That’s two today for CVS.. but.. who is counting ?

Knoxville woman sues CVS claiming a pharmacist’s mistake almost killed her

From the article:

According to court and medical records obtained by 6 News, Shipley went to the emergency room and was diagnosed with acute kidney failure. When she returned home, she continued to take what she thought was her blood pressure medication. She felt ill again and took a closer look at the medication.

“About half of the pills, some of them were a little bit bigger than the others. Some had an imprint on the pill that was not the same as was on the label on the bottle,” said Shipley.

She knew something was wrong so went online to do more research.

“I got on my computer and I went into Physicians’ Desk Reference,” said Shipley.

Shipley discovered the pills were different. Some of the pills in the bottle were her correct blood pressure medication. The others were a diuretic, a drug that flushes fluid from the body. She should never take that type of medication with her history of kidney disease

Another robot mixup ???


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  1. You are right. Mistakes like this occur everywhere.I am kind of tired of us blaming everybody but ourselves. Chains have taken steps to prevent errors which in many
    cases increased our workload by increasing fill screens and requiring pharmacist passes instead of techs.The nickel and diming eventually adds up. Speed has been sacrificed for accuracy and it looks like we got neither.
    Pharmacists bitch about techs taking over tasks previously done by pharmacists and then bitch that their workload is too high.
    Cant have it both ways.

  2. According to what the CVS pharmacist told the patient, the tech was filling her rx, ran out of the medication, went back to the shelf to get more and picked up the wrong bottle. When the woman approached the pharmacist about the mistake, the pharmacist did the right thing and phoned her doc to tell of the mistake. I suppose this sort of mistake could happen at any pharmacy. But, looks like CVS is the king of mistakes.

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