where is mine – what was promised by the democratic candidates.

What I have been watching what is reported on TV…. members of Black Lives Matter (BLM) and central American people heading for our southern borders… are already calling out our soon to be new President and VP to do what they promised… a statement by a BLM representative state that “… brown and black people got you elected… we want our demands met …”…  people coming toward our southern border are expecting our border to be OPEN the first day of President Biden’s administration.

I am sure that there are other groups that are expecting promises made to be met toward the end of this week… Many may have expectation but have not come forward and publicly stated what their expectations/demands are.

As I remember, there was a universal agreement among the democratic candidates that HEALTH CARE WAS A HUMAN RIGHTS ISSUE…  why isn’t the community out there asking for that promise to be met ?

Here is a recent post about HHS HHS Loosens Reins on Buprenorphine Prescribing

Apparently those substance abusers are apparently getting easier access to a C-III medication to treat their health issues.  It is a common belief that substance abuse is a MENTAL HEALTH DISEASE… so we have a mental health crisis that is worth treating ?

Most/majority/all of chronic pain pts with under/untreated pain typically are dealing with depression, anxiety, suicidal idealization…  all mental health issues…. not to mention having to live/exist in a torturous level of pain intentionally induced – failed to treat – by their prescriber.

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  1. Well, I for one do not expect promises to be kept. I have learned this over my long lifetime and many elections. They all promise us the moon, yet always fail to deliver. Someone in another pain group said that Biden has already said he was going to do away with opioids. Of course, we all know there are 2 kinds of opioids, the street and scary opioids and the ones the doctors give us and monitor us. But since they have put both all in a combined pile, I assuming that doing away with all opioids, means all of them. But think about it, all pain medication gone. Hmm, that’s a world I dont want to live in. What about surgery? What about debilitating conditions some of us get? (I guess we are experiencing that part of this now) But its just Ludacris!

    No, I dont expect them to follow through. Just this morning they were talking about what Biden is going to do in his first week. It didnt even include the other $2,000 of the stimulus he promised. And his “everyone wears masks” policy is now down to only the Federal buildings. I mean, when was the last time you were at a Federal building? They are ALL LIARS AND FABRICATORS. promise everything to get elected and then the tyranny just starts again with a different person.

  2. One thing to say right now: We will NOT have open borders. I do believe we will stop ripping babies away from their parents, however, which is the moral and humane thing to do.

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