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  1. I understand her feelings completely. Well done, put into words very well!
    We had o bury our oldest son, my wife and I of 42 years now , on December 11th, 2020. I have never felt such heartbreak and I know it will never heal.
    Our eldest son was a pain management patient from 27 years old until his death at 41 years old.
    I do hold the surgeon somewhat responsible for his 14 miserable years after the “simple” surgery the surgeon stated it was.
    A “simple” knee surgery that turned into a 4 year ordeal just to “fix” the mess the original surgeon made. We are fortunate enough to live near Duke Hospital in NC.
    Even the surgeons there refused to “fix” the knee the surgeon had made.
    Infection, home treatments with antibiotics, and finally almost four years after the original surgery, we found a surgeon in Charlotte NC that stated he would perform surgery on our sons knee and “do the best he could”.
    Well, his pain is over now, at 42 years old.
    A high school teacher, beloved by his students, and adored by his parents.
    WE, his parents continue to “live” in physical as well as emotional pain.
    Force “tapered’ four years ago now after 23 years of sufficient “evil” opiate medication, I do not know where to turn.
    I even had the state come to my home to “visit” me because I e-mailed and telephoned the state medical board attempting to “reason” ….why pain management patients had to suffer during the so called “opioid crisis”.
    I did not understand, at the time that “force tapering” was “bigger” than individual state “guidelines”.
    Though we are heart broke, at least, our son can….rest in peace until we meet again.

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