What some have to suffer for the sake of others politicial gain


fundamentally transforming the war on drugsSRAcrystalball

The actions of our President and our AG Holder..  does not seem to be “color blind”

One of these two have “butted in” into several  local matters where a African American and a Caucasian have conflicted.. We have seen the reduced enforcement of “street vendors” of drugs on the street… while we have seen a increase enforcement on BIG BUSINESS registrants of the DEA ( wholesalers, pharmacies, prescribers).  We have a (white)  Marine (Andrew Tahmooressi)  that got lost and ended up in Mexico and has been jail for months.. http://www.cnn.com/2014/09/20/us/mexico-marine-andrew-tahmooressi-mental-state  Nothing being done by anyone in the administrations.. my money is that Tahmooressi will be release just before next month’s election.

On the 6th of Oct.. I posted the above statement. They just announced that this veteran was just released from the Mexican prison.. FOUR DAYS before the election.. HOW CONVENIENT ! What a bunch of friggin NARCISSISTS !

It has always been claimed that all it would take would be a phone call from our President to get this PTSD suffering veteran out of jail.. It has been reported that the family has spent over 100,000 on legal fees trying get him set free.

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  1. I can’t believe the USA anymore. To leave a ill veteran in jail for attention is sickening. The war on drugs is not stopping the criminals but is hurting the patients with pain who can’t find a Dr and then can’t get the medication. So glad I didn’t vote for him.

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