Two Meijer’s Pharmacists: the pt’s pledge, you do it our way or the highway


I normally don’t share emails from pts having problems getting their meds. This pt is having a problem he has been patronizing a particular Meijer store for 20 yrs. For those of you not familiar with Meijer, they are a “big box” store with 259 stores mostly in the mid-west. I find this statement very humorous the team of Pharmacist at this location. Most chain pharmacies function with one Pharmacist per shift and most Meijer stores are open 7 days a week with 12 hrs open Mon-Fri and shorter hours on Sat & Sun. So in most Meijer’s pharmacies the “team of Pharmacist” would probably be a COLLECTIVE OF TWO. While 60 mg is the FDA recommended max daily dose of Adderall, but that dosing was determined before there was DNA pharmacogenomics (PGx) tests and I have not heard that even these days that the Pharmas use  PGx testing in their clinical trials. Then there is the issue of the pt having a record at this pharmacy of him taking 85 mg of Adderall daily for some time, which may suggest that he is a ultra fast metabolizer of Adderall. So this team of Pharmacists is IGNORING the pt’s clinical medication records – right under their nose. One of the core functions of the practice of medicine is the starting, changing, stopping a pt’s therapy. Commonly referred to as prescriptive authority, and pharmacists – even Doctors of Pharmacy – do not have prescriptive authority. I have never heard of a pharmacy having a pt “take a pledge”, the only thing close is some independent pharmacists – that work with chronic pain pts – asking them to sign a pain contract with the pharmacy.  Apparently, this team of Pharmacists has dramatically expanded our scope of practice ?

Good Morning Steve,

I am writing you today for help with the filling of my Adderall prescription at Meijer’s Pharmacy  I have been a customer with Meijer’s Pharmacy for roughly 20 years and never had a problem filling my scripts. Now with the Adderall shortage this particular Meijer’s will not fill over 60mg per day stating the shortage and that 60mg is the recommended daily allowance, even though they have transferred my prescription to other Meijer’s Pharmacies to fill my 85mg script which they have done, they say the Pharmacists at this store have agreed not to dispense more than 60mg dosage per day. I take two 30mg tablets a day along with an extended 25mg capsule.

When they first told me about this I had the tablets that added up to 60mg per day dosage filled at their store and found another Pharmacy to fill my 25mg daily capsules. When I went back this month they told me they couldn’t fill it due to the fact that I filled my capsules else ware and they will not fill my 60mg tablets due to the fact it would put me over their 60mg a day pledge. Yes I said pledge, I was told by a pharmacist at the location that the team of Pharmacist at this location have agreed not to dispense more then the recommended amount of 60mg per day. This is a maintenance drug for me and I need this medication to maintain my day to day activities. I am wondering if you can help me out with this or direct me to someone that can help me with this situation. Thanks 

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  1. They are low down scoundrels!!!!!

  2. Power trips abound since they’ve bestowed the “power of veto” on seemingly every link in the chain by trying to coerce them to adhere to certain doctrines under threat of legal action. Whether that’s prosecution, litigation, or both. But please don’t think I’m making excuses for the types we are referring to here. These are the ones that rubbed their hands together when they heard they would have more “responsibility” to exercise authority over patients when it comes to controlled meds. The gov is really only facilitating those who appear to thoroughly enjoy having that increased level authority (see also: “social responsibility”) and criminalizing those who would greatly prefer to stick with medically sound decision-making based on their credentialed medical expertise. I suspect that we will be seeing more and more of this, if we can’t find a way to make a collective stand against it. To be clear, I’m not denigrating the work of the fine folks in pain patient advocacy who have put their blood, sweat and tears into trying to move that infernal pendulum back the other way a bit. I’m saying that we need more hands on deck. Since this issue is now impacting a wider audience, so to speak, perhaps we can muster a renewed push to unite. I happen to believe that if we ever hope to be taken seriously by legal counsel, we are going to have to form some type of coalition or similar group so that they can visibly see what they’re dealing with. If there’s one thing I know about trying to hire an attorney, even if you have solid grounds, it’s that they’ll decline nearly every time if there’s no potential for substantial monetary award in it for them. However, I am also of the opinion that in certain cases, a high visibility case may work wonders in that arena. I don’t have the background or experience to start something of that nature, but I’d be more than willing to lend a hand and bring ideas to the table if someone else does. Those are my thoughts on the matter. Feedback is welcomed.

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