Every time that I sit down at my desk, I am reminded of a couple of movies GROUND HOG DAY and ALICE IN WONDERLAND

Because I seem to go down the same RABBIT HOLE and I keep  giving out the same advice I have posted perhaps hundreds of times before.

I have read where some major chronic pain advocates have stepped back from advocating and some others are talking about stepping back.

Nearly every day I hear or read on various medias the use of the words EQUALITY, EQUITY, INCLUSION, but none of those words apply to the estimated 100 million chronic pain pts. However, people who are abusing and/or addicted to legal & illegal opiates are getting more and more inclusion and equity.

Historically I have seen/heard the quote often used in regards to federal grand juries that “they could indict a ham sandwich”, but I have seen some quotes from prosecutors in grand jury hearing and a highly qualified chronic pain prescriber could be indicted… here is a reported quote from a recent grand jury hearing on such a physician  “The prosecutor argued that prescribing any opioid medication was illegal”

When you dissect that prosecutor’s statement, all opiate prescribing is ILLEGAL… because there are no pts that have a valid medical necessity for being prescribed a opiate – THERE ARE NO VALID CHRONIC PAIN PTS !!

All Chronic Pain Pts need to understand certain FACTS:

All of the media is in lock step with the DEA and their agenda. Here is the DEA website with all their press releases https://www.dea.gov/what-we-do/news/press-releases  By and large, the media just regurgitates these press releases and never tries to clarify nor verify their accuracy.

Typically 40% of the members of Congress are attorneys, they are never going to muzzle the DEA

Here is a article that just dropped into my inbox as I was composing this blog post.  If the AMA is having trouble lobbying Congress….

‘Advocacy Is Hard, and Washington Is a Difficult Place’

— AMA president Jack Resneck Jr., MD, opens up about his challenges and successes so far

You CAN’T sue the government, if have a few million dollars lying around you could challenge the constitutionality of the CSA in our court system.

Suing a doctor over malpractice is a lose-lose, many states have limits on malpractice awards, that even if the plaintiff wins, all legal fees will not be covered.

Recently I was informed that two major MCO ( Managed Care Organizations) that operate in 9 states & DC.. have implemented a no opiate or near no opiate policies for pts. Law firms like large corporations with “deep pockets” that have done harm to people.. the more “bodies” the better. Most of those chronic pain pts are considered disabled and a covered entity under American with Disability Act & Civil Rights Act. The MCO putting out a corporate edict that their employee prescribers are not allowed to prescribe opiates for chronic painers.

Most would consider one of the core functions of the practice of medicine is the starting, changing, stopping a pt’s therapy.  I am not aware of any corporation that has a medical degree nor a license to practice medicine.

My money is on that there is at least one MCO in each state doing same,similar things with no opiate prescribing to chronic pain pts.  How many tens of millions of chronic pain pts are suffering because of these corporate edicts ?

here is a chart of possible complications to a pt’s comorbidity issues from under/untreated pain.

All it takes is one or two lead plaintiff in a class action.  But, get off of being a “keyboard warrior” and find a law firm that deals with civil rights violations and may have a interest in talking about suing some of these large MCO over civil rights discrimination, inflicting pain and suffering on tens of millions of chronic pain pts.

If you are reading this, you are probably part of the chronic pain community. If everyone in the chronic pain community is waiting for “George” to come save their ass.  Sorry, “George” is have a “bad week” and he is not going to bother !




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  1. Everything you say, Steve, is correct. That’s why we have to get the CSA (Controlled Substance Act) repealed, and Doctorsofcourage.org has the way to do it. So get on board and stop chasing the rabbits down the hole.

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