How many more years are we going to just “tread water” in fighting the war on drugs

Why do “we” allow some groups to determine that a certain category of pts with valid medical issues be viewed as a group who is not worthy of receiving treatment. we opened out independent pharmacy in 1976 and in the early 80’s as the DRG pricing for hospitals came into play we saw a growing need for home medical equipment… as this DRG hospital pricing system was causing pts to be discharged sicker and quicker. Providing home oxygen and related respiratory equipment and medication because a solid part of our overall business. Many/most of the pts requiring home oxygen supplementation was former smokers, some continued to smoke while using their oxygen. Insurance companies paid for these therapies because there was two different objective test that determined how poorly a pt’s lungs were able to convert ambient air into a adequate percent of their blood.

However, our health insurance system and to some degree our medical healthcare system seems to be reluctant and/or discourage to treat those pts dealing with subjective diseases. ( Pain, Anxiety, Depression, ADD/ADHD, various mental health issues ).  I remember earlier in my career that health insurance companies had very poor/little coverage for treating mental health issues.

To put things in perspective, in the last 12 months we have had more young Americans died/poisoned by illegal fentanyl via China & Mexico than all the young lives lost in America’s 24 yrs of involvement in the Vietnam war.   Of course, we did declare the War on drugs abt 50 yrs ago.  I guess when you look at history the last war that we actually won or brought it to a end – was WW-II and that two TWO A-BOMBS

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  1. Once again,,Mr.Areins wisdom nails it.,,,,We as long term medically ill once had lives worth living,w/a medicine that allowed/help us endure the physical pain from medical conditions, We have a group of arrogant s.o.b.,who have never ever stepped foot on a battle Feild, lost limbs etc,,and still think its their rite to take out the ,”relaxing,” aspect of our medicine,they call it euphoria, or potency lessening,with no knowledge of what its like to loose your legs from a war..Or never had a long term medical condition that is proven physically painful,,making decision for solely for profit and money,,,The fake war on drugs has a lot of $$$$$$ in it,,billions,,as Steve has told me sooo many times,,I honestly think,,its a population control,thing,a genocide,a massacre, from a group of upper elite who were raised w/that mentality of privledge,they have a god given right to kill us,,to torture us,after all,,their billionaires, and they honestly think,their billionaires because there smarter then u or i,,when reality is,there more demented,mentally,obviously to even think they have the right to massacre the weak,Andrew Kolodny is just 1 man,but surrounded by other who have his same demented mind,as he does,,A group think mentality,,that have used their position of power to manipulate the mass’s,,w/their lieful propaganda,Until a group,w/the morality,thee integrity to fight back and the $$$$$$,,,,to fight back,,,where truth matters,,,we willl all be forced to die in agony,,Which shows we are NOT a civilized humane society working for the greater good,,when killing the weakest is the objective for those with the power and the $$$,, to massacre by torture the weakest,Kolodnys group think has brought us back to the Neanderthal dark ages,,,jmo,,maryw

  2. Same thing here Bob…..was screwed up big time and have had 5 reconstructive surgeries and after all that I lost half my liver. I written this so many times…..I have PTSD big time so I guess that’s why I repeat it. Thanks for all you do!

  3. Bob .. can you help me ..I’m in Northeastern, Ohio
    I’m 5 yrs of torture .. please.. I have no one to help me. I’ve
    Lost everything but my very life. I’m hanging by a thread

    • Hi Anne , My name is Jess. I live north of Dayton Oh. I’m so sorry you’re not getting the help you not only need but DESERVE! It’s heartbreaking! Try emailing Steve directly and I know he will try & help or send you to someone who can. I really do wish you the best and I’m thinking of you Anne and pray you get some relief soon! X Jess

  4. The answer to ending the war on drugs is available, and has been for 6 years, and you know about it, Steve. People just won’t listen. But if anyone readin this is interested, it is on the video The REAL cause of Drug Abuse, on I also offer ecourses to teach it in more detail. Contact me for information.

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