CVS never seems to learn .. is it ignorance or arrogance?

Over the last year… we have seen CVS get a warning letter from the NC BOP for a incident with a Pharmacist, store manager & DM RPH.. over having to keep a drive thru window open when the Pharmacist was one tech down, and had verified 300 Rxs by hour seven, and the RPH was scheduled for a 14 hour day… and had no breaks… all three situation were  in violation of  the practice act.

Then there was the robot mis-fil in NJ …  Tamoxifen instead of Fluoride tabs  involving some 50 prescriptions and took TWO MONTHS to uncover.

There are some rumors of a similar incident in PA… but nothing has hit the media… but it has been reported that RPH’s now have to dump out tabs filled by a robot on a counting tray to see of all the tablets are the same and correct… The robot may be nearly perfect… but the humans who fill the bulk sources for the robot are not.

Now we have another incident in NC with pharmacy staff  improperly/incompletely trained in giving vaccines. According to the BOP records… there were over 100 vaccinations involved in six stores.

The final outcome of this incident with the CVS & the NC BOP is that these SIX STORES will not be able to administer vaccine for TWO YEARS.

What is not known… is the person(s) that did this incomplete training… regularly training other pharmacy staff members for CVS .. or other stores… regardless… why hasn’t the BOP insisted that all the people previously trained by these people(s) to be re-certified.  Does anyone believe that this was a singular aberration in their training procedures?

In this most recent incident in NC… CVS is admonished that they must not break any other parts of the practice act… does anyone believe that the BOP is going to check these six stores for violating the 14 hr work rule, the no meal break rule & the > 150 Rxs/shift rule…  color me doubtful !


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