What parameters need to be met for a entity to be declared a terrorist?

During first week of  Oct, a group that has historically been labeled as a terrorist group, They invaded and abt 1400 innocent individuals, including abt 260 that was attending a music festival in a open “desert area”. It is reported that some of the terrorists came to the area in motorized hang-glider and machine guns and did their killing from the air.

Understandably, the country that was invaded and its citizen killed in the massacre. Some reports that some – from children, women and adults – were tortured and killed. Their military started retaliating against those that were responsible for brutally torturing and killing their citizens.

From what I have seen on TV, much of the country the invaders came from is being turned into a “dust bowl” by the country they invaded.

We know that at least 80,000 of our citizens will be poisoned by illegal fentanyl from China and Mexican cartels this year. That means that it would take abt ONE WEEK to kill as many of our citizens by illegal fentanyl and other illegal “street drugs” as was killed in one day by that group of terrorists. What has our country’s response been to the killing of so many of our citizens?

Alejandro Mayorkas is Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security since Jan 2, 2021. The above you-tube is just one of many Congressional committees that he has appeared before and every time before one of those committee where he has refused to state that our southern border is “closed”.   I guess that he doesn’t want to be held in contempt of Congress for lying under oath, in front a Congress. I have seen statements that all the illegal Fentanyl that is being seized/confiscated,  only represents abt 12%-18% of what gets to our streets and poison/kill nearly 100,000/yr of our citizens.

Doesn’t most federal bureaucrats take a oath to honor our constitution and protects us and our country from terrorists/enemies both foreign and domestic?

Why are we pouring billions and billions into Ukraine and Israel to help them protect their borders. While at the same time we are allowing 100,000’s/month illegals coming into our country?  Just this week, I saw a news video of a boat load of illegal immigrants coming ashore at Malibu Beach, CA. The illegal Fentanyl is killing more of our citizens- every year – than all of our soldiers that got killed in the 12-14 yrs of the Vietnam war.

Earlier this year, the DEA stated that <1% of pharma opioids were being diverted.  Yet, the DEA has published the intent of reducing the pharma production quotas and last year, 41 state Attorney Generals sued the 3 major drug wholesalers that control about 85% of the Rx wholesale market and here is a 8 page synopsis of that nearly 600 page agreement https://www.pharmaciststeve.com/pharma-prescribed-opioids-to-pts-with-valid-medical-necessity-0-022-pts-odd/kaiser/

How many chronic pain pts are going to have a forced reduction in their pain meds, making them basically bed, chair, house confined – like being put under HOUSE ARREST – and they have not committed any crime.  How many are going to die prematurely from the known possible comorbidity complications from under/untreated pain?  How many are going to commit suicide because when they have their pain meds cut, they will be living in a torturous level of pain and end up taking their final option is all they have left?

On Oct 7, 2023 Hamas terrorist came into Israel and tortured, killed 1400 people at a music festival. The illegal Fentanyl on our streets kills that many of our citizens EVERY WEEK. BUT… I have not seen where “we” have labeled China and/or Mexican cartels as terrorists.

Where are all those bureaucrats that are suppose to defend “us” and our country against enemies foreign and domestic. Could it be that some of those same bureaucrats are terrorists  What else would you call all these bureaucrats that are intentionally and diligently trying to deny appropriate health care to a sizeable minority of our country who is most likely would be considered disabled.

I will close with a quote from a former VP- who was also a Pharmacist..

“The moral test of a government is how it treats those who are at the dawn of life, the children; those who are in the twilight of life, the aged; and those who are in the shadow of life, the sick and the needy, and the handicapped.” – Hubert Humphrey




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  1. As always,,Steve nails it,,jmo,,his mind does think very quickly/precisely to reality before all of us,,,jmo,,maryw

  2. This is a fantastic truth about what IS happening to CPPs every single day. WAY TOO MANY INNOCENT PATIENTS HAVE DIED OR COMMITTED SUICIDE as a final attempt to escape unrelenting excruciating pain after being cut off completely from their pain meds due to their Dr being terrorized and tormented by the DEA to stop giving any CPPs surgical patients and ER patients. Its always been my opinion that the DEA & CDC are the nightmare of all Drs and patients except for PROP and those who support them too.
    I have been forced tapered and cut off and I swear the ONLY thing that saved me was a wise PMP who could clearly see I was just barely existing/living. But still they were being terrorized by DEA to stop RXing oxycodone so although I’m far from suicidal, I’ve been given an Rx pain medication that makes me constantly fatigued and for the first time in over 20yrs I’m dealing with severe itching and nauseous and have to still lose precious time with my Son and his wife. This IS more deadly than the Vietnam war and I’m so afraid for my Son& DILs future and the newest generation isn’t going to survive if this doesn’t stop We’re living in a country where our own government is desperately trying to eliminate the population of the sick and disabled but instead are killing off people from all walks of life due to the dramatic influx of illicit adulterated poisonous drugs while the cartels are running rampant and unnoticed becuz the DEA and all forms of government and State law enforcement are busy terrorizing arresting and imprisoning innocent compassionate caring Drs.
    This is an amazing article! THANK YOU

  3. FACTS. As a side note, I have always loved that quote by Hubert Humphrey. I was raised with those very same values and am perturbed by what I am seeing these days out of the men and women of our gov who are plenty old enough to know this quote as well. They would do well to revisit it from time to time, given their duties and responsibilities to the American people. ALL American people. Period.

    • Humphrey was my Father’s age, part of the “greatest generation”. I am 18 months off of the “tip” of the baby boomers, who many adopted their morals and ethics and carried them forward. Humphrey was also a Pharmacist and I had many a Pharmacist mentor from that generation. I don’t recognize the country that I knew as a young man!

      • I am Gen X, myself, but every one of my closest mentors when I was growing up were Silent Generation. I agree, many Baby Boomers were raised with the same values, morals, and ethics as those that came before them. Many did their best to instill them in my generation, although they weren’t always as well received. If it means anything, I don’t recognize this country, let alone this world, as the one that I grew up in. I now have a more full understanding of what the man who raised me meant when he said, “This isn’t my world”. I can relate, indeed.

  4. RIGHT ON Steve
    Where are those murderous bastards with no sense of valor and common sense???????????????

  5. Excellent article!!! So true! I too feel like the Illicit fentanyl killing so many of our citizens should be look at as a declaration of war! As a 25 year nurse, I’ll NEVER understand the complete lack of compassion & appropriate care of patients who suffer daily pain! It’s shocking that our country has made these decisions & do not seem to care to see the error of their ways.

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