Walmart lawsuit against U.S. over opioids is dismissed

For those of you who keep talking about suing the Federal Government/DEA – here is how you can sue the government BUT YOU WILL NOT GET PAST FIRST BASE…  the federal government has this “wild card” that they can use to get any case dismissed they want to. It is called sovereign immunity and basically it means that the FEDS can only be sued, when they agree to be sued.

Given the financial resources of Walmart, if any other individual or advocacy group thinks that they could be successful in suing the Feds/DEA… go for it.. but don’t expect any law firm to do it on a contingency basis.



Walmart lawsuit against U.S. over opioids is dismissed

Feb 5 (Reuters) – A federal judge has dismissed Walmart Inc’s (WMT.N)lawsuit seeking to preemptively block the U.S. government from blaming the world’s largest retailer for its alleged role in fueling the nation’s opioid crisis.

U.S. District Judge Sean Jordan said the government had not waived its sovereign immunity from Walmart’s “sweeping” challenge to the Department of Justice’s and Drug Enforcement Administration’s enforcement of laws governing opioid prescriptions by pharmacies and pharmacists.

Walmart said on Friday it will appeal the decision, which the Plano, Texas-based judge issued on Thursday night.

In its Oct. 22 lawsuit, Walmart had said the government’s lax and confusing oversight left pharmacists with an “untenable” choice between filling prescriptions and risking criminal or civil liability, or refusing prescriptions and facing the wrath of patients, doctors and state medical boards.

“Our pharmacists and patients deserve better than the current patchwork of inconsistent, conflicting and contradictory demands from federal and state regulators,” the Bentonville, Arkansas-based retailer said in announcing the planned appeal.

The Justice Department’s lawsuit against Walmart was a significant escalation of its efforts to hold major pharmacies responsible for their roles in an U.S. opioid epidemic in which about 450,000 people died from overdoses from 1999 to 2018.

It is seeking civil damages for Walmart’s alleged violations of the Controlled Substances Act on a “nationwide scale,” both as a pharmacy and as a distributor.

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  1. I don’t want to sue the feds,I just want a complete Redress,for all our dead’s families,For all who lost their livelihoods by forcing physical pain onto them,Forcing them to exist in life,no longer able to LIVE life.,,I want Kolodnys Mafia to pay for his crime against humanity.Pay by having him sitting in a 4 by 4 cell w/Bubba,,,for the rest of his natural days.I want the truth out,that opiate medicines,when used for the medically ill in physical pain,,WORK,, and work well for any physical pain,be it acute or long term,it just a matter of finding that ,”effective dose,,” per individual,as all medical condition are different.I want the book burning of all evidence that opiates work,I want to book burning stopped,I want the DEA, no longer in my medical treatment.Allowed only to go after the drugs that are illegal,like crack,cocaine,heroin,but it appears they can’t handle that power,thus disband the dea,,I want ALLL OF US to have our MEDICINE OPIATES BACK,, at thee effective dose,per individual so we can live life again,,,I want ALLL DOCTORS RESTORED, to there original standing,there liscence renewed,,and NEVER AGAIN,,TO ALLOW PSYCHIATRY TO MAKE POLICED PUBLIC POLICIES,FOR THE HARM TO SOCIETY,IS DEATH,,NOT FOR THE GREATER GOOD,,,,NEVER again allow the mental to forcible be combine w/medical ,for again it only forcible harms the medically ill,obviously,,Thats alll i want,,Humane care restored to America Medical fields,,,jmo,maryw

  2. I hope this gets out there in the public eye more.

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