Too much care… denied care.. outcome the same ?

Va. Beach psychiatrist’s license to be suspended

From the article:

Virginia Beach psychiatrist Dr. Waldo Ellison informed the board he was retiring on that day. He appeared in an informal hearing in September on allegations that he violated his duty as a doctor by failing to properly diagnose attention deficit disorders and monitor patients’ use of Adderall, a stimulant that can become addictive if misused.

During a period from February 2010 to October 2011, Fee sought, and received, escalating amounts of Adderall even after his parents insisted to doctors that he was an honor student who had never shown signs of attention deficit disorder, and that he had become dangerously addicted to the stimulant.

Fee continued to get the prescriptions after he exhibited hallucinations, paranoia and violent tendencies that resulted in police calls and hospitalizations.

His prescriptions came to an abrupt end, instead of his being weaned off the drugs, and he committed suicide on Nov. 7, 2011, several weeks after his medication ran out.

Rick and Kathy Fee, Richard Fee’s parents, live in Virginia Beach and are trying to bring more attention to misdiagnosis of attention deficit disorders and overprescription of drugs such as Adderall.

They have filed a $2 million malpractice lawsuit against Ellison and Parker; trial is scheduled for July.

So how long do we have to wait before the survivors of a chronic pain pt that commits suicide because some Pharmacist …”did not feel comfortable” filling their controlled Rx takes someone to court over a wrongful death?


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  1. This is getting more and more ridiculous as the days go by, Steve. I’m sorry for the loss of the child and for what the parents are going through, however; Turning and suing this doctor for a diagnosis that they clearly agreed with in the beginning and then decided their son no longer suffered from ADD and wanted him removed from the medication should not have been the psych. ‘s fault for the discontinuation of the drug adderol. This looks to me as if the parents wanted him off the drug believing he was addicted when he was clearly benefiting from it since he made honor roll and doing so well in school. If he was having problems with the police and being hospitalized, he was obviously misusing the drug by taking more than was prescribed by his physician; therefore being less of malpractice on doctor’s part and more patient negligence. He should have also been monitored by his parents on his dosage taken daily; and this is a prime example of why there are so many problems with youth, young adults and adults in the US, Canada , and worldwide and why we are all being policed by the DEA and cannot get the adequate help that we need when those of us like this young man, and others like myself who suffer from severe chronic pain and other silent diseases that people cannot tell by looking at you that something is wrong. This is why so many people are choosing suicide as a way out as a means to relieve themselves of their suffering. It saddens me for this young man because of the ignorance of his parents for thinking they knew morethan the doctor by taking him off the medication cold turkey so that he goes through withdraws which thereby causes symptoms which can cause your body physical death. This is also happening to our patients with PTSD (veterans and others) severe panic and anxiety disorder, andpeople with severe pain who are unable to obtain medication for their various chronic diseases! ! SOMETHING MUST BE DONE ABOUT THIS NITE MR. PRESIDENT, CONGRESS, HOUSE, # WHOYOUGONNAVOTEFORNOV4? POLITICIANS #GIVEPAINAVOICE! !

  2. It’s scary to think how close I came because of 6 pharmacies. Fortunately my Dr stepped up. I feel for this grieving family and the loss of another life? Rehab, another Dr, protective custody? Who went to bat for this young man?

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