Form from a Part D provider…. how to file discrimination complaints


What do you do… when you can’t tell the difference between the cops and the crooks ?

DEA agent on trial, accused of working with lying informant to concoct bogus drug cases CLEVELAND, Ohio — Testimony in a civil trial began Tuesday for a U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration agent accused of misconduct in a series of botched cases in Mansfield that landed a man in prison for 18 months for a […]

Judge rules in favor of Tennessee clinic in meningitis outbreak case

Judge rules in favor of Tennessee clinic in meningitis outbreak case A federal judge has ruled that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and a state pharmacy board can be found at fault for the 2012 fungal meningitis outbreak that took the lives of some 77 patients who had been injected with fungus contaminated […]

Man’s family sues doctors after fatal overdose

Man’s family sues doctors after fatal overdose McKEESPORT, Pa. – The family of a McKeesport man is suing his doctors, claiming that they repeatedly gave him prescription painkillers despite knowing about his addiction.   Nicholas Classic died in October 2015 after overdosing on prescription drugs. He was 29. According to a wrongful death lawsuit […]

Jailing “drug dealers” will not prevent substance abusers from ODing.. FILL THE JAILS ?

NH treats overdoses as crime scenes, targets drug dealers VIDEO ON LINK Dakota Kilburn was just 23-years-old when a dose of heroin claimed his life. The young father was found unresponsive in his parent’s Manchester, Vermont home on November 18th, 2015. His heartbroken parents remember a young man filled with potential until addiction took […]

DEA sells drugs to people on the streets with the goal of catching “bigger fish.”

DEA Just Admitted To Selling Drugs On Streets – Youth ‘Informants’ Forced To Help The War on Drugs, carried out by the DEA, continues unabated since its establishment in the 1970s during the Nixon administration era. For years, countless arrests have occurred, many of them for victimless crimes involving cannabis. Large sentences are dealt, […]

Mutually Exclusive: politicians and COMMON SENSE ?

Are The Majority Of Drugs Coming From Mexico? Trump Says His Wall Will Stop It All   Looks at the map of the USA… and who believes that building a wall along the few thousand miles between the USA and Mexico and it will solve our drug problem ?  Leaving the entire border along […]

Chronic Pain Patients’ Pain Management Survey

Chronic Pain Patients’ Pain Management Survey Dr. Terri Lewis and I are reopening Chronic Pain Patients’ Pain Management Survey. It’s short and only takes a moment to complete. It’s only open till 8/4/17. Please complete (if you haven’t yet) and repost in every group you know, if you would please.

Drug company close to paying $35 million settlement

Action 9: Drug company close to paying $35 million settlement Some people might be entitled to a portion of a $35 million settlement. It is part of one of the biggest drug company settlements in U.S. history. The Federal Trade Commission and multiple state attorneys general said the companies that made the popular sleep-disorder […]

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