank you so much for posting this! A nationwide lawsuit is exactly what we need. Nothing like the possible loss of income/funds to encourage a second look at things. Fingers crossed!

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