NBC: TV Show New Amsterdam (02/25/2020) – promoting ZERO OPIATES for pain pts ?

The NBC network has seemingly waded “hip-deep” in fighting the war on drugs and our fabricated opiate crisis… this clip is from the show 02/26/2020 and I am currently watching Chicago  Med  (NBC) and there is a doctor on the show who is opiate abuser.

There was a trailer on Law & Order Special Victims Unit for tomorrow night on NBC where the story line is about a doc that trades opiate Rxs for sex.

The number of shows – on all the networks – that seem to have taken on the task of helping to address/solve the fabricated opiate crisis

They just announced that there is a CROSS-OVER event from Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. dealing with the national epidemic has reach Chicago.

Has the fabricated opiate crisis … reached a fabricated HYSTERIA ?

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  1. AGAIN I WILL RE-INFORM YOU ALL,,,ANY DOCTOR CAN FILE A FORMAL COMPLAINT WITH THE ,”BAD ADDD PROGRAM,” OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT AND HAVE THIS ADDD PULLED ,TODAY!!,,,as a truth seeker and patient,, I wish one of you would do exactly that ,today!!,,maryw

  2. We must call out this BS when we see it being spread. I wrote to the writers and to the Co-creator of New Amsterdam. The shows Twitter account is @NBCNewAmsterdam and NBCWritersRoom and the co creator is @Shaunpcassidy. The account for Law & Order: SVU is
    @SVU and @SVUWritersRoom

    We must express our side of these stories or the BS will continue!!!

  3. so disappointing- I’m not crazy about network TV but I do tune in to NA. I don’t know how this episode concluded, because I was too upset to watch. with chronic pain patients suffering by the millions. suicides increasing, and propaganda like this a too common appearance in all media. do a bit of research, look into the overwhelming evidence that addiction, is sad indeed, but has nothing to do with dependence when taking medication for chronic pain. at 67, I am bedridden because of the opioid hysteria in this nation, my medication dropped, my mobility gone. I’m not a junkie, just an older gal wanting to die without being in intractable pain. shows like this just propagate the myth. tuning out, signing off- another good show dropped from my list because of ignorance. SHAME!

  4. Paid actors. This is insurance that the DOJ/AG takes out to support the case they have against pharmaceutical manufacturing for the money that they (and TV producers) can have. Showing doctor actors all over the room illustrates how all doctors should feel about it too. It helps actual Doctors with the difficulty of finding an excuse – just in case they had heard somewhere that opiates might be essential medicine. Now they can put any thought about that out of their head, because this ‘show’ made it ‘common knowledge’ and ‘widely acceptable’. Fortunately for the DOJ/AG and TV Producers most people today accept what they accept as Knowledge because of what they ‘saw’ on the TV.

  5. Audio missing

  6. I keep hearing and reading that there are millions of chronic pain patients. Where are we and why aren’t we writing to the producers and sponsors of these shows? We need to vote with our feet and stop buying products from the sponsors in order to make our side of the story heard. They’ll listen and stop pandering to the ridiculous false narrative if it hits them where it really hurts, in their pockets.

  7. I am so disappointed in this show. I am an RN and have used pain medication responsibly for post op surgeries.
    I have worked 33 years in hospitals and now have chronic back, hip & knee pain. I take 1/2 of a pain pill twice a week. I know so many CPP’s who take their pain medication responsibly just to have some quality of life.
    I cannot watch this show & others who portray people in pain as addicts.
    Get the facts straight. There will always be addicts of some kind but attacking chronic pain patients is should be off limits.

  8. One would think there would be one just one human who was on the line where brain cells were handed out. With the brain cells that grew to maturity one would read a script n see its lined with BS and call it out!! Either they are desperate for a paycheck or have no self worth.One of them have to no that story line is nothing but B.S.

  9. Just read this post: this is propaganda and no different from the Cold War era’s McCarthyism effect on books, fiction, TV shows and other mass media (not to mention certain TV-Radio news broadcasts). How un-scientific. How sad. Where was the Social Security Administration’s Bluebook used for evaluating certain non-cancer conditions with intractable pain? This type of fictitious television show propaganda promotes fallacy instead of scientific fact used to determine cause of a patient’s non-cancer pain condition. Wretched!

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