When a person claiming to be a chronic pain advocate ends up being a saboteur

When Bob’s refers to “my kids”.. he is really referring to the END OF LIFE PEDIATRIC CANCER PTS in Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville, TN. Nearly a year ago, Bob started advocating for proper pain treatment for these end of life pediatric cancer pts..  Apparently Vanderbilt is one of those “no opiate hospitals”..  These “kids” when they were in the hospital, that would get some decent pain management, but when discharged back to home… told to take a NSAID and/or Tylenol (Acetaminophen) …  Bob was getting very good results in getting these kids some serious pain management when they were at home.  At one point the “shirts” at Vanderbilt decided that Bob was not a valid/bonafided pt advocate and told Bob that he could not advocate for these end stage pediatric pts…  Bob took Vanderbilt to court and the representative & attorney for Vanderbilt …. lost in court and Bob got to advocate once again for those kids.

Everything was going well with Bob getting these pediatric cancer pts good pain management…  Until someone who claims to be a chronic pain pt and a chronic pain advocate got a “friend”  in law enforcement to do a background check on Bob and uncovered a incident from a couple  of year back when Bob was loading some bails of hay into his pickup truck. in 100+F ambient and his implanted pump malfunctioned and increased the rate at which his pump was programmed to infuse in to spinal fluid.

Apparently Bob became “intoxicated” and was pulled over by one of the local “boys in blue” .. the state that Bob lives in has a ZERO TOLERANCE and Bob lives in a fairly rural area and this particular local law enforcement … can be described as having a “Barney Fife” personality…  Bob pickup truck was not air conditioned and as soon as he got into the police car – that had air conditioning and Bob quickly “sobered up”…  After this incidence the “Barney Fife” … anytime that he saw Bob driving… he would arrest him… and apparently they had to use gas chromatography to get any measurement of opiates in his blood, because opiates infused into the spinal fluid.. very, very little will cross the blood brain barrier and go systemic.  “Barney Fife” caught Bob driving with his two preteen daughters in the vehicle… so he also got charged with endangering minors with a DUI. Bob ended up suing the company that made his implanted pump and got a sizeable settlement.

Bob ended up going to the state legislature to get the state’s DUI law changed to allow some flexibility when handicapped/disable people are driving.  This “deep dive background check “that this pain advocate’s friend pulled up a national wide using Bob’s first, middle, last name… and apparently someone in the country back in the 80’s with the same first, middle, last name – no birth date match had some possible trouble with law enforcement.

This person who claims to be a chronic pain advocate, shared this information and someone along the line … came to the conclusion because Bob was charged with a DUI with preteens in the vehicle – endangering kids – that jumped to the conclusion that Bob was a pedophile.  Once again Bob was banned from advocating for these end of life pediatric cancer pts. At this point in time, Bob was advocating for kid #35.

How does someone who claims to be a chronic pain advocate and intentionally goes out of their way – spreading half truths and LIES to cause these poor little end of life pediatric cancer pts to lose their end of life pain management. At least Paul Harvey would tell … “the rest of the story”…  Below is a picture of one of Bob’s earliest kids… that was able to celebrate her last Halloween with Bob’s two preteen Daughters last year. Part of the reason that this sweetie was able to smile was because of Bob’s advocacy on her behalf.





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  1. U know i know there are snakes in the grass,,but my lord,,,leave this man alone,,,He has always done great work for kids,,why go after a decent man,who it trying to help children??There is a special place in hell for folks like this,who go after the good,decent people,,JMO,,maryw

  2. WTH,,,,I always felt there was a snake in our grass,,,like the DEA sent in their snitches,,but jesus,,this man is a saint,,he HELPS CHILDREN!!!!!!LEAVE HIM ALONE FOR GODS SAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. This is just straight up sick behavior!!!! I cannot understand why anyone would do what she is doing? Unfortunately it’s always going to happen from someone if they don’t get the limelight they’re gonna attack the people who do and sadly it’s been you and others. Hopefully when this gets out others will begin to understand exactly what is happening. In my opinion anyone who could hurt a child is straight up evil!!!!

  4. You know what? I am going to write my opinion now. I don’t care what others say….
    IMO, I believe Claudia is on the “other side” I think she is working for the people that want to ban all opioids! I know of 2 people who back her and they belittle people just like she does and have said other things that made me think the way I do.. She is a sick woman and feels extremely threatened by anyone who may seem to be out advocating her.
    I do not know Bob. But my God this is hurting children!!!

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