Government Cover-Up of Illegal US Attorney Misconduct

blindjusticeGovernment Cover-Up of Illegal US Attorney Misconduct

Today, August 30, 2016, I appeared in US District Court under Judge Glen Conrad to fight the destruction of the evidence held by the government that would show in a criminal court that they (the government) committed a criminal act in my prosecution through perjury and frank breaking of the law. I didn’t have much faith in justice being carried out, however. I did feel obligated to at least give the court the opportunity to act in righting a grave injustice—my conviction through illegal actions of the US Attorney’s office.  Here is my statement to the court:

I am an innocent citizen convicted through gross government misconduct. Some of the evidence of this misconduct is in the hands of the prosecution who led the misconduct, in the evidence gathered by them during the investigation. And now they are asking the court to destroy that evidence. I move that the court refuse to do that, and further guarantee that the evidence is protected from government tampering.

I am currently working on several avenues of communication with authorities in Washington over this flagrant miscarriage of justice. It is, in my opinion, the Court’s responsibility to maintain the record untampered with.

It has become general policy of US Attorney’s offices to achieve a conviction of a targeted citizen by whatever means available—through perjury of witnesses, threats, and frank illegal activity, all of which was used to convict me, an innocent doctor, whose only “crime” if I can use that word, was that I was an independent solo practice physician in a rural area without the means to fight back, (therefore an easy win), and I treated the “expendable” population of people now targeted by the government for extermination—the uninsured, the poor, the disabled, the Medicare and Medicaid insured.  At least 10% of my population of patients died at the hand of the government through the closure of my office. Many of those records are in the government’s possession. Destruction of that evidence would, in my opinion, be tantamount to conspiracy of a cover-up.

As I am now pro-se, I request the court to provide me with copies of all the records held by the government, as the copies in my office have been previously destroyed while I was incarcerated and I had no means of preventing that destruction. 

As a Christian, I know that the actions of the people who destroyed my life through illegal means will be dealt with on a much grander scale than this Court. But I also feel, as a Christian, that it is because of this flagrant lack of fear of God’s justice in the government officials in this country that we, as a nation, have lost the favor of the Lord. For my parting words, I speak Chronicles 7:14.

“if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

Justice department officials who break the law to convict innocent people should not be protected by Court order.

Judge Glen Conrad’s response was as if he didn’t even hear my statement. He proceeded to order the evidence destroyed. That, in my opinion, makes him a conspirator in the criminal act. I will appeal his decision. If there is a lawyer out there reading this that would like to help, please contact me.

One little tidbit for all you chronic pain patients, in hopes that you understand that you have to get a grasp of the real cause of drug abuse:  In the US Attorney’s presentation describing the medical records in their possession, she said “Medical records of the substance abusers”. Then she corrected herself and said “substance users”.  That should clue you in to what is planned with the new laws, the new DSM5 use of “substance use disorder” that all of you will be considered substance abusers. You should already be aware of that, with the fact that the doctors are peeling you off of your opiates. So if you don’t learn the real cause of drug abuse and start sending it out virally to everyone you know, your future will be your own doing.


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  1. How on earth can a court destroy evidence? Sadly this country has become more and more a communist state! I wish you the best of luck!

  2. AMEN DOCTOR,,as our Very own founding fathers stated in ,”our” declaration of independence,,” When ANY form of government becomes destructive with their ,”just power,” derived FROM the govern’d,,It is your right,,it is your duty,,to alter or abolish it..Expereince hath shewn that mankind is more disposed to suffer,whilest evil is sufferable,,But when a long train of abuses and usurpations,pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is our right,it is our duty,to throw off such Governments and provide new Guards for their future security,””…Directly from our founding fathers,who lived and died for this country,who’s moral character is far more humane and ”just”,then our government today!!!THANK U DOCTOR FOR FIGHTING FOR US,AND YOURSELF,,BECAUSE WE BOTH OUR INNOCENT!!!!!MARY

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