People in central Indiana have one less choice of where to get their Rxs filled

Marsh to close all pharmacies after selling their pharmacy business to CVS VIDEO ON LINK INDIANAPOLIS — Marsh Supermarkets announced Friday that they will be closing all of their pharmacies after they were sold to CVS. The sale will affect 37 Marsh pharmacies. Marsh pharmacies will close over a three-day period beginning May 3. […]

Going to jail… could be a “DEATH SENTENCE” ?

Lawsuit filed in Schenectady County inmate’s death Schenectady County Jail medical staff failed to provide proper medication to a man with a variety of ailments, leading to his death last year, a new lawsuit contends. Jimmy Richardson, 53, of Emmett Street, died at the jail Jan. 17, 2016, of a heart issue. The lawsuit […]

UTAH: Bureaucrats concerned about 9000 prescribers writing <1 opiate Rx/day

Pharmacists launch campaign educating people about the dangers of opioids Pharmacists launch campaign educating people about the dangers of opioids VIDEO ON LINK SALT LAKE CITY – Utah health leaders unveiled a new plan to help fight opioid overdoses. Drop in at any pharmacy across the state during the month of May, and you’ll notice stickers on […]

“You can’t just refuse to fill a legitimate prescription issued for a legitimate purpose.”

“You can’t just refuse to fill a legitimate prescription issued for a legitimate purpose. Even with red flags.   How many Rx’s we fill would be argued as legit if we say no ? The bop visiting if you say no! To their law of corresponding responsibility: This from Tony Park. (See 733 in BOP […]

Why does our system allow Pharmacist to refuse to fill medically necessary Rxs without justification

  These questions relate to Safeway: 1). Can a pharmacy refuse to refill a 30 day prescription (60 pills) if the refill date is on day 29?  2). I was told by their Regional Office just now that it will depend on the pharmacist whether future refills are given?  They have spoken to my doctor […]

Pain Patients Advocacy Week April 23-30, 2017

Could your healthcare just come down to “numbers” ?

Cherokee Nation Sues CVS, Walgreens, and Others Over Opioids Did major chain pharmacies and distributors contribute to the opioid epidemic in Oklahoma? The Cherokee Nation has filed a lawsuit against six major pharmacy chains and PBMs for failing to prevent the spread of illegally prescribed opioids in the Cherokee Nation. The lawsuit was filed […]

We can’t torture those trying to kill us… but “torture” using denial of care – IS OK ?

Torture Is Already Illegal, So Why “Ban” It? Sen. John McCain (R-Arizona) speaks to reporters after a Senate policy luncheon on Capitol Hill in Washington, June 16, 2015. The Senate on Tuesday voted to outlaw the practice of torture in an amendment to the 2016 National Defense Authorization Act. (Photo: Zach Gibson/The New York […]

regulators would want to access data on the test ordering patterns of their client physicians.

Could McKesson Settlement Set a Precedent That Would Require Clinical Laboratories to Track Physician Test Ordering? In today’s world of the Internet-of-Things, it is becoming easier to collect data on every purchase made by individuals and companies. That ability to track the actions of consumers and commercial business has not escaped the notice of […]

Congress targeting sick/elderly’s ability to get appropriate healthcare ?

GOP looks to weaken pre-existing condition guarantee (CNN) – House Republicans are hoping they can revive negotiations to weaken Obamacare once again. GOP lawmakers in the House have taken the crucial step of putting their latest hope for a health care compromise on paper, circulating legislative text that could launch yet another round of […]