What a Narxcare score means to chronic pain/subjective disease pts



This is the latest and greatest thing that Appriss Health has brought to the market place that is designed to created a “FICO ” type score as to the pt’s risk of OVERDOSING.

Notice that a pt who is taking  50 + MME their “risk score” jumps dramatically and the pt gets to 90 MME/day and jumps even more.. actually in the UPPER 1/3 of the highest score on the chart.


According to Appriss’ own comments the reference range was developed in 2014 from a Ohio study on just 1687 “unintentional OD deaths”..

Just how did they determine the at the OD was UNINTENTIONAL – and there is nothing to suggest from this reference that the OD’s were from prescription meds only !

There was a report from Ohio in 2017 that 99% of OD’s contained ILLEGAL FENTANYL  Dayton Ohio area: 99% of opiate OD’s tested positive for ILLEGAL FENTANYL ANALOG

First of all no one in these studies COMMITTED SUICIDE ?  We have about 50,000 suicides every  year and one million attempts and who believes that people ODing jumped from ZERO PER-CENT in 2014 in Ohio to 99% in 2017 ?

Apparently some state’s PMP programs have interfaced Narxcare within their reports on pts.  It has been reported that Walmart was one of the first pharmacies to implement this database program.

Apparently this program use the defective MME conversion programs to come to some of their conclusions — YES all MME conversion programs are inaccurate and defective !

Is this just another example of convoluting the truth so that it helps perpetuate the fabricated opiate crisis ? 

It would not surprise me that some chain pharmacies will interface this report into their pharmacy software programs and allow it to create HARD STOPS that a pharmacist cannot over-ride and will be given no choice but to turn the pt away without their necessary medication.





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  2. What does the score on the right mean, i.e., 85 means 85% or 85 out of a 1,000 or ???

    • I have not had anyone to explain this to me… educated guess that the “85” is their educated guess that the pt has a 85:1 odds of overdosing… as I understand it.. this whole Narxcare exercise is about overdosing.. has no implication as to the pt’s risk of being addicted. Of course, since the vast majority of OD’s involve illegal Fentanyl & Heroin and Alcohol… so the attempt to make a scoring system based opiate/controlled substances they filled… makes sense to who ?

  3. The DOJ/AG doesn’t want ONE TINY HANGUP while they are trying to pocket that pharm mfg money. Not one little slip to awaken anyone to the truth. They are covering all the bases like a serious team should. It’s amazing they at least got this theft right, but tobacco was good practice.

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