Don’t bring a “butter knife” to a gun fight

I’m too busy fighting this war to talk to a salesman


I recently wrote about a  RPH  with a very high national profile… who was fired over criticizing the authorized union strike again Rite Aid in California and in particular a poster that said that he/she would break the picket line because he/she was having trouble making ends meet… As if, a few weeks of income… will dramatically change his/her long range financial prospects…  He also pointed out that Rite Aid was making offers to pharmacy interns from some distances to come to be “scabs” – not only offering a paycheck .. but a “all expenses paid trip” to California..

A few years ago… things like this would never have happened… WHY?.. a small thing referred to as a RPH SHORTAGE… which has disappeared and a growing SURPLUS is rearing its ugly head.

It would seem that the permit holder is being viewed more and more by the various BOP’s as just a revenue source – they pay their annual/biannual fee to the BOP and their responsibilities/liabilities seems to stop there.

Besides this latest firing… are things happening all over the country…

A  CVS Pharmacist was fired last year in NC .. because he wanted to close the drive-thru window because he had been averaging verifying 40+ Rxs/hr for SEVEN HOURS

A CVS Pharmacist in PA… has a whistler blower case in progress

An attorney has at least SEVEN  Wal Mart PHARMACISTS that were “impaired” at one time and were summarily dismissed because the company changed its policy of not having any RPH on staff that EVER had any BOP action against their license .

If  you are paying attention… you see chain pharmacies routinely paying multi million dollar fines for various misdeeds… while admitting NO WRONG DOING…

I have posted before about the possibility of a “civil war”… the Rx dept staff … against the PIC and the corporation.. and some have criticize me for even thinking about this issue.

ALL PIC’s are the only ones responsible to the BOP for the legal operation of the Rx dept..

More and more BOP’s are now accepting anonymously complaints..and if they don’t… they may accept a complaint from an attorney representing one or more RPH or staff.. with the RPH/staff hiding behind the attorney/client confidentiality.

Mr/Ms PIC…. you are the center of the bulls-eye… the chain is going to allow you to “take the fall” for whatever goes wrong in the Rx dept.. even though … you have little/no control over the underlying system problems that will cause/contribute to a bad outcome for a patient … or some other rule/law is broken.

You are also the center of the bulls-eye for complaints/concerns of the Rx dept staff… Under the current growing RPH surplus… if someone is going to “take a hit” over work environment issues… I doubt if any staff RPH is going to “fall on the sword” to protect you.

Earlier in the year.. I wrote about the process to force the corporation management to obey the laws and shift the liability of bad outcomes to the corporation.

Will we have a “civil war” or just a “Hatfields & McCoys” type of battle?

As Will Rogers famously quoted … “If you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there “

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