Today’s (06/27/2014) inbox !

I wanted to pass some info to you to share with everyone. I interviewed for a work at home position with Walgreens. The pay turned out to be $43/hr and work anytime needed but no more than 29 hours.

I expected a reasonable reduction in pay but not what they offered. The hours could include days , nights and weekends. I understood that the hours could change at anytime.

I like my flexibility working 2 days/week.

Earlier this week.. I was forwarded a job posting.. from some sort of state ran veteran’s type nursing home.. for a RPH .. at $40/hr P/T.

I stated 1-2 yrs ago.. as the surplus became more and more apparent.. that hour rates for RPH’s was going to drift down to the $35- $45 /hr range..

Looks like we are getting there.. the next question.. is this the new bottom… or a plateau on the way down ?

How much longer are hopeful future Pharmacist going to keep piling into schools… with a falling wages and having the anticipated six figure student loan debt upon graduation.

When I graduated.. the tuition for 5 yrs .. was abt 50% of first year’s pay… now tuition may be 1.5 -2.0+ times the annual pay scale…and that multiple could be growing ?

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