Timeline of Selected FDA Activities and Significant Events Addressing Opioid Misuse and Abuse

Looks the FDA is finally starting to pay attention to the MME system…  I made this post on my blog a couple of weeks ago Was/is the CDC 2016 guidelines built on a “false foundation ” and created a covert genocide on a protect class of people ?     and shared a article that would STRONGLY SUGGEST that the MME system had no double blind clinical study nor science behind it.  I had to go down THREE LAYERS DEEP to find out who was participating in this PUBLIC WORKSHOP and in scanning over the participants … the workshop appeared to be “pretty heavy” on  bureaucrats, people from academia, and groups that mostly deal with ADDICTION.

In my professional opinion, it will be IMPOSSIBLE to create any MME system that was highly accurate and results can be replicated, but I am sure that the FDA workshop will try to cobble something together that they can claim is based on science and is supported by some hypothetical clinical study/data.

In the short paragraph about the public workshop below, the word “discuss” is mentioned THREE TIMES. Probably just more SMOKE & MIRRORS

Timeline of Selected FDA Activities and Significant Events Addressing Opioid Misuse and Abuse




The Food and Drug Administration (FDA or Agency) is announcing the following public workshop entitled ‘‘Morphine Milligram Equivalents: Current Applications and Knowledge Gaps, Research Opportunities, and Future Directions.’’ The purpose of the workshop is to bring stakeholders together to discuss the scientific basis of morphine milligram equivalents (MMEs) with the goals of providing an understanding of the science and data underlying existing MME calculations for opioid analgesics, discussing the gaps in these data, and discussing future directions to refine and improve the scientific basis of MME applications.



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  1. They will do what our government agencies Always do… That is refer to the stacked and fake study that gives them information they Want to use. They have done this (I’m guessing) about 80% of the time. All they do in Reality is to outright Lie and cheat by forcing the outcomes. They are almost never honest about what they publish and use to backup Their Lies. I keep seeing these things happen and didn’t Want to believe it myself until Late 2016! I saw and Knew the Truth the entire time. Then as I read what they published and made comments on, I saw that most of it was pure outright Lies. It’s Disgusting and Pathetic, but that’s how they work. I won’t go on with the examples and facts because I’m sure you (the people reading this) get my point.

    • U know,, Steve said long ago,when we commented on the ,”comments,” for cdc guideline/moving class 3 to 2,,etc,,This was never ever about truth,,,this was always about AGENDA,,,JMO,,I believe kolodny/props /dea etc for $$$ agenda,,,it also proves to me,w/soooo , many good people dead,suffering in agony till death,,,a.k. represent the epitomes of why most Government do not allow psychiatry to make public law,,For like A,K.,,he was wrong 100%%,,, truthful data proves,,our meds had NOTHING to do w/this b.s. addiction stuff, a.k. is being proven wrong everyday,,but look at the damage,death,and agony,,,alll preventable,,he has caused,,thus why,,addiction and the medically ill
      should of never ever been combined..For ,jmo,,psychiatry is a opinion,,their is no factual physical part of a body to treat,,like a pancreas or bone,or a x-ray to show physical damage to the body,,Its a opinion or a label created by the psychiatrist itself.Heck i even read the part kolodny claims lights up on our brains,,,is the same as when we eat a chocolate bar,,Point being,they are putting ,,data,false data out there to justify A.K./[prop opinion on addiction,,,,and it is being proven everyday,,A.k. theories were wrong,thus why psychaitry should never ever be used for public policy again,,it kills too many people.,,jmo,,maryw

  2. How are they going to do this study monitor everyone’s liver enzymes minute by minute? I’m not a doctor but even I know that’s not even remotely possible because there are so many factors at play in the body. Even the food you ingest or have ingested before with the medication can change things.

  3. So the government in the USA is going to continue to allow GUIDELINES that are literally killing people with CHRONIC PAIN? Unjustly now harming acute & surgery patients? Is denying PROPER opiate pain relief violating whose conscience? There should be no recommendation on MME’s from the CDC. Obviously, these Guidelines are now taken into State Laws? This MUST STOP, it is a pure form of what Putin and other mentally sick leaders have done & continue to do. I would never believe as a former Nurse Practitioner & now as a chronic pain patient believe that we have to fight for our right to get the needed care we need? We live in the same fear as innocent war victims in the USA??? What in heavens name are you trying to destroy us and reject us in society? Having severe chronic pain is not at different than any other chronic condition (diabetes, heart disease) and we deserve treatment and RESPECT. We deserve reimbursement for the physical, spiritual, mental & social injustice we have been enduring since the 2016 OPIATE GUIDELINES). The MME guidelines FAILED; due to inadequate BOARD members, injustice of ignorance of MME’s. In addition, to all the various uniquely types of Chronic Pain (CP) with no knowledge of this complex maze of serious disorders! There are so many variables involved in both acute & CP. Genetics, chemistry, metabolism, personal decisions, doctors comfort in Rx. (Now given their fears of all the Government’s misunderstandings due to only being guided by addiction focus. It is well known who they are ONLY allowing to make the CDC guidelines pass is in fact a doctor of psychology. However, he is now making millions of dollars to hurt (bottom line), actually now killing and destroying thousands (if not more) human beings, their families, and society! This is the Gospel Truth!

  4. Many Doc’s are stating these mme are crap,,in soo many words.Questiom for Mr.Areins,,do u mean,,only people w/college education on the subject or ACTUAL on-line ACEDEMIA, the online group that claims they share knowledge world wide and u have to pay money to join them??,,The fact they NEVER include real world knowledge threw actual experience w/the medicine IS THE PROBLEM,,,JMO,,maryw

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