When a Pharmacist can’t even come up with a LIE – for denying to fill a prescription ?


I’m not sure I have the right person for questions in regards to control substance prescriptions I’m paraplegic with Neurogenic bowel and bladder. Along with  many other issues and this morning  the pharmacist refused to fill my medication because of my medications which are all from my specialist that follows me. Whom i see every month for same prescriptions. I was told 20 minute to pick up.  Then when I got back.

  The pharmacist refused to tell me what was wrong with my script.

Until I made a big stink she then said she would fill it. Then said she wanted to wait for Dr office after I accused her of judging me.  I’m disabled and now home waiting for pharmacist to call me. When she will be done the Dr office called her and okayed it but I think she making me wait on purpose. What do I do. 

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  1. Curious, in what state do you reside? New to Thai Pharmacy? Is the RPh new to the store?
    What Pharmacy? Does your state have a drug monitor program (PDMP)?
    You can submit a complaint to board of Pharmacy and the corporation(if one) about the RPh.

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