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So far the “vote the bums out” campaign is off to a shaky start… since all three of these “establishment politicians” won their primaries..

I saw yesterday that someone started another WHITE HOUSE PETITION

PLEASE…. don’t reschedule Kratom to schedule I… I expect maybe 1000 people will sign this petition and it will far short of 100% of all other WHITE HOUSE petitions that have been created regarding the denial/treatment of chronic pain.

Who believes that those on THE HILL actually cares about what “the people” want… Congress has a single digit approval rating and 99% of those who run for re-election will get re-elected…  To me, sounds like a VOTE OF APPROVAL in what Congress has done over the last two years.

Progress can only be made if those that are affected … GET OFF THEIR ASSES AND DO SOMETHING … change does not happen without some driving force behind it.

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  1. I agree Steve …Who,s driving this bus ?

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