What is the difference between patient abandonment and a FIRING SQUAD ? – NOT MUCH ?

Until last week, I had a friend who had suffered from Systemic Lupus and a rarer condition known as Durcem’s Disease for over 20 years. Her pain management doctors told her they had to wean her off all of her pain meds because of changing laws. She went to 4 different pain managements clinics to be told they couldn’t help her either. Thursday morning, she took all the pain pills and had left and passed away in her sleep instead of facing life without the pain medications she had taken for over 20 years.

Are there really any really NEW LAWS… is this a classic example of PATIENT ABANDONMENT ?  Should – at least – the first pain clinic be held for ASSISTING  SUICIDE and PATIENT ABANDONMENT ?  Since in our legal system the “value of life” of a person that is handicapped, disabled, elderly, retired, unemployable is about the same as the family pet – NEAR ZERO… if you are no longer a “maker” and if someone does something that harms you.. there is no “financial damage” and thus our legal system sees no legal claim. Actually if a “taker” is pushed out of the system.. there is a “financial gain” to Medicare/Medicaid/SS or the insurance industry.


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  2. This is so true !!! I have been abandonded all my docters because of changing laws and Im at that point. Chronic pain and no means on employment I have neen on the Social Security hearing wait list for 4 years and I have used all my savings, lost my job,, my home, my car, cant afford my health care , my meds, and now what sanity I have held onto is slipping away because my only friend in this world my dog is dying . Tjis past year especially has been hell. I was fasely accused of a crime I didnt commit by my so called neighbor because she wanted internet and was unable to understant that because my illness didnt allow me to answer the door she would instead falsely accuse me of aggraved assault with a deadly weapon and had me arrested, jailed, and my life dragged throug hell for the next year while, I tried to clear my name, have my parents declare bancruptcy $20,000 for attornys fee’s, ,bail, polygragh fees, probation , then after all this have the neighbor harras me over the next year by trowing trash over the fence into my yard , verbally harrasment, hostile enviroment and then move away right before trial because she lied about her testimony !!! Now I cant get my record exspinged for years but hey she was the victim right!! Now Ive got my ex-husband with the rapsheet of a seral killer getting paroled in December but you know what F#%L IT … Im in pain on a scale of 1 out of a 1000 it a F#%KN 100000 but its all good right NO DAMMIT ITS NOT ..

  3. You dont know how many times after my cutbacks I have sat here in my recliner, crying uncontrollably just wanting to go back to my pain Dr’s. office and wanting to take the big Hippocratic oath that is framed on the wall down and jump on it and smash it to pieces!!! And yep….the week before you go back, the stress and worry over whether you will be cut back more. Unreal!!!!!

    • but if we talk about these things with anybody, we know we’re liable to be labelled as having an SUD because we’re freaked out about losing our “drug.” Talk about a Catch-22…we have more of those than any other heterogeneous group, I think –anything we do or say or DON’T do or say can & will be construed in the worst possible light. Guilty until….forever.

  4. something seems sorta ironic about the fact that at today’s Dr visit, I’m going to ask to see the clinic shrink because of the fact that society really is out to get me, & it’s having severely detrimental effects on my person. And I haven’t slept in days, wondering if this will be the time they yank my pain meds. The stresses of this crap are wildly worsening everything & really cranking up my medical PTSD, as I’m sure it is everyone’s. I really, really wish my long-time pain specialist shrink hadn’t retired.

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