Don’t bring a “butter knife” to a gun fight

I recently wrote about a  RPH  with a very high national profile… who was fired over criticizing the authorized union strike again Rite Aid in California and in particular a poster that said that he/she would break the picket line because he/she was having trouble making ends meet… As if, a few weeks of income… […]

No good deed goes unpunished

My first read of the morning was from THE DRUG MONKEY… it would appear that this RPH did not have a good day yesterday… Here is his post He finally admitted that all these years… he has worked for RITE AID in California… and the important verb here is HAS… apparently two “suits” walked in […]

Maybe we should read between the lines

OBAMACARE …The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act… We are 16 + months from the start of this new chapter in the healthcare in this country.. only two other major changes have happen in my life time… in the mid 60’s with Medicare/Medicaid and in 2006 with Part D.  Of course, depending on the outcome […]

Warm bodies are good enough ?

Here is a posting from another RPH blog :   As an anonymous Rite Aid intern from the midwest, I can tell you that my PDM called all the interns in our district on Friday to ask us to scab for a week. Flight, car, food, hotel included. I asked if I would have to […]

CVS never seems to learn .. is it ignorance or arrogance?

Over the last year… we have seen CVS get a warning letter from the NC BOP for a incident with a Pharmacist, store manager & DM RPH.. over having to keep a drive thru window open when the Pharmacist was one tech down, and had verified 300 Rxs by hour seven, and the RPH was […]

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