The group seeks to localize key recommendations from the National Institutes of Health’s National Pain Strategy in the Golden State

Survey: 100 Chronic Pain Patients Needed

Survey: 100 Chronic Pain Patients Needed

When over 100 California thought-leaders and luminaries in pain management (physicians, payers, administrators, policy makers, etc.) gather in Los Angeles November 2nd to develop a California Pain Strategy, they need some guidance.

That’s why they are asking the National Pain Report readers to help shape the discussion.

The group seeks to localize key recommendations from the National Institutes of Health’s National Pain Strategy in the Golden State. Then they hope that this strategy cannot only be implemented in California, but it will be a guide for other states.

To do that, they must understand what the chronic pain community thinks the big issues are.

To do that, they are asking for our readers to complete a short survey.

Please do that here.

Also, understand that if you try to fill out the survey and it won’t let you, it means we have reached the 100 persons limit the California leaders have asked.

If you want to add your opinion in the commentary section, please do. We are interested in your comment always, but especially on the topic of what a real comprehensive pain strategy should look like.

It’s easy to say, we need more access to pain medication—and many of you will (understandably).

But what else should be done around the issues of more physician training, patient and physician education, insurance coverage, alternative treatments and technologies or other issues that matter to you.

We really want to know.

The National Pain Strategy was adopted a couple of years ago, but its implementation has been, quite frankly, very slow in coming.

Many chronic pain physicians, advocates and patients believe the National Pain Strategy is the right recipe for dealing with chronic pain and that efforts to implement it, even at the state level, make good sense for the chronic pain patients and their loved ones.

The idea in California is that the nation’s largest state might be an example for other states and the federal government to follow.

That’s what Friday’s session in Los Angeles is designed to start—or resume:

A real conversation about chronic pain.

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  1. AS a 23 year patient for pain management , I can not add or say any better what has been said here. WELL said “grandmalefty”

  2. I was diagnosed, and have been treated for CRPS type 2, w/ additional complications, for almost 40 years now.
    I never failed tests, pill counts, I never asked for early refills or increases.
    I learned self hypnosis, visualization, bio feedback among other things very early on.
    I have had psychological tests and therapy. Physical therapy and multiple operations.
    I hate things that mess with my head: but NOTHING has messed with my head more, then being told that my pain and life are nothing more then a burden to society, my family and friends!
    NOTHING has EVER made me feel like I was going to die – then when after 30 years of being on a regular maintenance dose, and being turned away. I went in for my pain management appt, and was told,” due to the new laws ( CDC GUIDELINES), even though you’re terminal, you’re not a terminal cancer patient. All non terminal cancer patients were turned away- no warning. No taper. No discussion.

    I cannot believe that our government thinks so little of its people, that everyone is either being considered a junkie/ addict/ burden, or just unimportant and insignificant.

    Addiction and Dependence are not synonymous and need to stop being used as such!

    I HAVE worked. I HAVE contributed. I AM important !
    I have a beautiful daughter and 3 grandkids. I have a man who takes care of me and loves me and I love him.
    I have family and friends.

    I was injured and had a cast put on too tight and it killed the nerves, and cut off the circulation. My leg was allowed to remain on too long and the damage went to my spine. Its shutting down my organs one by one, and it’s going to kill me.
    Every second of every minute, every hour, day, week, month after month after year, for decades: my body feels like somebody is holding a torch to it. Sharp shooting electrical jolts that shoot through my limbs, making them jump uncontrollably, as if I am being electrocuted from the inside out. Any touch, blanket, clothes, breeze, or change in the weather makes it worse.
    Those are my good days!

    When you’re in so much pain that you have to remember to breathe… remember to eat, pace yourself….. and HIDE your .. because everyone wants to condemn you.. anything that is not easily understood.. must be the individuals problem…

    I want each of you to remember just one thing: you, a family member, somebody you love, or a friend- is only one minute away, from our place!
    A wrong turn, an accident, victim of crime, a bad decision- or bad action of a medical doctor, the wrong place, wrong time… or a medical condition…
    For patients who are having to have surgery and being sent home with no relief from the pain…..
    For cancer patients who are in remission, yet suffering from the ” cure.”


    I went to Medical school, had to take a medical leave of absence and wasn’t able to return…. what is happening to the medical community isn’t right either!

    But the patients aren’t the ones that should be punished, for the drug problem!
    What about the cocaine, crack, meth, heroine and illegal drugs being supplied on the streets?????

    The problem with the overdoses, the drugs on the streets, IS NOT coming from patients prescribed medications; if it was…. how were we able to pass the random pill counts, blood/urine tests?

    Please, I am tired of losing people that I know, to suicide.
    I am tired of wondering, is today the day, that it’ll be my turn.

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